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      How to Attract Squirrels – Pro Tips for Hunting Squirrels

      By Brandon Cox / February 9, 2017

      When it comes to squirrels, one of the most common topics is how to stop them from invading your yard. However, we think it’s important to talk about how to attract squirrels to an area; especially if you enjoy squirrel hunting. Squirrels inhabit areas all over the United States. The rodents can be found in […]


        How to Dispose of Old Ammunition?

        By Brandon Cox / February 5, 2017

        If you shoot enough guns, you’re going to come across old ammunition. If a bullet won’t fire, is corroded, or you just don’t want to risk shooting it, you shouldn’t. There’s no reason to stockpile bad or old ammo, so it’s important to know how to get rid of it. Your grandpa or the old […]


          How to Sharpen a Machete? – Everything You Need to Know

          By Brandon Cox / February 1, 2017

          Machetes are used all over the world and are common knives in most collector’s collections. Farmers use this knife to clear bush at their farms and explorers use machetes to cut paths through thick forests. Another reason a machete is a popular tool is that it can be used to cut branches off trees or […]


            How to Start a Fire in the Wilderness?

            By Brandon Cox / January 27, 2017

            Fire is so crucial for survival in the wild especially when lost or just taking an adventure. Ever wondered why almost every person starts a fire whether camping or just taking an adventure? In a short while, I will show you exactly why fire is so important in the world and why you must know how […]


              When do Bowsights Work Best?

              By Brandon Cox / January 16, 2017

              Bow hunting is an art. It takes time and patience to perfect, and when you do it’s a beautiful thing. When you pick up a bow for the first time, you instinctively aim it. Using a bow is very intuitive, but it doesn’t make you accurate. Through modernization, bows have become much more accurate thanks […]


                How to Aim a Slingshot – Amazing Weapon for Hunting – Survival

                By Brandon Cox / January 12, 2017

                Do you need a great way to practice bowhunting? How about a slingshot? Practicing aiming your slingshot can help you learn to be a better bowhunter. It’s important to learn how to use your slingshot properly, so you don’t hurt anyone or cause injuries or damage. Slingshots should be considered as the excellent choice for […]

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