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      How to Cape a Deer? – Everything You Need to Know

      By Brandon Cox / February 7, 2017

      You’ve done it! You landed a trophy buck and now you want to prepare it for the taxidermist to mount. Some hunters worry about ruining their cape by trying to do it themselves. However, it’s simple to do, if you just follow some simple instructions.​Getting Ready to Cape a Deer Before you begin the process, […]


        Deer Baiting Tips – How to Make Whitetail Hunting Easier?

        By Brandon Cox / February 3, 2017

        Deer baiting has forever been a controversial topic and probably always will be. Those that bait deer swear by their practices and often end up with lots of meat in the freezer because of it. The truth is there are as many people against baiting deer as there are for it. For the matter of […]


          Where to Shoot a Deer With a Crossbow?

          By Brandon Cox / January 30, 2017

          Hunting deer with a crossbow is different than using guns. Rifles are designed to kill immediately. The shock from a bullet can knock a buck on its side, and it will never get up again. Most often that doesn’t happen when a deer is shot with a crossbow. Instead, when an arrow enters a deer’s […]


            When to Plant Turnips for Deer?

            By Brandon Cox / January 20, 2017

            If you’re hunting trophy bucks, you need to bait them to your hunting area. But, how do you do this successfully? One way to do this is to introduce the deer in your area to turnips. The only thing with planting turnips for deer is you must plant them at the right time to be […]


              Where to Shoot a Bear? – Best Tips for Avid Hunter

              By Brandon Cox / January 7, 2017

              Are you interested in hunting bear? Do you plan to hunt a bear with a gun or bow? Using a bow to hunt bear is one of the most challenging and exhilarating tasks on the planet. No one wants to simply wound an animal when hunting. Not only is it not good hunting practices, but […]


                Why do Deer Snort? – Everything you need to know

                By Brandon Cox / December 29, 2016

                When deer hunting in the woods, there’s a couple sounds you never want to hear. An angry bear approaching, a barking dog running through the woods, and a deer snort. Hearing deer snort while bow hunting is even more devastating. So, why is a deer snorting a bad situation in the woods? It’s because a […]

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