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      How to Build a Duck Blind? – Everything You Need To Know

      By Brandon Cox / December 7, 2016

      Duck blinds vary greatly in size, available features, and different designs. Basically, any duck blind works while hunting, so the differences are more about hunter comfort than anything else. Fancy blinds work well, but it’s important to remember that a duck blind doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate to serve its purpose. Below, we’ll […]


        Goose Hunting Tips – Everything You Need To Know

        By Brandon Cox / October 20, 2016

        Catching a goose couldn’t be easier. Or could it? You are probably thinking about the last time you sat for hours and hours with ne’er a decent shot in sight. Some hunting days go like that, but if you use our goose hunting tips and tricks to maximize your time spent out a hunting, you […]


          The 5 Successful Duck Hunting Dog Breeds In The World

          By Brandon Cox / September 10, 2016

          When it comes to what dog breed is best for duck hunting, you will find it is like asking someone which cell phone brand is the best. It does come down to personal choice but can also be measured by the features and strengths of each dog.So, we will try to give you the low […]


            How To Begin Duck Hunting

            By Brandon Cox / July 8, 2016

            The 101 on How to Begin Duck Hunting. Hunting ducks has been around since ancient times, however back then they used traps and the reason for hunting was generally for food or to make a living. Nowadays, we use shotguns or rifles and while a good roasted duck is always a treat, most hunters hunt ducks […]


              Duck Hunting Information – Everything You Need To Know

              By Brandon Cox / July 4, 2016

              1. When is Duck Hunting Season?Duck hunting season differs for the various species of duck and in turn the different states. But, to give you a good idea of the general duck hunting season period, you are looking at anywhere from September to JanuaryFor an accurate period, try this website which will pinpoint exactly when you can […]


                Guide To Hunting Migrating Birds In The United States

                By Brandon Cox / April 23, 2016

                Migration is periodical or recurring yearly phenomena in birds and animals to far off lands. When the season becomes more conducive, the creatures return to the native land. Migration is more common in birds as they can fly and cover a lot of distance swiftly. As the season harshness increases the nesting birds migrate. All […]

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