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      Coyote Trapping Tips – How to Trap a Coyote?

      By Brandon Cox / December 25, 2016

      Coyotes will chase away other wild animals in an area and populate quickly. If coyotes are increasing in numbers in your area, and something isn’t done about it, the numbers will continue to climb until your whole neighborhood is in trouble. One way to shrink coyote numbers is to trap them. Most fox trappers also […]


        Bobcat Trapping Tips – Everything You Need to Know

        By Brandon Cox / December 15, 2016

        Bobcat fur is very valuable. The furry creatures are located mostly in southern and southwestern states. If you’re concentrating your hunting efforts on bobcats, you’re in for a ton of fun. Bobcat trapping is exhilarating and requires you to be a bit stealthy and clever. Here we’ve gathered some bobcat trapping tips to help you […]


          How To Find Coyote Den

          By Brandon Cox / July 24, 2016

          How To Find Coyote Den and Snag Your Coyote Stealth-like?So, you have been out hunting Coyote for ages and you are just not bagging the little critters. You have tried all the popular hunting areas, spent a fortune on different lures and calls, including decoys and everything in between. But, you are still having a […]


            Coyote Lure – Lure Tips For Hunting Coyotes

            By Brandon Cox / July 20, 2016

            Coyote’s are sneaky creatures and tenacious to boot. Catching a Coyote is no small feat; hence, the market becoming flooded with many different options on assisting you lure and snag these little nuisances. And why we call them nuisances is that they are responsible for most of the killings and possible extinction of many species […]


              Coyote Hunting for Beginners

              By Brandon Cox / June 14, 2016

              1. The 101 of Coyote Hunting for Beginners. Why Coyote’s, you may ask. They are not your typical specie of animal that a typical hunter may hunt. If you’re thinking about food, well the Coyote doesn’t offer much meat. They are wily, lean creatures, so you are not going to feed the family this way.No, the […]


                What Is Predator Hunting And Why Should You Know?

                By Brandon Cox / June 10, 2016

                What is Predator Hunting?The hunted are hunted. That is the simplicity in what predator hunting actually is all about. Or is it? When we think about a predator we think lion, cheetah, alligators or even wolves. Meat eaters, basically. But when it comes to mankind hunting these predators, the terminology changes a bit. Man does […]

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