How to Choose the Best Survival Lighter for Long-Term SHTF?

best survival lighter

If you love outdoor activities like camping and hunting, there are a number of accessories that are considered to be essential for survival and a survival lighter is one of them. There are quite a number of brands of survival lighters that you can choose from. Your requirements and specific needs will determine the best survival light that you should purchase.

Survival Lighter Buying Guide​

Things to Consider When Buying a Survival Lighter​

Survival Lighter Choosing

Here are some essential considerations, which will ensure that you have the best survival lighter in your possession.

Durability​ - Being is a survival situation can be quite dangerous and the survival lighter you choose to buy will determine how well you will manage the situation. Ensure that the lighter is made of high quality material and is robust in nature.

Portability​ - You would not want to end up with a lighter that is too much of an inconvenience. Get one that is light and has a compact design. This makes it easier to add it to your survival gear, without much difficulty.

Ease of Use​ - When you are in a survival situation, you would want to deal with a lighter that is too complicated to operate. You should go for a lighter which is easy to use and quite convenient in any condition.

Weather-resistant​ - Adventures can take any nature and as such, you would want to have a reliable lighter that can withstand any condition. Having a windproof and waterproof lighter is a big advantage as it can be ideal for any situation.

Refilling - There are lighters which are refilled using gas or fuel, while others are disposable. There are those that do not use any fuel, but instead come with rechargeable battery, which will be charged through the USB port.

Top 5 Best Survival Lighter Reviews

1. Meanhoo Survival Waterproof Peanut Capsule mini Lighter​

Meanhoo Survival Waterproof Peanut Capsule mini Lighter


This lighter has an outer steel structure, which makes it ideal to use at any time, irrespective of the condition. Another interesting feature on this lighter is the miniature design, with a torch key chain. The lighter has the option to refill the fuel, which allows you use for a long time.

If you do not have any experience with survival lighters, the initial time might be challenging since the lighter is shipped empty, without fuel. I think this passes as the best survival lighter, due to its portable design and versatile functionality.

We highly recommend this lighter for anyone who loves outdoor activities like fishing, camping and hunting. The steel outer structure makes it an ideal lighter for any situation, at any time. It is also easy to carry, which is a big advantage.​

  • This is a mini lighter, which makes it portable and convenient to carry around
  • It has a steel outer case, which makes it waterproof and ideal for use in any situation, irrespective of the environment
  • You can easily attach it to your keychain, which ensures that you will have it with you at all times
  • It uses liquid naphtha as the fuel, which makes convenient, since you can buy the fuel from any hardware or grocery store
  • Since it is made up of two parts, you can easily lose the lower part as it does not fit tightly

2. Everstryke Match Pro Lighter

Everstryke Match Pro Lighter


The Everstryke Match Pro lighter has a new design and has a number of functional features. The flint and the wick come in an all-inclusive kit, which you can conveniently carry in your pocket.

The wick and the flint are replaceable and as such you can use the lighter to a very long period of time. This is attributable to the built-in O-ring feature. The ease of use is also a feature that I loved.

If you can strike a match, then you can be able to use this lighter and not worry about your fingertips being burned. It is a self-contained device for starting fire and works under all conditions.

In conclusion, the simple, design, compact size and the price are the main reasons why we recommend this fire starter. If you love snowing or exploring in wet areas, this is the ideal lighter to carry.​

  • This lighter has a versatile design with unique features like the long lasting wick and replaceable flint. The wick lasts 10 times longer
  • The strikes of this lighter are quite hot, with the flames burning up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Each of the matches has approximately 15,000 burning strikes, which are long lasting. The O-Ring feature, which is built-in, prevents evaporation of fuel
  • The initial purchase of the lighter does not include lighter fluid, which means you have to purchase your own
  • There are instances where the wicks tend to be inserted in a tight manner and this may affect the lighting

3. 4BOSS LUXURY USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighter

BOSS LUXURY USB Rechargeable Electronic lighter


4BOSS is the best survival lighter on the market, with the rechargeable feature being one of the appeal attributes. This allows you to recharge and reuse the lighter over and over again.

It is an electronic lighter and this saves you from the hassle of having to refuel as it does not use fuel or energy.

The lighter has a unique design, the metal casing makes it sturdy and this enhances the durability of the lighter. It is windproof, which is a feature that makes it versatile and you can use it anywhere. You can actually board a flight with this electronic lighter.

Finally, this lighter has a secure lid, which will prevent it from lighting when it is closed. This enhances the safety and ease of use of this lighter, which is why we recommend it.​

  • This electronic lighter is windproof, which is attributable to being flameless. As such you can use it to light various items, even in open spaces
  • It does not use any fluid and is recharged using the USB port. This is what makes it the best survival lighter and is considered to be luxurious
  • Unlike the other lighters, which use flammable gas and fuel, the 4Boss lighter is electric, which enhances its safety and minimizes potential risks
  • The cover of the lighter does not open all the way and as such, the electric arc is not wide enough

4. Darrell Holland's Black OPS Mini Lightning Strike Fire Starter Survival Kit

Darrell Holland's Black OPS Mini Lightning Strike Fire Starter


Every outdoor enthusiast should have the Darrell Holland's Lightning Strike Fire Starter as part of their survival accessories. If you are in an emergency situation and need to start a fire, this will come in handy.

It is easily portable and as such you will be able to carry it around conveniently. It is made of anodized aluminum, which makes it durable and ideal for use in tough situations and it is easy to use. The storage handle is pre-loaded with tinder that can light several fires.

The waterproof cap is the main reason why we recommend this lighter. Since not everyone has the skills to build a fire in extreme conditions, this ideal for hikers, campers and snowmobile riders, who may need to start a fire in a survival situation.​

  • It is waterproof and as such no contaminants can get into the fuel chamber. This makes it possible to start a fire in extreme wet conditions
  •  If you are looking for a direct flame, this is the perfect solution as it will produce a prolonged and pinpoint flame
  • The Darrell Holland's Lightning Strike Fire Starter is weather-resistant, making is the best survival lighter for any weather
  • The compact design and light weight make it portable
  • While the Darrell Holland's Lightning Strike Fire Starter is said to be weather-resistant, it is difficult to use in extremely cold environments
  • It is one of the most expensive lighters on the market

5. UST Stormproof Floating Lighter (Black) and WetFire Fire Starting Tinder

UST Stormproof Floating Lighter


Storms can be quite dreadful, but not for the UST Stormproof Floating lighter. It is windproof, which the capacity to withstand winds that are blowing at speeds of up to 80 mph.

As such this makes it a convenient survival lighter in stormy conditions. It comes with a wet fire starter tinder, wrapped in solid cubes, which are nontoxic and can burn even on wet surfaces. The lighter works in adverse condition, making it ideal in any situation.

We highly recommend this lighter due to its durable nature. It is made of ABS impact resistant plastic and is completely buoyant and waterproof, making an excellent choice even for daily use.​

  • It has a waterproof case and is weatherproof
  • This lighter is durable and is also impact resistant, which enhances its durability
  • The wet tinder will start a fire and keep it burning even on wet areas
  • You can adjust the flame to suit your needs and the flame is pretty hot
  • This lighter cannot be trusted in cold conditions since butane is difficult to vaporize in low temperatures
  • The loss of fuel is also a major challenge with this lighter


With all the different choices above, the 4Boss Luxury USB Electronic Lighter stands out from the rest. It is versatile and has extensive safety precautions.

With these basic pointers, you will be able to get the best survival lighter, which can go a long way in helping you out of a survival situation.​

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