Duck Hunting Information – Everything You Need To Know

Duck Hunting Information

1. When is Duck Hunting Season?

Duck hunting season differs for the various species of duck and in turn the different states. But, to give you a good idea of the general duck hunting season period, you are looking at anywhere from September to January

For an accurate period, try this website which will pinpoint exactly when you can pull out shotgun and get planning, in your area

2. What is the Best Duck Hunting Shotgun?

A shotgun is a very personal choice and no one brand or type will suit no one person. However, there are a few firm favorites that we would like to mention.

The Remington 870 is an all time winner and has sold the most over the US of A when it comes to hunting shotguns. A simple pump action mechanism and lightweight hold will mean you will be hunting with comfort and ease. In addition, the Remington is very easy on the pocket.

Winchester has been around since, well, since Pa fell off the wagon, and has seen itself through two world wars. In particular, the Winchester Model 12, is a real beauty and perfect for long-rangepass shooting.

Last on our list is the Browning Auto-5. A semi-automatic which has a powerful recoil, but for those who just love the Browning, the recoil is not even a worry. Well priced and always a winner amongst die-hard hunters, the Browning stands the test of time.

3. Are Decoys Necessary for Duck Hunting?

Ask any old-school duck hunter and they may just say no, but in the end, every hunter has used a decoy at some point in their hunting expeditions. Sometimes, the ducks just need a little coaxing and a good duck decoy will do the trick every time.

Nowadays, most ducks, especially those hunted regular, are a little shy, meaning they seem to be aware of the hunters out there. So, a lure of some kind is a real must-have when they are just not biting.

All animals are inquisitive and setting up a few mimic ducks or even geese, can get their interest peaked. They will fly in, land on the water and before they know it, they are within your kill shot.

4. Why is Duck Hunting so Popular? Pros and Cons

Duck hunting has been passed down from generation to generation, along with all the sneaky tit bits of advice and arsenal of weapons, including decoys and callers. Many a proud father would have sat his son or sons down and told them all about his adventures out duck hunting, in the hopes that they would be filled with the same excitement.

While it is as old as time and has much history, over the years, the law changed, and duck hunting had to be curbed. The population of ducks was dwindling, especially certain types of ducks. So, the heads of states took it onto themselves to apply rules and regulations on when you can hunt and how many you can hunt.

This did not stop the avid duck hunter though and duck hunting proves to be the most popular sport in America today.

So, we have answered why duck hunting is so popular but what are the Pros and Cons of duck hunting?

Pros of Duck Hunting

  • Food or source of income. Many a hunter will hunt for food. Duck is seen as quite a delicacy to some but out in the more prolific areas, where ducks populate quite highly, a family can be fed for a good many days on duck. Where a hunter turns his sport into a way of making an income, then this can be seen as a good thing too.
  • History. Passing down history has always been on Americans number one list and duck hunting doesn’t escape this.
  • Regulated. As mentioned, duck hunting is regulated across all states and because of this the duck population is protected and allowed to grow at a reasonable rate.

Cons of Duck Hunting

  • Poaching. Its when the hunter becomes greedy that duck hunting gets a bad name. Some are not satisfied with the limitations applied and will go out of their way to hunt more than they are allowed and sometimes in areas that are protected.
  • Trophy. When the duck hunting becomes a reason to see how many trophy ducks one can accumulate, then many will frown upon it.
  • Danger. A novice hunter can be seen as a danger out there in the pastures and water lands. If he doesn’t know what he is doing and doesn’t abide by the duck hunting protocol, then we will see many getting hurt, other hunters, himself and other by standing animals.

5. Where to go Duck Hunting in USA?

So, you are sold on the idea but where can you go to get some good duck hunting under your belt?
Here are our top five best places to go duck hunting in the USA:

  • San Francisco Bay in California. Yes, would you believe it! Rich in mallard and dabblers, you will be sitting pretty in the National Wildlife Refuge areas across the bay.
  • Seattle in Washington. Head over to the national state and get potting for divers, puddle ducks, harlequin ducks and much more. It truly is fowl heaven there.
  • Russell in Kansas. When the waterfowl make their way over every year, you want to be there, ready and waiting. There is over 200,000 acres of land, so do not waste time!
  • Venice in Louisiana. From canvasbacks to pintails, you will have a bird of a time hunting in the many rivers and marshes that infest Venice.
  • Salt Lake City in Utah. Of course, why didn’t you think of it before. The Great Salt Lake of Utah. Home to over 30 species of waterfowl, you are sure to come back smiling.

With some nifty tips under your belt, we know that you will be ready and amped to get out there, get hunting, and get you some duck.

The season is nearing. Are you ready?

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