Do you have a daughter who hunts? Are you looking for gift ideas for daughters who like hunting? Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are many gifts ideas for daughters who like hunting, or who are just learning the sport. These range from small hunting lifestyle items to more traditional, and useful, hunting gear.

Hunting is a rewarding outdoor activity that combines nature appreciation with skill development. Often, society pigeonholes hunting as a guys’ sport. But, an increasing number of women have taken to the activity. There are many reasons why you should encourage your daughters to hunt.

Encouraging Hunting in Daughters

​Gift ideas for daughters who like hunting can help spur interest in the sport. There are many reasons to encourage daughters, and kids in general, to hunt. Hunting is a rewarding experience, where an older generation can pass on a family tradition, teach respect for the circle of life, and get children up off the couch and into the great outdoors. For daughters, however, hunting adds a different dimension to their lives. It teaches confidence, provides equal opportunity, and is one way to challenge traditional gender roles. A daughter who hunts may feel empowered to try other activities. Hunting can provide an essential life lesson, so daughters are less likely to let oth​​ers define their goals.

a little child holding a duck and wearing camouflage jacket, one of the gift ideas for daughters who like hunting

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​Benefits of the Hunting Tradition in a Family

Hunting is a basic human instinct. It is not about destroying other living things, but appreciating a return to nature. According to Erich Fromm, a well-regarded behavioral scientist, hunting helps humans become one with the animal world. And while some may measure a successful hunt by kills, it’s more often a profoundly enriching experience even without landing prey.

Hunting isn’t easy. It sets the bar high. Challenging activities provide some of the best learning opportunities because of losing (or returning empty-handed from a hunt) is not a failure. Because of its difficulty, hunting can bring parents and children together in a mentor-mentee relationship. Parents who hunt often learned the sport from their parents. The same cannot always be said of other sports and activities. Gift ideas for daughters who like hunting can help encourage perseverance in this challenging sport.

Hunting provides opportunities to develop a skill, get closer to nature, and learn respect for life, but it also can fill a kid’s life with valuable memories. In an increasingly connected and digital world, most kids spend too many hours clouding their life with distractions. Those who hunt know that even the worst day on the hunting ground will provide a fond memory of family, nature, and togetherness.

​How We Reviewed

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​In creating this list of gift ideas for daughters who like hunting, we steered clear of expensive hunting gear. We looked for less expensive items that help to build up interest in the sport. To arrive at a list of favorite items, we considered gifts that were popular with girls, only with an added hunting spin. Also, we looked for gift ideas for hunters in general that either educate or inspire. Lastly, we chose items with Amazon ratings

Overall Price Range

We tried to keep these gift ideas well under $50. These are perfect items for recognizing events, such as birthdays, first hunts of the season, and other small celebrations. The overall price range of these items is from $5 to $45.

​Essential Gift Ideas for Daughters Who Like Hunting

Can a gift help forge these memories? Maybe. Gifts can build interest in an activity. Those looking for gift ideas for daughters who like hunting have a lot of choices. Hunter gifts run the gamut from hunting-themed accessories to essential gear. We’ve assembled a list of six different gift ideas to help encourage and support daughters who hunt. We rated these items by thoroughly researching hundreds of customer reviews. We’ve sprinkled some pink camouflage in the mix, but many of these are perfect presents to spur any child’s hunting interest.

Last Man Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet

Last Man Survival Gear Paracord Kit Bracelet, Small...
  • PREMIUM 16 PIECE SURVIVAL KIT: Fully integrated within cobra woven paracord bracelet
  • PICK YOUR COLOR AND STYLE: A varitey of colors available WITH and WITHOUT COMPASS
  • PICK YOUR SIZE: Large bracelet fits wrists of 7-8.5 inches comfortably. Small bracelet fits wrists of 6-7.5 inches...

​4.4 out of  stars

Ok, you may be thinking that this first gift idea is just a pretty bracelet that has little to do with hunting. While it comes in pink, and many girls make similar bracelets through crafting kits, the Last Man Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet provides 16 tools for the outdoors. These tools include a compass, fire striker, tinder, and safety pins. It also offers the tools for a rudimentary but effective fishing tackle, including hooks, line, lures, sinkers, and bobbers. The paracord bracelet material also doubles as

This is a fun gift for kids because it gives them simple tools for survival. In today’s modern world, hunting and survival are separate from each other. Hunting, however, can be seen as a gateway activity to more outdoor fun, such as camping, fishing, and other pursuits. The compass lets kids help their older hunting mentors navigate the trails, and bracelet’s other tools open a world of outdoor adventure.

​Explorer pink Mossy Oak fanny pack

Explorer Large Polyester Water Resistant Waist Fanny Bag Purse Pack...
  • This Black large 5 pocket fanny waist travel bag in black color is the perfect hip pack for those who want dedicated...
  • The main pocket also has small pocket, 1 open pocket (great for coins, money, lipstick, receipts, etc), and a large...
  • The waist pack also has a large cell/smart phone pocket with Velcro flap closure that can fit smart phones approximately...

​4.6 out of  stars

This gift is one that might not be for all ages. Younger girls will love using this fun and functional fanny pack, but older ones may regard it as something a retiree would wear on a nature hike. As a gift idea for daughters who like hunting, this fanny pack skews to younger girls and provides them with a convenient place to store and carry small hunting items. The pack has three zippered compartments. One is small, suitable for holding things that your daughter might need to be easy to grab. A front pocket fits most smartphones and similar devices. The main compartment is deep and has interior dividers for organization. A gusseted compartment keeps a water bottle right at the ready.

​RealTree Max5 Otterbox phone case

Cell Phone120
  • [Cable] Highest standard of quality cables, covered by premium quality braided nylon jacket.Guarantee fast charging and...
  • [Portable and safe design] It’s small and lightweight, compact and easily portable, perfect for travelling. It...
  • [2-Port USB ] Our 2 USB ports have 24W/4.8a power and allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, at top speed!

​4.7 out of  stars

Even though the whole point of introducing hunting to your daughter is to get them off of social media, games, texting, or whatever else it is that they do on their smartphones, there are valid reasons for bringing a cell phone on a hunting trip. From hunting apps to directions and maps, a smartphone is not a luxury in the outdoors, but a safety necessity. Protecting these expensive devices, however, is a priority. With a hunting-themed phone case, your daughter can flash some hunting vibes. Otterbox protection keeps phones safe from the dangers of the outdoors. The RealTree Max5 from Otterbox provides triple-layer protection, withstanding scratches, drops, bumps, and shock. Rubber port covers protect headphone jacks and other ports from dirt, dust, and debris.

Otterbox makes cases for all the popular phone brands and styles. We focused on the Defender series made for the iPhone 8 and 7, which are popular devices for kids today. As with other Otterbox products, there are more colors and finishes than just the RealTree camouflage.

​Pink Camo Flag Buck Deer PopSocket

Buck Deer Hunting Pink Camouflage Flag PopSockets PopGrip: Swappable...
  • A nine point buck is a great hunting trophy. If you love deer hunting, this grip is just for you.
  • Great cell phone accessory for birthday, Mother's Day, or any other day you want to gift the deer hunting lover in your...
  • PopGrip with swappable top; switch out your PopTop for another design or remove it completely for wireless charging...

​5 out of  stars

​Another way for kids to jazz up their smartphones with a hunting theme is through a PopSocket. These small stick-on accessories make holding phones and tablets easier, especially when used for selfies. PopSockets come in countless designs, including pink camo with a deer icon. It’s is a simple device, and your daughter likely has one already.

Sometimes the perfect gift ideas for daughters who like hunting are not items one would necessarily use on the trail. Hunting is a positive and active sport that encourages children to put down their electronic devices. However, parents all over have realized that kids will continue to be fascinated by technology for the foreseeable future. So, when your kids grab their smartphones, make sure they deck them out in hunting style. 

The Pink Camo PopSocket has an Amazon rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars.

​Deer Hunting for Kids (Into the Great Outdoors)

Deer Hunting for Kids (Into the Great Outdoors)
  • Chandler, Matt (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 08/01/2012 (Publication Date) - Capstone Press (Publisher)

​4.7 out of  stars

Some of the best gifts can be used well beyond, or before, hunting season. Those looking for gift ideas for daughters who like hunting should think about the educational aspect of hunting. Much of the sport relies on mentorship. But there are many times when you cannot teach your child about hunting. A book can help your daughter learn and reinforce the lessons taught outside.

​Hunting, The Hunter’s Journal

​4.7 out of  stars

After introducing your child to a book on hunting, encourage them to document their memories and experiences in a journal. Hunting, The Hunter's Journal is a sturdy spiral notebook perfect for a young outdoor enthusiast. This guided journal features prompts so your child can easily jot down relevant information about each hunting trip. With 200 recycled pages, this journal will give your daughter plenty of opportunities to document and reflect upon her hunting experiences. For us, this is one of the best gift ideas for daughters who like hunting, or any child who wants to get more out of the sport.

 Hunting, The Hunter’s Journal has an Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

girl with a hunting rifle

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​The Best Gift Ideas for Daughters Who Like Hunting

​Hunting is a fun and challenging sport. While it may seem like a boys’ activity, daughters can enjoy hunting just as well as their brothers. With these gift ideas for daughters who like hunting, parents can help introduce the sport and encourage a lifetime of hunting. The best gifts are those that encourage making memories, but there are some great choices in simple gear that kids can use during and after the hunt.

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