Coyote Lure – Lure Tips For Hunting Coyotes

Coyote Lure

Coyote’s are sneaky creatures and tenacious to boot. Catching a Coyote is no small feat; hence, the market becoming flooded with many different options on assisting you lure and snag these little nuisances. And why we call them nuisances is that they are responsible for most of the killings and possible extinction of many species of deer.

Coyote Lure

Farmers and Game Land Owners are calling out for help to any and everybody that can help them eliminate these wily beasts. While Wile E Coyote, from the cartoons, has not, to date managed to catch the Roadrunner, the real Coyote’s out on the prairies are much more successful.

So, how can we help you on your next Coyote hunting trip?

Coyote lures are the next best invention since sliced cheese. Utilizing one of the luring options will see you bagging more Coyote’s every time you go out on a hunt.

1. The Various Coyote Lure Options

Coyote Lure Urine
  • Bait Lure. Much like you would use bait to catch a fish, so you can do the same with Coyotes. Bait is simply dead meat of any animal that the Coyote would be interested in eating, such as rabbit, deer, chicken, or other smaller type prey. Some hunters are even using Bobcat’s meat as well as shark. We are thinking a Coyote is not that fussy, so any dang piece of fresh meat will do the trick. Even road kill will work.
  • Urine Lure. When it comes to Coyotes and their keen sense of smell, they will go to a site where they can smell the urine of an animal. This tells them, in their mind, that an animal of prey is close by. Using urine lure’s in and around an area where Coyote’s normally frequent can mean a sure shot. In addition, Coyote’s will also have a look if they smell another Coyote’s urine, they are that inquisitive.
  • Gland Lure. The secretion gland of some animals is seen as the perfect lure for Coyote’s. Think about a skunk or a mink. The musky scent of a stinky skunk will get the Coyote sniffing in before you know it. The more powerful the better.
Coyote Food Lure
  • Food Lure. Coyote, in the death, want food. That is there reason for hunting. So providing them will easy food is a sure fire way of drawing them in. Before you go a hunting for your Coyote, shoot down a few rabbits, muskrat, or beavers and carry those suckers around with you. They will eventually lure the little rascal in, purely out of hunger. In addition, some hunters are using canned dog food. This has the same affect as fresh food. Go figure. Coyote’s are just ravenous animals, it appears.
  • Long Distance Call Lure. A scent that can reach a longer distance is a winner, especially when your Coyote are not in or near the vicinity you are hunting in. The powerful, long reaching scent will have him travelling the miles to find out what is potting.
  • Curiosity Lure. Now curiosity lures are everything else that was not mentioned to lure the Coyote. They are inquisitive creatures by nature and an odd smell will have them come a looking. So trying out beaver tail oil, rendered skunk fat, spiked fish oil, and even sac oil could do the job.

    If you fancy putting together your own Coyote lure, check out this video clip.

2. What Factors affect the best use of lures?

As you should be using a Coyote lure in conjunction with traps most times, you want to make sure that you cover a few vital aspects that could affect your hunting expedition.

Coyote Hunting Weather
  • The Time of the Year. Rule of thumb is that you want to be hunting when the furs prime which will be in the late October in the northern regions and around November for the rest of the country. If it’s the pups you are after you want to start early in the season when the little ones are becoming ever more curious.

    Hunting pups should be, however, only done when you’re looking to reduce the number of Coyotes for environmental reasons. In addition, more specifically to the use of lures, when it’s icy cold, you want to use some form of anti-freeze so that your liquid lures don’t freeze up.
  • Geographical Location. A lure is as good as the location you’re in and to best secure yourself some Coyotes you want to hunt in particular regions. From Wyoming to Nebraska, from Colorado to Nevada and add in a little Kansas, you can’t go wrong in these states.
  • Weather Conditions. Weather has a lot to do with a successful hunting trip. Too windy days will see the critters hiding away and of course, this doesn’t help with the lure scents you’re setting up. Wind can just have the opposite effect you want. A good idea, when hunting on a windy day is to set your Coyote lure trap up down wind, so the scent will carry further.

    With really cold weather, you are at an advantage. While its not pleasant hunting in freezing icy weather, the Coyote needs to ensure he is well fueled up and this means going out and hunting. So, this is where you want to be. Outside and in the midst of the Coyote’s hunting expedition. Again, laying out liquid lures, can mean that they freeze up. Use Glycerin for this purpose.
  • Type of Trap. Placing your lure on a certain trap will yield a certain success ratio. The type of trap you use is paramount. A food lure will work best on a foothold trap. You can go super humane and opt for a padded trap, this has a nylon lining,;or an offset and laminated trap, which is not so nice for the critter caught.

    However, a trap can be as simple as placing a lure, such as a gland lure between two flat rocks and a urine lure on top. Set up your trap a few short inches beyond this and you will surely catch you a Coyote.

    Further, just setting up a lure and waiting for a good shot is probably the most humane way of hunting Coyote.
Coyote Trapping

3. The Best Coyote Lure?

So, what is the best lure to use? In my opinion, the lure of a base, stinky animal is best. Coyote’s want meat and if it’s in the form of the smell of a “live” animal then that is what they will seek out first.

However, whatever works well for you is what’s best. There are many an opinion out there though. Location, weather, the number of prey in the vicinity and your own human smell will all play a part in you snagging your Coyote.

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