How To Find Coyote Den

How To Find Coyote Den

How To Find Coyote Den and Snag Your Coyote Stealth-like?

So, you have been out hunting Coyote for ages and you are just not bagging the little critters. You have tried all the popular hunting areas, spent a fortune on different lures and calls, including decoys and everything in between. But, you are still having a dry hunting season.

Well, have you tried finding the Coyote’s den? Maybe the idea of getting that close to a Coyote’s living quarters is not so appealing, but know this. Coyotes use their dens only for giving birth and then whelping, which is nursing their young. So, in fact, finding where they hide out during this period is not a bad call, in the name of hunting, of course.

Coyote Pups

Coyote puppies are born between March and May in the United States, and then are further nursed for a time period of around four to six weeks. During the other parts of the year, when they are not nursing pups, the Coyote sleep out in the open, pups and all, however, often close to their dens, or nests, as it were.

They often times use that same den over and over, year after year, for their birthing process. This is important information to know, if you are a seasonal hunter, and by season, we mean a regular, every year kind of hunter, especially over the Coyote gestation period.

So, What Does A Coyote Den Look Like?

Sometimes, a bit like a birds nest, but not all the time. Primarily, to be more specific, they are holes dug out in the ground or the side of a hill or really any area that has the capacity to be dug out. A Coyote den hole is about a few feet in but can also run for up to fifty feet in. Not that you would see this, but this allows for more exit and entrance holes for your Coyote and in turn more places for you to “hole” up your Coyote family.

Sometimes, Coyote will use an already “den-like” hole, like a cave in a mountainside or a seemingly unobvious space, such as a storm-created brick-a-brack of sticks and mud. Other times they will take over an already established den that was left by another burrowing animal, such as a fox or a badger.

Coyote den tree

Coyote’s are not fussy that way. Any well-hidden hole or cave-like structure will do, so long as their young are well protected, free of vermin or possible flees, and kept out of the weathers harsh treatment. We have seen, a few times, Coyote dens that are neatly made out of a decaying tree stump. Those would be pretty hard to find as its not the normal modus operandi of a Coyote den.

Real clever Coyotes, and they are already a cunning creature, will use sticks and such to cover the hole up a bit, allowing just enough space for them to move in and out with the food they have hunted for their young.

The entrance of a Coyote den is, not only, small but also numerous. And by numerous we mean that they have thought of good exit strategies when it comes to protecting themselves as well as their young. They will ensure there are at least two if not more entrances and exits to their den, whichever way you want to look at it. As before, protecting their young is paramount to the Coyote, even to the point of putting themselves in harms way to ensure the pups are safe.

Here is a really cool video clip of typical Coyote den on a forest slope.

Key Points On How To Find a Coyote Den?

Simply, having a keen sense of stealth will do wonders for finding a Coyote den.

Thinking like a Coyote is paramount or if you find that real hard, then at least think like a very protective parent. Knowing where the Coyote frequently hunt would be a good place NOT to go. They will never build their dens near their hunting ground, hence why, during the whelping period, Coyote parents will hunt non-stop, one parent staying with the pups, while the other is out, far away, on the prowl.

It would do you well to know that the dens are generally very well hidden. You are, most times, not going to just happen upon a Coyote’s den. Like, you will not experience na ‘oh, there is a Coyote den”. Not going to happen!

Coyote’s are fierce protectors of their young, even up to when the pups are two years old, and another point to heed is that we would not suggest you taking your hunting dog along for the ride. It could end up in a not so nice fight between dog and protective mom or pop (or both), your pet most times coming off second best. And the risk here, is not only the demise or injury of your dog, but that you will not be able to pot a shot at the Coyote, without risking shooting your best friend. Rather leave Fido at home for this expedition.

So, how do you find a Coyote den then? Look out for an area about six feet below the surface of a sandy hillside or steep embankment. Other places to look, as mentioned, would be mountain slopes or hillside where little caves may be etched out naturally.

Coyote Den Fox

If you know anything at all about foxes then you may want to look where the foxes reside, as the Coyote often will have utilized an old abandoned fox burrow. Foxes can be smaller built, but a Coyote likes a smaller space with a smaller entrance, for better concealment of their treasures.

In ending, covering all the habits of a Coyote will do you well when deciding that hunting Coyote is to be your main hunting aim. Coyote’s have a very particular lifestyle and covering all the aspects of this, such as their mating season, their dens, their preferred prey, what their scat looks like and generally researching all that is Coyote, will find you bagging the little sneaky guys more frequently.

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