What Are the Junior Hunting Licensing Rules in the US

    What Are the Junior Hunting Licensing Rules in the US

    A hunting License is issued to regulate the legal method of hunting for recreation. It has two fold advantage firstly to safeguard natural atmosphere of living and the vegetation and secondly to collect tax money. In the USA hunting is under the preview of state laws, but some portion of the law is created by Federal environmental law especially those concerning migratory birds as well as endangered species.

    Meaning of Hunting License

    A hunting license is an authorization and entitlement from the government to the hunter. It is not a constitutional right based on the second Amendment. Every state has distinctive requirements for hunting license. Included in the list is:

    • Areas
    • Time period
    • Harvesting methods
    • Differentiation between species
    • Hunting safety course

    1. Time Frame of the Hunting License

    Licenses for hunting are open to public annually between specified periods. For instance, New York permits single season yearly. There is provision for adults for a lifetime license for residents of the state. The fees have to be paid for all licenses. Licenses are not transferable.

    Trespassing without permission on private grounds is disallowed. Hunting license for youth is applicable in the state of Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

    2. Approval Form

    A written endorsement is necessary for hunting and trapping by youth if the parent and legal guardian are not with him.

    • 12-13 years of small age hunt junior hunters.
    • 14-15 years of age huge hunt along with firearm.
    • 12-15 years old with junior bow-hunt.
    • 16-17 years of age huge game hunt first timers.
    • Below the age of 12 trappers.

    3. Fee Structure

    Youth hunting license is issued to a resident and a non-resident young man below the age of 17 years at the time of license making. A fee is a charge for making of license, which is affordable. The stipulated exemptions are applicable. Virginia state forest charges fees for hunting to resident youth between the ages of 12-15 but it is optional for those below 12.

    For the same age group, combination hunting license is issued for hunting bear, turkey or deer through archery as well as muzzle loading. A nominal fee is charged.

    4. Federal Duck Stamp

    Federal Duck stamp is necessary for hunters hunting waterfowl. However, hunters below the age of 16 are excluded from Duck Stamp necessity. Moreover, hunters under the age of 16 compulsorily must own a junior hunting license. A junior license holder if reaches the age of 16 is allowed to hunt for the remaining year on the junior license.

    5. Monitoring

    The hunting license must be carried with care. For hunting and transporting wild creatures and birds you may be checked for license by:

    • Warden
    • Law enforcement officer
    • Department employee
    • Guide
    • Landowner whose premises you hunted

    You may not be checked at all. But if requested the license must be handy to show your details and permission.

    6. Permit and Hunting

    Junior hunting license holder below the age of 16 is legally permitted to hunt big and small animals with a firearm, bow, and arrow, muzzleloader or crossbow. An additional permit is necessary for certain species. The usual permit allows hunting:

    • Muzzleloader spring/fall turkey
    • Bear
    • Coyote
    • Migratory waterfowl
    • Pheasant
    • Single expanded archery antlerless deer permit
    • Expanded archery either sex deer permit

    Texas Youth Program

    In the state of Texas youth is considered the future of hunting activity. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department motivates experienced hunters to discover youth and act as mentors for them. The relationship between the two should be such that it makes the activity informative and entertaining for both. The guidance of the experienced hunter should teach the youth about the activity in a play way method.

    In Texas the parks and Wildlife department have laid out in the whole state Youth Only Open Seasons for hunting of:

    • Deer
    • Turkey
    • Squirrel
    • Waterfowl

    In this objective Texas is helped by USA Fish and Wildlife Service. The basic aim of the department is to involve parents and hunters, so the youth becomes answerable and watchful hunters in the years to come. The youth season begins once the youth has passed out of school.

    Teaching of Ethics

    There is a strict selection procedure through depiction to select limited number of Youth for big hunt like that of:

    • Feral Hogs
    • Deer
    • Turkey
    • Javelina
    • Alligators
    • Other species

    The outdoor hunting experience is training, in reality, is a practice that teaches them the morality and moral code of hunting. The mentor teaches them the principles of hunting. Youth aligned practices are within the reach of all youth.

    The Texas Wildlife Association along with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has come together with a proposal for youth to hunt in a sheltered way. Training in the open is a good experience, and the cost is affordable. The youth, in the beginning, makes elementary preparations and are guided for the hunt for small kill through participation. Mentors are extended living and food facility by the department.

    At the time of youth hunt, the mentor need not necessarily take a firearm or bow to chase the deer. At this point, the youth is permitted to carry a firearm. However, if it is a deer and bear chase, both the student and the disciple require a firearm. If the youth has Bowhunting license, he can hunt once he has killed a deer by firearm.

    Youth and Companion

    The junior has the privilege to take along unlicensed parents, friends or sibling with him to hunt. However, these people are disallowed to take part in the hunting activity. The early teens are permitted to hunt puny game whereas middle teens can hunt both tiny and huge hunts like deer. However, the mentor should be with them. The experience of the mentor is specified by rules.


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