How to Choose the Best Paintball Gun under 300 on the Market?

best paintball gun under 300

What makes a good paintball gun? Finding the best paintball gun can be such a chore, and the choices can vary from one gun to the next.

With that being said, finding the best paintball guns under $300 is something that a lot of beginners and enthusiasts are interested in. If you are in that crowd, this article is something that you should read.


What Kind of a Player am I?​

Paintball Gun Player

Suffice to say, paintball guns --- like any other gun --- are such highly individualistic equipment. In other words, the right paintball gun for another person might not be the right one for you and certain factors can play into your choice.

Things such as your height, weight, dominant hand can really affect how good or bad a paintball gun feels when you hold it. Aside from that, your kind of play style will also highly affect your choice of the best gun in the market right now.​

Recreational Players​ - If you are a recreational type of player --- one who plays a few games a month just to have fun --- then finding the least expensive gun that feels good in your hands might suffice. A paintball gun that is simple to use, easy to maintain and able to work well even when you don’t touch it for weeks is something that might tickle your fancy.

Paintball Recreation

In short, something that is reliable and will work under most conditions, with nothing too fancy about it, is the best type of paintball gun for you if you are a recreational player. As you won’t be using the paintball gun heavily, you should find one that is not only inexpensive but would still work well even if you don’t touch it for a couple of weeks at least.​

Speed Ball Players​ - ​As the name implies, speedball players need something that is a lot more agile than usual. Finding a gun that is light, easy to carry, with systems designed to prevent misfires and chops, are the ones most suitable for your needs.

Speed Ball

Paintball guns with slim bodies and vertical feed necks are really a great ergonomic style for this kind of play, as they allow you to hug and stay close to the bunkers a lot better. Bunky and bulky guns are not fit for this kind of play, so try to find the lighter and more agile ones.

Situational and Scenario Players​ - Scenario players use the ambient scene to adjust their play, so finding a gun that can adapt to many situations is the best type of gun for these players. Because scenario games can be quite tasking and rough, a paintball gun that is heavy duty and reliable should be prized in your choices.

Scenario Paintball Player

Furthermore, having rails and some good amount of aftermarket adjustment kits for the body should be on your priority, as scenario games are really unpredictable. You might want to adjust your gun from time to time and this can help make the adjustments so much easier.

Now, ask yourself this question:What kind of a player am I?”. Once you have the answer to this question, narrowing down on your choices of gun should be pretty much easier. For us, it is all about reliability, price, maneuverability, style and ability to be upgraded. And to help you narrow down your choices even more, here are our top pick:


1.) Tippmann A-5 w/ Selector Switch Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set

Tippmann A-5 w/ Selector Switch Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set


Buying a gun is great, but buying it along with a set is even better. And in this regard, we can say that the Tippmann A-5 w/ Selector Switch Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set really did a great job on their product.

If you are looking for a value-for-money product, the Tippman A-5 Mega Skull Set is perfect for you. As a set, the product comes with the Tippmann A05 Marker, GXG XVSN Mask with Visor & Anti Fog Lens, 3Skull 200rd Black Hopper, 3Skull 20oz Co2 Tank w/ pin valve, some heavy duty Ultimate Paintball Clear Tubes. It also comes with some Gold Cup Oil, and the anti-fog lens can be very useful during the cold days when fog can really mess up your shot.

Perhaps one of the most important things to add is that the gun also possesses a new redesigned internal bore. With this redesign, the internal bore has become wider, which means it is faster to strip it and it is easier to maintain. Overall, there is nothing wrong if you decide to purchase this set. The additional equipment and feature that goes along with it more than makes up for it!

​We highly recommend this if you are just starting out and still trying to figure out how to become an accurate shooter. Firing up to 15 balls a second without batteries and a new external switch that will allow you to switch from idle and safety to firing mode, this is really a good beginner gun. And if you are a scenario player, the easily-modifiable gun and its new larger front grip makes it a good buy --- you can buy it and modify it as you grow your skills or as your needs require.

  • Very easy to fire
  • Beginner-friendly and easy to switch from safety mode to firing mode
  • Pods are sturdy and they hold quite a bit of paint
  • Feels very sturdy and well-built
  • Quite heavier compared to other guns in the segment
  • Stock barrel is not that good

2.) Azodin Blitz 3 Starter HPA Paintball Gun Package

Azodin Blitz 3 Starter HPA Paintball Gun Package


​If you are on the hunt for a paintball gun that is nearly perfect for daily play or even for competitions, the Azodin Blitz 3 truly lives up to its name! It is one of the lightest guns ever made by the manufacturer and one of the lightest in the paintball scene and you can’t go wrong with buying it. Weighing roughly just around a little more than 2 pounds, this gun is easy to carry and is perfect for agile gaming.

This gun is really awesome for minimalist shooters because the gun is one of the most efficient guns in the beginner segment. And because it is also sold as a set, you can also get other tools and equipment if you purchase this gun. It includes an anti-fog paintball mask and 140 round pods so you can shoot to your heart’s content too.

If you like a low-profile lock feed neck, this gun should be just about right for you. The low-profile also makes it easy to maneuver. Coming along with 4+1 paintball hardness and 48/3000 compressed air tank, this gun shoots an accurate shot every time you press the trigger --- and it is really a great gun for a beginner to try.

Highly recommended for young enthusiasts end beginners because of its lightweight and easy-to-maneuver functions. Furthermore, the easy switching from safety to firing mode makes it such an easy gun to use.​

  • Very light and easy to carry even for kids
  • Easy to maneuver and lug around
  • Good for an intermediate paintball player
  • Lacks the rigidity of most guns because it is lightweight
  • Tank is delivered empty so you have to first fill it up yourself
  • Directions are not well-written, so you might have a hard time setting it all up

3.) Azodin Blitz 3 HPA Paintball Gun Package

Azodin Blitz 3 HPA Paintball Gun Package


If you loved the previous Azodin Blitz 3 HPA, then there is no reason for you not to like this latest generation blitz gun from Azodin!Living up to its predecessors’ reputation of being easy to handle, light and maneuverable, this new generation Azodin Blitz 3 has taken the greatness of past Azodin to a whole new level. This latest version of Azodin 3 has a much more focused marker compared to its predecessor, making it a bit more accurate when it comes to firing shots.

If you love shooting fast but still remain accurate, we highly recommend this gun for you. Its clean line also helps the player focus on hitting the targets while also giving cover for their teammates --- a perfect gun for casual shooting or beginner competitive gaming.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is that the new generation Blitz 3 is 15% lighter than its previous iterations. With that much weight off of you, you can now focus on shooting accurate shots within the field.​

  • 15% lighter compared to previous Blitz 3 versions
  • Much more accurate with its new redesigned clean line
  • Great for kids and beginners
  • More expensive than its predecessors
  • Needs much more accurate handling for more refined shots


​Choosing the best paintball gun under 300 isn’t that easy because your ergonomic preferences, shooting style and play style have a lot to do with it. But given the 3 paintball gun markers reviewed in this article, there is no doubt that the new generation Azodin Blitz 3 is our recommended gun for beginner enthusiasts.

It is very easy to handle and easy to carry, which takes a lot of load away from you. Because of this, you can focus more on hitting your shots accurately on the mark --- which should be the most important thing for someone just starting out on paintball shooting.

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