Discover the Top 5 Best Night Vision Scope under $1000 on the Market

Best Night Vision Scope under 1000

Just a few years ago, the only people that were using night vision scopes were the police, the military, and people with a lot of money. However, this has changed greatly as more people try to make hunting and target practices at nighttime easier. Whether you are hunting in near total darkness or simply camping outside, a night vision scope can help you see the environment clearly. Night vision scopes amplify the little ambient light in the dark, making it easier for you to see things with more clarity.

If you regularly hunt in the dark, you can agree with me that the night vision technology has made it easier to see those creeping animals even in the dark. There are animals like the raccoon and hog that only come out during the night. Hunting them can be a nightmare if you don’t have a great night vision scope.

We set out to help you find the best night vision scope under $1000 and show you exactly how each of them will benefit you during night hunting. Night vision scopes can be a little expensive as they are high-quality gadgets that utilize the latest technology but that should not stop you from buying one. They are highly beneficial to at getting your target with the highest precision in the dark. We set out to bring you the top 5 best night vision scopes at under $1000.

Top 5 ​Best Night Vision Scope under $1000 Review

1.) Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle scope

Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision Rifle Scope


The Armasight Vampire 3X Night Vision scope is an exceptional option to start our list at such an amazing price. The Armasight provides high image qualities that beat some of the high-end Generation 2 tubes making it a good value for money. It is one that you should check out if you need a quality night vision scope at a good price.

The unit of the scope is made of aluminum with the O-ring sealed and coated with rubber to offer extra protection. It can serve for long without easily getting damaged. Like most Armasight night scopes, the Vampire is nitrogen treated and comes with all the accessories required to get started. These include batteries, a carrying case, a user manual and all the necessary hardware for solid mounting.

The Vampire is built using the newest CORE Technology (Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine) image tube. The technology provides users with a double resolution of most Gen devices which means you get to see clearer night vision images even in the worst ambient conditions.

There is a further detachable long-range infra-red illuminator that helps users see well on a cloudy night. The IR illumination comes in handy during cloudy or snowy nights when there is poor visibility. However, on a normal night, you don’t need it.

The glass lenses of the Vampire night vision scope are all multi-coated for extra protection and manually adjustable. The fine reticle can be adjusted with easy to give you more precise and clear shots of your target.

The night vision scope is also water and dust resistant for increased reliability. You can use it in almost all night conditions.

The Armasight Vampire is an ideal night vision scope for predator hunters, tactical marksmen and just anybody looking for a sturdy and compact lightweight night vision scope. We highly recommend the Vampire for its features and design. The price is also great when you consider the benefits of the features.​

  • Mounting is very easy and can adjust easily
  • Quite affordable
  • Good clarity
  • Shock protected
  • Water and fog resistant design
  • The weight and size are not ideal. At 3 lbs, the scope adds significant weight to your platform

2.) Armasight Vulcan 8X SDi MG Professional Night Vision Scope Gen2+ Standard Definition

Armasight Vulcan 8x SDi MG Professional Night Vision Rifle Scope Gen 2


If looking for long range precision shooting, the 8x optical lenses of the Vulcan is all you need for the fidelity image of a sniper. There are few night scopes in the market delivering the 8x optical magnifications, but none matches the price and quality of the Vulcan. The Armasight Vulcan is big on value but small on dimension and will not unbalance your rifle. It has wide arrays of IIT configurations that allow users to view their target clearer.

The Vulcan features the wireless remote control and the ability to use both the AA or CR123A batteries. There is a further quick release Picatinny mount with locks that makes mounting pretty easy for everyone. It can be mounted in seconds without the use of tools.

The glass lenses like all Armsight scopes are multicoated and internally adjustable fine reticle ensure you have incredibly easy and precise shots. It is an incredible night vision scope Complete with tactical rails for illuminators and lasers.

The waterproof design of the scope enables hunters to track the animals even during the rainy conditions without damaging the scope. The Vulcan remains highly recommended for long range night vision. It is a great value for money that works well in almost all night conditions.​

  • Waterproof design
  • Low battery indicator
  • Easy to mount without the use of tools
  • Accompanied with all the necessary accessories
  • Lightweight
  • It is a bit bulky and large

3.) NiteSite Wolf Medium Range (328 Yards) Night Vision System

NiteSite WOLF Medium Range (328 Yards) Night Vision System


The WOLF is the perfect night vision for any night hunter well-known for delivering clear and high-quality night vision on any vision rifle scope. It is a versatile night vision scope that works with almost any rifle. This is achieved using the three powerful infra-red illuminators that are visible to humans but invisible to animals. You can easily see and identify your target from as far as 300 yards in the dark.

There is a 3.5-inch LCD screen that plays the live feed of all the images captured through the rifle scope. A video recording unit on the eyepiece of the scope takes the image that is then played on the LCD screen.

The power options of the NiteSite are among the best in the night scope categories with a small mounted 1.5Ah battery delivering a run time of 7.5 hours. However, there is a larger 5.5Ah mounted battery that can run for up to 23 hours. The battery options do not affect the distance the WOLF covers but only the operation time and the overall weight. This is a beneficial feature that allows hunters to choose configurations that suit their hunting needs.

The net weight of the WOLF is just 1 lb. It does not affect the balance of the rifle and makes mounting quite easier. The stable connection from the camera to the scope’s ocular is made possible by the heavy duty rubber sleeve construction that is flexible and stretches over most rifle scope eyepieces.

The WOLF is also water resistant allowing hunters to use it in rainy conditions. You will love every detail on this scope. Personally, I don’t think there is any gen 1 scope that reaches out as the NiteSite. The monitor is super bright, and they also give you a tint to cover it.

We do highly recommend this night vision scope especially if you handle several different rifles. It is a versatile option with the bulkiness been attributed to the fact that it works well with most rifles.​

  • It is versatile and can be used on multiple guns
  • It gives crisp and clear views
  • It does not require the removal of day scopes
  • Quite easy to connect
  • Looks a little bulky at 3 pounds

4.) SightMark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope


The SightMark Photon is an extremely versatile medium range night scope that works day and night delivering high magnification levels. The scope is 30% lighter than most night vision riflescopes in the market making it quite easy to handle. You rarely even get to feel its weight on your rifle. It delivers higher magnifications and has a battery life that is 33% longer.

The digital reticle has six reticle styles of red/white/green making it serve versatile applications. There are two Crossbow reticles that have been designed for the 320, 350, 370 and the 400 fps crossbows.For varmint and hog hunting, there are two duplex reticles.

The SightMark is also weatherproof and shockproof making it ideal for hunting in any weather. It will not damage easily on falling. You can work on steep terrains without safely as any fall does not damage it.

The system further uses the elevation adjustment and digital windage to give hunters precise shots. This coupled with the overall streamlined design guarantees you precision wherever you stand. Other great features include the video output that enables video recording, and an inbuilt 820nm Led IR illuminator that helps you see clearly on cloudy nights.

We do recommend this night vision scope for medium range hunting. There are a few design issues, but you definitely can’t go wrong with this one. It is a great value for money and one that will make your hunting funnier.​

  • The scope is well-built and sturdy
  • Unit powers instantly and silently
  • Easy to use the functions
  • A very bright IR illuminator
  • Clear images
  • Front focus dial is awkward to reach
  • The manual lacks enough information on how to use the scope

5.) FireField FF26014T Tactical Night Vision Riflescope

Firefield FF26014T Tactical Night Vision Rifle Scope with Internal Focusing, 2.5 x 50


​The FireField is one of the most durable night vision scopes on the list that uses durable titanium alloy housing. It is a high-quality Gen 1 image and resolution scope beating most of its competitors in the same price range.

It features an extended weaver mount design for bolt action rifles. The extended Weaver design ensures the scope is firmly attached to your action rifles for precise viewing.

The FireField uses some of the most enhanced optical to deliver crisp, clear images. It is equipped with 50mm lenses that further provide high resolution and light gathering capabilities. The flip-up lens opens revealing an illuminated reticle and high-quality multi-coated optics for more clarity even in the darkest nights.

In total darkness, images can be enhanced by the inbuilt powerful infra-red illuminators. This is only turned on when you need to view targets at longer distances and in total darkness.

There are the further elevation adjustment and precision windage among other features that make the FireField an absolute hit at night. We do recommend the FireField for those looking for a cheaper option but with great features to control the night.​

  • Good built quality
  • Durable
  • Great design for action rifles
  • Cheap
  • A bit bulky at 3 pounds

Night Vision Scope under $1000 Buying Guide

​Key Features to Look For in the Best Night Vision Scope for Rifles

night vision scope

The five generations of night vision devices available on the market come with different capabilities. As you make comparisons on the best night vision devices, here is a few things to look at.​

Gain - Gain is the ability to enhance images when it gets darker. When the ambient light goes down and viewing distance increases, the night vision falters. Most night vision compensates this by having infra-red light and longer lenses. However, the effectiveness of this is only to a certain distance. Increasing gain beyond this point often lowers the clarity. The best night vision scopes can boost gain in the dark without greatly affecting the target view.

Image quality - We view our targets in green because the human eye perceives contrasts easily in green than any other color. This is the reason the images viewed through night vision scopes appear green. The best night vision device should give images that are sharp at the center and the edges. Look for devices with high-resolution and high-definition images avoiding those that are blurred and distorted.

Range - Range is the distance from which your night vision scopes can see clear images. The range of these devices is usually determined by the magnification factor. Long and powerful lens are needed to have higher magnifications that view images at long range. High speeds lens that has a moderate magnification are usually the best. This captures more light and has greater gains and long ranges.

Mounting gear - Are the scopes accompanied by the necessary mounting gears? Night vision rifle scopes are usually mounted on rifles. They need to be light and easy to mount to avoid losing the balance of the rifle.​

Final Verdict

Choosing the best night vision scope at under $1000 was not easy as we were limited by price. Usually, the best night vision scopes with great features cost more than this amount. However, the quality of this four beats of the price. We have decided to go with the NiteSite WOLF as the best night vision scope at under $1000 as it contains all the features one would wish in a night vision scope. The WOLF is a versatile choice that can be mounted on a wide variety of rifles with easy.

We sincerely thank you for reading this review and hope you will make the best choice as you look forward to making your hunting much easier and fun. Go right ahead and make the right choice by choosing one of the four-night vision scopes that best suit your hunting needs.​

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