How to Attract Squirrels – Pro Tips for Hunting Squirrels

how to attract squirrels

When it comes to squirrels, one of the most common topics is how to stop them from invading your yard. However, we think it’s important to talk about how to attract squirrels to an area; especially if you enjoy squirrel hunting. Squirrels inhabit areas all over the United States. The rodents can be found in both urban and rural areas. If you want to increase the number of squirrel in an area to increase your hunting scores try any of the types listed below.

Hedges, Shrubs, Tall Ornamental Grass​

Squirrels behavior habits are pretty easy to predict. There are many different places to find squirrels, but there are certain types of greenery that attract the critters to an area. For instance, squirrels will naturally be attracted to areas with hedges, shrubs, or tall ornamental grass. Stacks of logs or wood are also great places to find squirrels hanging out or making nests.

Squirrels enjoy these spaces because they’re naturally skittish. The animals don’t like wide open spaces. Areas with the shrubs and wood we discussed above provide places for the critters to feel comfortable, protected, and secure.​


Squirrel on tree

You have two options depending on whether you want to hunt squirrels now or you’re planning for the future. If you’re trying to find a great place on your property to hunt squirrels, you should know that they really like certain tree types. If you are planning for the future, you should plant certain trees.

Trees that squirrels enjoy the most have edible nuts and flowers. The branches of these trees should have crooks and hollows that squirrels will find irresistible nesting spots. If you really want to attract squirrel choose trees that have scalable bark. There are many types of trees that will fit this criteria, but our favorites are willows, aspens, spruces, pines, and other conifers and deciduous trees.

Nesting Boxes​

squirrels boxes

Now that we’ve gone over where you should hunt if you want to see squirrels, we should go over nesting boxes. Squirrels like areas like the ones described above, but what if you simply don’t have access to these type of environments.

Good news! You can still attract squirrels by offering nesting boxes. Think of it as bird houses for squirrels. Nesting boxes can be made of just about anything you have laying around the house. Basically, you want to create the same type of space a hollow in a tree would offer or a small space near logs and stacks of wood.​

Offer a Food Source​

Another option to drive squirrels to an area is to offer a food source. The reason many homeowners have squirrels in their yard that they don’t want is because there is a food source such as bird feeders in or near the property. If you want to attract squirrels to an area so you can shoot them, you want to use offer a food source.

A popular, cheap food source for squirrels is corn. Scatter corn on the ground near the base of trees. Follow up with some corn cobs in tree branches and fill bird feeders with nuts that squirrels enjoy. Some of the most popular nut choices for these critters include hickory nuts, acorns, and walnuts. In order to keep the squirrels in an area, you’ll need to replenish these areas whenever they are depleted.

If you want to see squirrels go absolutely nuts (see what we did there?) add some sunflowers. Not only will squirrels hang around a baited area to get every possible kernel of corn, they will also manically search for sunflower seeds. All of the baits gone over here are easy to access and relatively cheap. Even better, none of the sources are harmful to the environment, so you don’t have to worry about other critters getting sick if they get into it. Birdseed on the other hand has a tendency to make animals sick, especially if they consume large amounts of it at one time.

Offer a Water Source​

Just like any living organism, squirrels need water to survive. If you provide a food and water source in a squirrel-friendly area, you’ll be sure to increase their population. One way to provide water sources for squirrels is to use shallow trays or bowls. Place several of these containers near popular squirrel shelters such as the base of a tree or shrub. To prevent squirrels from drowning, it’s important to use shallow containers. Not only will squirrels appreciate the water source, but you’ll likely attract other wildlife as well.

We know what you’re thinking, what if I live in an area where water freezes during cold winter months? If you live in an area where water freezes, you can still provide water sources for wildlife. In fact, you can do it the same way people make sure birds have fresh water sources during the winter. Use a water heater, like the ones used in bird baths, and the water in the container won’t freeze.

Things to Remember​

Now that we’ve gone over how to attract squirrels to an area when you’re ready to hunt, it’s time to go over a few more things. Don’t forget to make sure you have permission to hunt squirrels in a particular area. Squirrels can be hunted with several different weapons including BB guns and slingshots. Younger hunters will enjoy learning to aim with slingshots and eventually move up to a BB gun. Regardless, it's always a good idea to have more than one weapon in your hunting pack, so you're ready for anything the forest hands you.

Next, in most states, you’re required to have a license to hunt squirrels. If you need one, it’s imperative you get one. Hunting squirrels without a permit might be illegal and land you in a bunch of trouble with the game warden. Make sure you know what to do after you bag a bunch of squirrels. You'll need a few to make a decent meal, but once you put it on the table, all your efforts will pay off.​

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