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best varmint scope

There is no single 'best varmint scope' on the market today. Rather, what is 'best' for you may not be the best for someone else. When it comes right down to it, the ideal scope depends largely on your needs and how you will use the product.

Still, there are undoubtedly varmint scopes that are significantly better than the others. Considering the typical requirements of the average user, this article lists the top six varmint scopes in the market today and exactly why they are included in the list.​

Top 6 Best Varmint Scope - Comparison Table

Why Get A Varmint Scope?

Coyote Hunting

A varmint scope significantly increases your accuracy in the field. Combined with a powerful rifle, it ensures a perfect shot each time, preventing the waste of valuable bullets with each pull of the trigger. With the right varmint scope, you will find yourself capable of hitting a target as far as a thousand yards away, significantly improving on skills and expanding the range of your hunts.

How to Choose a Varmint Scope?

The best varmint scopes over the years have evolved so much that it can be tough to make comparisons. Unless you have kept up with the changes, you might find yourself flooded with all the types, models, as well as variations available today. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Magnification: With varmint hunting, you would want to be as far as possible to avoid danger to yourself. This is why a scope with excellent magnification is recommended, ideally around 3-12x minimum.
  • Lens: Look for a lens that is capable of functioning even in light and dark environments. With many varmints essentially coming out during the dark, it makes sense to find something you can use at any given time. Do not forget to check out something that is both waterproof and fog proof. If you have a powerful rifle, get something shockproof to protect from recoil.
  • Reticle: Look for adjustable reticles that do not change size as the shot gets longer. Opt for a mil dot reticle to increase accuracy. No need to go for anything lighted as you will be able to make the shot regardless, but if you’re more confident with a lighted one, then feel free.
  • Parallax: Parallax is never a big issue when buying a scope – but it must be considered if it comes with the scope of your choice. Make sure to get something with a side focus knob if there is no parallax.
  • Cost: Of course, do not forget the cost of the model which should not be too cheap. A cheap scope will cost you more in the long run since you will likely have to change it after just a few months of use. Ideally, you should consider the highest budget you can go for and buy a scope that is as close to that as possible – or perhaps a bit more expensive. Good quality scopes will always serve you better in the end.

Top 6 Best Varmint Scopes in the Market

So without further ado, here is a rundown of the top six best varmint scopes one can find in the market today:

1. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Circle-X Reticle Riflescope



Recently released with quality optics tantamount to HD clarity, this particular riflescope is made from only the most durable materials. It boasts a beautiful design with a function that makes any other rifle scope unnecessary. The multicoated lenses can be instantly adjusted for changing brightness, making it ideal for hunting at all times of the day. Extensively tested, the product meets quality standards set in the market.


  • 100 percent waterproof, this rifle is built for the hard outdoors.
  • The product also works perfectly even when used in a high fog area.
  • Magnification of 3 to 9x with a 40mm objective lens promotes clarity and accuracy of each shot.
  • The product also boasts of the Circle-X reticle which allows for easy windage and elevation adjustments with the tip of the finger.
  • It is a very fast focus eye piece which should make it easy for users to point and site for a shot.
  • The product cost is well within the reasonable value in the market.
  • Mounts well with various rifle models. Measuring at 11.5 inches, you will have to make sure that the unit will work well with your particular firearm.


  • Crosshairs are a bit thicker and can foul up a shot but you can easily get used to it.
  • It does not come with rings so you’ll have to buy them yourself.

Conclusion: Basically, it is a decent scope to buy compounded by the fact that it comes with a good price. Its best asset, however, is the clarity of the scope which should give you a decent range in shots.

2. Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Multi-X Reticle Adjustable Objective Riflescope



Another high-quality scope from Bushnell, this particular model is a Multi-X Reticle while the first one is a Circle X. It’s also slightly longer but for the most part, there aren’t that many changes between this product and the other. The tube body measure just 1 inch with an overall design that looks good on top of your rifle.


  • Boasts of a fast focus eyepiece
  • The riflescope works even under low lighting
  • It has a magnification of 4-12X with objective lens of 40mm
  • Specially created to work under low light, the unit is marketed as a “dusk and dawn” scope which should work for all times of the day
  • The lenses are multicoated for clarity and brightness in any condition
  • Aside from being waterproof, the lenses are also fog proof which should help during dawn situations


  • It is definitely within the more expensive range for rifle scopes
  • Note that it may not fit all types of rifles so better check before making your purchase

Conclusion: With this second item in the list, you can see that Bushnell is reliable when it comes to rifle scopes. With this particular model, they have managed to provide superior quality to Circle-X and commanded a fitting price for it.

3. Crossfire II 4-12x50mm AO Riflescope



Something a little bit different, the Crossfire rifle scope undoubtedly carries a quality that many rifle owners will find appealing. Featuring a sleek and well-designed body; this particular item measures approximately 14 inches with a weight of 21 ounces. As for the price, it sits well between the two Bushnell products mentioned on the first part of this article.


  • Multi-coated, the product manages to increase light transmission, creating very clear images for accurate shooting
  • The eyepiece is adjustable and quickly obtains focus so that you will not waste precious seconds in between changes of position
  • The unit is built to be 100 percent waterproof and fog proof. This makes it the perfect rifle to bring with you in areas with unpredictable weather
  • The design includes O-ring seals that keep moisture away as well as dust and debris, keeping the interior of the scope dry and dirt free
  • Features a customized hashmark design that completely removes guesswork on windage and holdover for a truly accurate shot


  • It will not fit with all rifle units so you might want to check all compatible rifles first before making your purchase
  • Best used for daytime shooting but there are definitely other scopes that perform better during dusk or dawn

Conclusion: The biggest redeeming factor of this product is the fact that it sits well within the average price tags for scopes. The enhanced accuracy thanks to the hashmark is also a plus and should appeal to many enthusiasts, especially for those who are just getting started.

4. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Mil Dot Reticle Riflescope



Another Bushnell brand on this list, this particular model boasts of a 4.5-14x55mm capacity with a weight of approximately 1.2 pounds. A one-piece tube design, it’s designed to work in both high light and low light areas.


  • Made with durable materials, the product is shockproof to withstand any kind of abuse in the field
  • It is also fog proof and waterproof
  • Features a side focus parallax adjustment allowing for enhanced accuracy even in long distances
  • The eye piece allows for quick focus so you won’t waste a single second making that important shot
  • Multi-coated optics offers vivid clarity
  • Boasts of the Rain Guard HD for clear views each time, notwithstanding bad weather or fogs coming from your own warm breathing


  • The price tag can be a bit steeper than other Bushnell models in the market today
  • The product does not come with mounting which is a bit disappointing considering the price that it came in
  • Note that this might not work well with all firearm models so make sure to check before ordering

Conclusion: All in all, this Bushnell piece is an excellent purchase with a price tag that is well worth the product it comes with. This unit is best for those who are currently using a lower-priced Bushnell and want to upgrade to a higher-quality model. The product is also covered by an extensive warranty which ensures replacement or repair should it become necessary.

5. VORTEX Optics Viper 6.5-20x50 PA Riflescope, Dead Hold BDC Reticle



Boasting of MOA Turrets, this release from VORTEX is best used for long-range work. Weighing 2.2 pounds – it is a bit heavier than other scopes today, but not by much. Made using Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, the product allows for quick field adjustments.


  • Boasts of the Dead-Hold BDC reticle which helps with accurate windage reading to help get rid of guesswork in the field
  • Perfect for hunting at different ranges without losing any of the accuracies
  • This single piece has a 30mm main tube which is significantly more slender than other rifle scopes in the market today
  • Capped turrets help with easy adjustments, even when wearing gloves
  • Item is waterproof and can easily withstand shock that comes out of recoil
  • Specially designed to work in darkness, you can instantly adjust the glass to improve vision
  • Adjustments go the other way as adjustments for too much light can also be made to improve accuracy


  • Product price is incredibly large and may not work within the budget of many enthusiasts
  • No information as to whether the product is fog proof

Conclusion: All in all, it is a pretty decent piece although the price of the product is really the big sore spot. Fortunately, the unit is covered by a lifetime warranty so you should be assured that the product will last for as long as possible.

6. Carl Zeiss Optical Concquest HD5 5-25x 50 Rapid-Z Varmints Ballistic Reticle



Featuring a lockable target turret, this German made model is built for long range shooting with a sleek and compact tube design. Should be ideal for trips thanks to its lack of bulk, the product also features several perks to make it a favorite.


  • Built with HD lens to improve sight
  • Multi-coating helps keep the target clear regardless of the light – making it ideal for both dawn and dusk
  • Rapid Z Varmint ballistic reticle makes it possible to shoot long range as far as 600 yards
  • Slimmer and more compact compared to other scopes of the same 25x capacity
  • Comes with a 5 year no fault policy plus a limited lifetime warranty


  • Definitely one of the more expensive rifle scopes in the market today

Conclusion: Make sure to check whether the scope is compatible with your rifle. Other than that, however – there’s really no issue with this particular model.

Out Pick

Of the six, the best varmint scope has to be the Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Multi-X Reticle Adjustable Objective Riflescope mainly due to the price tag that’s well within the affordable range. It’s not too cheap that you will question its quality but not too expensive that you will set impossible expectations.

Of course, the fact that the product comes with many features also makes it an excellent choice – but that’s true for all models in this list. The crystal clear clarity of the glass however combined with the ease of adjustments in the field makes it the sort of scope that you can depend on any situation.

To wrap it up – all six rifle scopes listed here has earned their spot as best varmint scope thanks to their excellent performance and features. Built to last with the satisfaction of their user’s in mind, you can’t go wrong in choosing any of the items listed here.

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