Top 3 Best Kydex Holster for IWB and OWB Reviews

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Those people who own guns and other small weapons know the importance of secure storage. It’s a good idea to store your weapon in a quality and accessible holster. Holsters are made from different material, and people are turning to Kydex because of the quality. Looking for customized product? It’s a good idea to consider durability since holsters are created from various materials that don’t offer the user flexibility.

A holster is made of different materials like leather and Kydex, and the choice of holster depends upon a few things. This article will explore the factors to reflect on when choosing your own best kydex holster.

Top 3 Best Kydex Holster - Comparison Table

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Factors to Think About When Choosing KYDEX Holster

Quality of the Material

What is the material used in constructing the holster? Is the material of high quality? Holsters are made from different materials that do not give the user flexibility. This factor is causing a lot of inconveniences to most gun owners. When going for your customized gun safe, consider a product made from the right material and give you flexibility along with speed when retrieving the weapon for emergencies.


Does the holster provide a complete concealment for your gun? This is the first factor that plays a vital role in favoring Kydex holsters. Ideally, Appendix holsters are easy to conceal since they fit your gun. Most people won’t even realize you have a gun. Before buying a holster, it is important to practice such movements and see whether the weapon will stay concealed or not.


Another point to be considered about the appendix holster is the cost. Ideally, the cost of the holster fluctuates depending on a range of features that are available with it. The value of the Kydex holster is an essential factor, and you must be capable of selecting between the features before buying. You will not be capable of doing without the features of the holster. Therefore, the budget must be determined beforehand so that the elements can be chosen accordingly.


A good holster must provide you with comfort while carrying the firearm for extended periods of time. The ease of the holster is of great importance when you are concerned about personal safety. It is paramount to consider the holster that is contented to wear and make your gun readily available.

Our Top 3 Best Kydex Holster for IWB and OWB on the Market

1. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster


This is one of the first concealed appendix holsters available on the market today, and it’s recognized for its superiority. This product made in the USA is identified for the best features and high quality as well as longevity. Apparently, the holster is acknowledged to work under stress conditions along with adverse temperatures.


  • The USA holster makers verify the quality of this product.
  • It is prepared using boltaron material known to be resistant to higher temperatures
  • The superiority of the equipment is utilized for the most excellent interest of the users
  • The product has the top material, sophisticated as well as safe design
  • The adaptable Cant of the product makes this product popular amongst the users
  • No additional bulk added to firearm
  • Retention turn is a breeze to use


  • The product comes amid a huge number of features though it has a little-elevated budget
  • The rifle needs to be fitted before mounting the holster in the belt at times
  • People have some matters with the adjustment screws
  • The belt fits only definite belts which are broad

Conclusion: This holster is the finest choice for all those who like carrying a concealed weapon seriously. As a matter of fact, this holster is convinced to become a part of your daily life. Therefore, the product comes with a secure as well as the sturdy plastic clip.

2. Thin Blue Line Kydex OWB Holsters

Thin Blue Line Kydex OWB holsters


Thin Blue Line Kydex holsters come in a host of multi-colored designs and remarkably molded patterns. It arrives in a variety of shapes along with sizes that fit more 125 types of handguns. The product is made of all Kydex, and no other fabric is used in its manufacturing.


  • Holstering as well as removing are pretty easy
  • Easy to mount
  • Fits close to the body
  • Sturdy and well-built holster prepared using thick Kydex sheets
  • Excellent retention
  • Belt clips are very sturdy and offer a good grip


  • Less contented due to sharp edges
  • Many cost additional time and money for priming ideas
  • Some buyers criticize that it leaves white marks on the rifle when drawn from the holster

Conclusion: Overall, this holster is made of numerous colors, shapes, sizes and designs to select from and the durability along with resistance factors are excellent. Therefore, the product is presented at a close price range which sounds a high-quality deal.

3. Glock 19, 23, 32 Blue Alpha Delta IWB Kydex Holster

Glock 19/23/32 Blue Alpha Delta IWB Kydex Holster


This product is suitable for Glock 19, 23, 32. Evidently, this holster has a right Cant of 0 to 15 degrees and makes sure that it is without doubt adaptable and has the pressure preservation feature.


  • It is very lightweight and durable
  • The cost of this holster is realistic as compared to all its peers
  • It has a simple design that makes it more elegant
  • The model is made in such a way to prevent the firearm from the attack of dust and moisture
  • The holster masters the art of concealment
  • It has a custom molded fit as well as high retention
  • The holster has an audible retention lock system ensures the safety along with security of the weapon


  • This product is appropriate for only a restricted range of products
  • The make is not too good since it does not look as classy
  • The crews inside hinders appropriate storing as well as drawing of weapons from the holster
  • The holster might be a little tight for the user since the finishing edge is not smooth given that it is an appendix that carries a holster

Conclusion: This holster has killer looks, lovely and fast. It is evident that beauty along with the beast goes along well with this holster. It is pretty affordable despite the fact that it comes in a range of sizes, colors, designs as well as shapes to choose from.

The Verdict

Among the 3 products, we pick Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster as the best since it protects your valuable firearm from being snatched off your body. Additionally, the holster provides the greatest comfort thus making it attractive, constructed and made of quality fabric with brilliant manufacturing effort.

All these best Kydex holsters have some greatness regarding the game and can be considered as equally useful. The products are designed to keep the desires that a shooter wants in his holster. Apparently, all the three brands are on the front foot on the market that assembles first quality gun holsters. The subject of selecting the right holster is extremely necessary with the proper measurement as well as convenience with some added features. Substantially, these reputed brands for guns along with holsters will certainly make you buy these products given the fact that they are the perfect game that you have for you guns along with shooters. Therefore, your dreams are now coming valid with Kydex gun wear holster.​

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