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best m1a scope mount

The best m1a scope mount is an equally daunting as well as tough as choosing the best rifle scope that goes with it. The right foundation or support base ideally helps you to choose the best option. The overflowing choices of scope mounts for your m1a will certainly leave you more confused than ever. However, before you shell out a single centavo, make sure you get the best ideas from our top scope mounts for your rifle of choices. Here are some of the things you need to consider in making an informed decision.

Top 3 Best M1A Scope Mount - Comparison Table

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best M1A Scope Mount​


​When we consider their functionality, scope mounts ought to have robust designs and structures made of reinforced materials to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand the conditions under which they are utilized. Therefore, the best M1A scope mounts are no exceptions concerning this property. Besides, it is vital to note that these mounts are used with a wide variety of firearms whose exertion and firing forces are different.

This kind of variation requires that the scope mounts are made in a manner that will guarantee efficiency no matter where they are used. Hence for buyers and lovers of shooting and other adventures which require usage of such scope mounts take note of the level of strength of your range before you buy it.


There is no doubt that scope mounts must be compatible. Since they are used with firearms, an individual client cannot afford to purchase a different scope mount for every gun; it is practically impossible. As a result, the manufacturers should have their customers in mind whenever they are designing such gun accessories, so as to ensure customers are fully satisfied. Consequently, the various scope mounts including the M1A should be able to conform to the compatibility principle without excuse. Thus, for all buyers, it will be good for you to check your product for this feature before you make a formal acquisition. It is worth it.


Usually, firearms are efficient in their operations when they held firmly and when they are considerably lighter in weight. As such, the scope mounts that they are used alongside, also ought to be light weight to enhance this efficiency further. Hence, for any scope mount including the best M1A scope mounts should always be lightweight to avoid adding unnecessary weight to your weapon which may result in preventable stress. It is worth mentioning, therefore, that customers need to be cautious in their selection criteria to ensure wise choices are made regarding lightweight scope mounts.

Our ​Top 3 Best M1A Scope Mount Reviews

1. Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount

Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount, Matte Black


The fourth generation Springfield is a scope mount you can trust and rely. It comes with a rugged surface for stability, provides a weaver-stylish rail above the receiver of the M1A and also it comes with an aluminum made a structure which makes it sturdy enough. Besides, the Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount, features three points of contact with the receiver and also gives an allowance for multidimensional usage. Thus if you need it, you’ve got it.


  • Comes with an installation guide
  • Very easy to install
  • The mount is lightweight hence no stress of carrying it
  • Solidly made and sturdy
  • Perfect scope and fit
  • Overall performance is exceptional


  • On the part of the ejection port, the gap left is so huge implying that scope mounts can be a little challenging to use
  • Does not guarantee eye relief
  • Very high on the receiver hence extra low rings are needed
  • You need to do some fitting yourself for it to work properly i.e. a rubber mallet and punch required to do the fitting

Conclusion: Now that you have an overview of Springfield Armory M1A Generation 4 Scope Mount, this scope mount is reasonably priced. The scope mount receives affirmative nods from users that are looking for high accessories on a budget.

2. SADLAK M14/M1A Lightweight Airborne Scope Mount

Sadlak Industries M14/M1A Lightweight Airborne Model Steel Scope Mount


This scope mount is rail-hardened to 45-50 RC to give a robust and sturdy mounting platform. It is a product manufactured from solid chrome-moly steel bars as opposed to the investment cast. It offers a 5-degree case deflector angle which is milled on the underside of the rails. Besides, it falls under the category of proven Brookfield type 3-point contact design. It is the best mount that can fit on many rifles without loosening.

Moreover, its finish is made of manganese phosphate through a process known as Parkerizing. Do not forget that this scope mount is lightweight in nature and also is accompanied by troubleshooting sheets which will enable you to test whether your rifle is within desired specifications.


  • Well-built mount
  • Has a solid fit which can hold zero
  • Allows users to use the iron sights
  • Easy installation
  • It supports accuracy of your rifle
  • Gives a quality fit devoid of loosening
  • Admirable finish


  • The sight picture is significantly reduced when making use of the peep sight slot through the base area

Conclusion: From the reviews analyzed and discussed are enough to affirm that this product is well-engineered to provide a true and secure fir with other options to boost your optics. According to users, the excellent design of the rather bulkier scope mount could increase your performance particularly its 3-point design.

3. SADLAK M14/M1A Steel Scope Mount

Sadlak Industries M14/M1A Steel Scope Mount


SADLAK M14 steel made scope mounts are of Brookfield type with a 3 point actual design. They are made in a way that allows removal as well as reassembly without losing zero. Besides, they possess the Picatinny-designed rails which necessitate for universal scope mounting. The other unbeatable features with the abovementioned scope mount are the material that makes them.

They are made of stress-relieved 4142 bar stock which is hardened to a level of 28-32RC. Their finish constitutes of the black manganese phosphate. Cumulatively speaking the high mount is a heavy-duty construction which gives the best type of any firearm you will like to use.


  • Very easy installation
  • Very sturdy
  • Has multidimensional application
  • Solidly constructed
  • Guarantees you of a perfect fit
  • Highly durable
  • Overall craftsmanship is extremely incomparable


  • It rests a little bit higher than just mounting it on the frame

Conclusion: SADLAK M14/M1A Steel Scope Mount is extremely hard and rigid. This is a great type for the upmost in accuracy as well as durability in a firearm. Therefore, if you need a good quality inexpensive scope mounts, this is a good option for your m1a.


Among the three products, we pick SADLAK M14/M1A Lightweight Airborne Scope Mount because of its overall performance which is the ultimate measure of its quality. The construction of the rile scope mount has a design that contribute to the performance especially when used in the field. However, the performance of this model help you achieve your target through securing your rifle optics. Therefore, we highly recommend this product without hesitation.​

Choosing the best m1a scope mount mainly depends on your preference and available budget. It is evident that our top three picks for scope mounts have their strengths and weaknesses in various categories. Therefore, weigh your choices based on the features of each scope mount models.​

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