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Best Turkey Broadhead

Hunting remains one of the oldest sports in the world and one of the best ways to spend quality time outdoors. However, before you make any decisions about hunting, there are several things you must consider and be aware of before that hunting trip starts. It is important to understand the regulations and licenses about hunting in your state.

Hunting gears and clothing is another major area of consideration if your hunt is to be a success. The type of hunting you choose is a crucial factor in deciding what you wear and the gears you carry. In this guide, we are going to discuss the basics of turkey hunting and how to choose the best turkey broadhead. The article goes a step further to review the best five turkey broadhead in the market to make it easier for buyers who remain undecided on what turkey broadhead to buy

Top 5 Best Turkey Broadhead - Comparison Table

Type of Broadhead

turkey broadhead type

When hunting turkeys, you must consider the type of broadhead to buy. A bad broadhead can easily cost you the turkey. A quality broadhead gives hunters every advantage they need when hunting. Before making any decisions on buying a broadhead, it is important to understand the pros and cons of the three major categories of broadheads in the market.

Fixed blade broadheads

These are the simplest and oldest in the market featuring a cut-on-contact tip. It penetrates well making it ideal for animals with tough skin. It is ideal for hunting elks, big whitetails, and bears. They are good but need regular sharpening. Their speed is also affected by fast shooting bows.

Replaceable blade​

These have blades that can be removed for sharpening or replacement. They fly well out of most bows giving a clean cut on the target. The increase of new designs in the market has improved their penetration and flight capabilities. The only disadvantage is that they cost more and don’t penetrate so well.

Mechanical broadheads​

These come with superior flight capabilities making them ideal for finicky bows. However, they require very little tuning to attain tight groups and blades lack support for the trailing edge.​

Before we get too deep into the categories of broadheads, let’s have a look at some of the best five turkey broadheads in the market currently to choose from when buying one. Go through the review of the best turkey broadheads and choose one that best suits your turkey hunting needs.​

Top 5 Best Turkey Broadhead in the Market

1. The New Archery products Spitfire Gobbler Getter

New Archery Products 100 Grain 3-Pack Spitfire Gobbler Getter


The Spitfire Gobbler Getter is an exceptional broadhead to start our list when looking to hunt turkeys. It is an excellent mechanical broadhead that flies straight with some pinpoint accuracy.

Key features

  • Practice blades - The broadhead comes with practice blades which mean you can save your super sharp blades for the actual hunting. This is a new addition for newbies trying their first turkey kill. It gives you a good feel of the bow and the carbon arrows as you prepare for the big hunt day. It comes with sharp blades that kill on impact. They create a clean cut causing immediate dead of your turkey.
  • Sharp Diamize blades - The broadheads have sharp diamize blades that can withstand the toughest of conditions. The Diamaze sharpening process is well known in the industry for creating the sharpest blades for massive knock down power and hemorrhaging. These sharp blades equal faster kills.
  • Patented micro-grooved ferrule - This is a feature that greatly increases the flight accuracy and the penetration power. The broadhead flies with accuracy and speed hitting your turkey dead in seconds.


  • Very sharp and tough blades
  • The rounded tip keeps the arrow in the bird
  • Comes with practice blades
  • Increased flight accuracy


  • The flight not consistent for beginners
  • They don’t spin on the axis when you twist them

Conclusion: The 100 Grain 3-Pack Spitfire Gobbler is a great option of broadheads when going hunting and one that remains highly recommended. It has tough and sharp blades that create a clean cut and remain in the bird for a fast kill.

2. Bullhead 3 blade Arrow Broadhead

Bullhead 3 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 125-Grain/4-Inch


The bullhead arrow broadhead is what you need when you want a clean miss and a clean kill off your turkey in a matter of seconds. It comes with three blades of 3-3/4 inch grain three blade that is ideal for neck and head shots. It is the perfect broadhead when hunting turkeys or other small games. It comes with stainless steel blades that are highly durable and resistant to rust.

Key features

  • Strong .048 inches stainless steel blades - The broadhead comes with strong .048” stainless steel blades that provide users with an-all-season accuracy and durability. They are strong, durable and resist damage from rust and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Replaceable blades - The blades have a lifetime replacement guarantee allowing users to replace them whenever they feel so. They can also be removed with ease and sharpened before being returned.
  • Screw-in-ferrule - The screw-in-ferrule is made from the aircraft quality aluminum which offers them the high reliability and durability. You can rely on them to do their job without any damage.


  • They are tougher and durable
  • They are quite easy to use
  • Cheap offering value for money
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Dead on contact


  • Super sharp and can cause injuries if not handles probably (though this is an advantage to some extent).

Conclusion: The bullhead three blade arrows are as good as they are advertised and make a good choice when looking for the best turkey broadhead. The blades come as advertised; super sharp, strong and durable killing on contact.

3. Rage X-treme 2.3” Expandable Broadhead

Rage X-Treme 2.3


The Rage X-Treme is another dependable broadhead when hunting turkeys. It comes with expandable blades that have 2.3 inches cutting circles for an immediate kill. They are well-known for their huge and gaping entry holes when they hit the target. The honed blades have a surgical sharpness with razor blades or .035”. They are well designed for bow to draw weights that are more than 60 pounds.

Key features

  • Chisel tip - The Rage Extreme features a chisel tip blade that crushes through the bones creating giant hemorrhaging cuts for quick kills.
  • New patented shock collar - The broadband utilizes the newly patented collar shocks blade retention system that create a superior retention when compared with the conventional rubber bands.
  • 2.3” expandable blades - The expandable blades penetrate deeper than any other blade on the market creating dramatic blood trails. The blades penetrate larger entry and exit wounds for contact dead to your turkey.


  • Excellent bone crushing penetration
  • Dramatic blood trails
  • Advanced blade that maintains the kinetic energy
  • Proper blade retention due to the shock collar technology


  • Burrs on the blade

Conclusion: The Rage Extreme is the kind of broadhead you want when you want to imagine of blood everywhere with your hunt. They are perfect for hunting turkey crashing through their bones and causing immediate death. The advanced sweeping blades maintain their kinetic energy well. They also come with practice blades that ensure you hit the target when it matters most.

4. Swhacker set of Three 2 inch Broadheads

Swhacker Set of 3-100 Grain 2 Inch Cut Broadheads


The Swhacker broadheads is another great option for hunting turkeys coming with two separate cutting edges. The edges are the wing blades that are ideal for cutting the first set of ribs and the hide while another set is the main blade. The main blades don’t touch anything during the initial cut maintaining their sharpness for cutting through the organs. Each set has three broadheads that are 100-grain expandable.

Key features

  • Two separate cutting edges - For the fast kill, the blades have two separate cutting edges; the wing blades and the main blades. The wing blades are for do the tough job cutting through the feathers, hide, and bones during the entry before the main blades come in to finish the job. The main blades remain unused all this period coming in only to slice through the organs.
  • Stainless steel .032” thick razor sharp - The blades are strongly made of a thick.032” stainless steel that is capable of withstanding tough conditions without damage. They blades are durable and reliable getting the cut clean.
  • Ferrule comes with anodized aircraft aluminum - The ferrule comes with anodized aluminum that is strong and durable. The aluminum is durable and gets the job done without any damage.


  • They fly with the highest accuracy
  • Quite affordable
  • Two cutting edges for immediate kill
  • Strong and durable


  • Not razor sharp out of the package and need sharpening

Conclusion: The Swhaker set is ideal for turkey hunting but can also be used to hunt deer and other game animals. The broadhead is extremely lethal and cuts through the turkey skin like a slice of fruit causing immediate death. The blood trail is also good. It is a great option for hunting turkeys and comes at a good price.

5. Spitfire 125-Grain 3 Blade Gobbler Broadhead

Spitfire 125-Grain 3 Blade Gobbler Getter Broadhead


The last best turkey broadhead on our list is the Spitfire 3 blade gobbler getter which is another trusted name in the hunting industry. This mechanical broadhead flies straight and has some of the best pinpoint accuracies than most mechanical broadheads in the market. It comes with sharp and tougher blades that can handle anything tough on its way.

Key features

  • Practice blades - The broadhead comes with practice blades which mean you can save your precious blades for the right job. You can practice and be ready for the hunt when the big day comes.
  • Sharpest Diamaze blades - The diamaze blades are among the best in the industry and well-known with the Spitfire blades. The blades are not only sharp but also tough getting the job done quickly.
  • Ferrule comes with anodized aircraft aluminum - The ferrule comes with anodized aluminum that is strong and durable. The aluminum is durable and gets the job done without any damage.


  • Quite easy to use
  • Sharp and tough
  • High accuracy


  • Penetration is not so paramount

Conclusion: The Spitfire 125-grain is a great pick if you want to hunt turkeys giving you super sharp and durable razors. It has high accuracy and will hit the target directly where you aim to cause death on the spot.

Final Verdict

The five broadheads above are among the best when looking to hunt turkeys. You can choose any from the list and experience good moments hunting. However, for me, I recommend the Swhacker for its excellent capabilities. It's two separate cutting edges make it even better with the different blades cutting different parts and creating good blood trail. You can order it today and experience good moments outdoor shooting the turkeys down.

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