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Best Predator Call

When it comes to hunting predators, as opposed to hunting prey, who are used to being hunted, you are, in fact, at an advantage. Predators generally are not the hunted and therefore are not as guarded as, say a deer or other prey may be, that are hunted regularly. This does not mean it will be an easy task. But then again, who would want easy, right? The thrill is all in the stalking and chase.

However, to make your job a little easier, should you so wish, one can use a Predator Caller. There are, though, a few areas to consider before bulldozing out there with caller and weapon in hand. The gung-ho policy does not normally work out in the wild.

In this article, we will provide you with the best predator call options so you can make an informed decision. You can also check out this article to find more information about best coyote call.

Top 5 Best Predator Call - Comparison Table

Exploring the Best Predator Call Options.

Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

When it comes to perfect pitch and no distortion, the Alpha Dogg comes up tops. With a remote facility, you can position yourself around 200 yards away from the caller and get ready for a sure aim.

To amplify your hunt, the side speakers are adjustable to 180 degrees using dual 25-watt digital amps, for powerful realistic sound.

The setup arrives with 75 pre-recorded sounds, 6 complete Expert Hunts (meaning you can have the Randy Anderson and other members of the Team Primos actually calling for you) and, in addition, you can add up to 1000 of your own sounds on to the 2GB memory card.

When the dynamics of your hunt changes; perhaps the predator you were after has disappeared and another may be on the prowl; you can rest easy, knowing that with a HOT button that is programmable, you can change the calling sound to suit the situation.

If you like organized, it is good to know that the Playlist Menu comes in a set format for your particular flavor, whether it be bobcat, coyote, deer or any other prey sound.

For clarity of viewing, the easy to use remote, has a 2,5 inch full color LCD screen which means no screwing up the eyes to see whats potting.

Full camouflage, the Primos Alpha Dogg will see you plotting your kill with ease, as the predator of choice inches ever closer to the call, none the wiser.

Priced nice, you wont regret investing in this predator caller.

Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

Primos brings us another winner. The Turbo Dogg still gives us Randy Anderson helping out with his own calls, but comes equipped with fewer pre-recorded sounds, 36 to be exact and 4 pre-programmed Expert Hunts.

For maximum sound reach and realistic clarity, the 25 watt amp powers this baby up and allows you to store up to 500 sounds, which you can download and store on the favorite playlist setting.

The simple to use remote, means you get a clear 1,75 inch full color LCD screen and can position yourself around 150 yards away. In addition, the remote can control a decoy or change the decoy button to serve as a HOT button. This is a super feature.

For ultimate clarity and nil distortion of sound, you may want to consider elevating the speaker slightly off the ground. A simple DIY setup will work wonders.

If you hunt at night, the little red light on the back may disturb your camouflage situation, but a simple cover up method should sort this minor dilemma out in no time.

With proven success stories to back it, the Turbo Dogg will have you pulling in coyote and other predators in record time. Note that the volume is super loud and the reach is very far.

FOXPRO Shockwave Game Call

So, the Shockwave is on the higher side of the dollar range, but you are getting a super powerful caller right here. Good money spent, for sure.

Equipped with two horn speakers and two tweeters, you are going to find that you will reach predators over a mile away. In addition, you can add on an additional speaker and charge jack for amplified volume.

The sounds are very realistic and Foxpro offers you over 100 pre-programmed and a variety of sounds, with the capacity to store a further 1000 sounds.It is good to know that you can use either WAV, FXP or MP3 files.

Not only does their remote control unit have a full color LCD and a very clear screen, but you can situate yourself around 100 yards away for a perfect camouflage situation. Moreover, the remote has a moon phase indicator, which is perfect for plotting your hunt, a barometer and temperature indicator as well as a battery level indicator and timer with time clock.

Furthermore, you can adjust your sound capabilities with either the FOXMOTION feature, which means you can fade the sounds from left to right speaker, mixing and matching sounds; for realistic purposes, or you can use the FOXPITCH allowing you to adjust the pitch, as you feel is needed. Another cool feature is the FOXDATA, where you can record real time data for future reference.These all double your chances of bringing in any and all predators.

Once you have taken your shot, the FOXBANG immediately and automatically maps your caller. A really great feature.

To add to this already impressive list, Foxpro gives you FOXCAST, a virtual hands-free calling of sequenced files. This product is a lot more expensive compare with others, but definitely you get what you pay for.

Western Rivers Calls Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Caller

Some say you get what you pay for, however, with the Western Rivers Caller, you are not only paying a deathly low price, you are getting a quality product.

Pre-loaded with 75 game calls, including Turkey, Deer, Coyote, Hog and Rabbit, to mention a few, you can be assured of bringing in a variety of predators to your kill zone.

Even though this is a handheld caller, you can place it at a 300-yard distance away and use the simple remote to control your callings. The little compact legs allow you to set this up on any surface, walk away and wait for your prey.

While the LCD, very clear screen, is situated on the actual handheld caller and not on the remote, it can be set up to repeat random calls and managed with the remote from a distance. The mixing up of sounds allows for a realistic sound reach.

Another really neat feature is the sound activation trigger button, which means the calls will go out more frequently when it picks up other nearby sounds.

Excellent reviews for this priced perfect predator caller.

Foxpro Inc Inferno INF1

Size-wise, the Inferno is perfect for a walking hunting trip, where you will be mostly walking, as opposed to hiding out. With its comfy handle, you can move around, scouting the terrain for your predators.

However, should you want to settle down and wait it out, position the caller a decent distance away and get ready with the remote. The remote allows you to use the preset buttons; which means you can set this up before hand; a mute button, a volume button and loads more from Foxpro’s range.

Know that the Inferno is loud but if you want more volume you can attach an external speak to the auxiliary jack. For amplified sound, you can connect a bipod onto the bipod mount, located on the unit’s underside, which allows a better reach.

As with the Shockwave, you get the FOXBANG, which means once you have discharged your firearm, the caller will automaticallyswitch to a function you have pre-assigned.

When you receive your caller, you will find 75 pre-programmed sounds and be able to add up to 200 sounds as well.

3. In Conclusion.

So, when it comes to hunting predators, there are many aspects to consider. But, finding ways to lure your kill in just got easier with the use of our best predator call options.

Decide on what works for you, because you may just need a simple solution or you may need a caller that caters for a wider variety of needs. Whatever your fancy or preference, we are sure you will find one that works from our comprehensive list.

Happy Stalking!

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