Top 5 Best Hunting Slingshot Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Hunting Slingshot Reviews

​When people envision hunting, normally it means a firearm. Sometimes it means archery tackle. Very rarely does it mean that you’re armed with a Y-shaped stick and a few rubber bands.

​A sling shot uses kinetic energy from rubber bands to throw a projectile fast. Some high-performance sling shots can throw steel BB’s just as fast as pellet guns. They’re no joke for small game hunting and birds.

Top 5 Best Slingshot for Hunting - Comparison Table

Sling Shot Uses​

Using a sling shot in the field is sometimes referred to as a “Last Ditch” survival effort that can only be invoked if the time is desperate. This isn’t true. The sling shot is a viable and very fun hunting method for small game like squirrels, raccoons, and birds.

Legal in many states they’re a blast to shoot, very cheap to acquire a very nice model and dependable as long as you do your part.

Buying vs. Building​

Building a sling shot is an experience that every young boy should have. The fun of lobbing rocks at tin cans, running around playing “Army” was a blast to me as a kid. If you plan on hunting with your slingshot, consider buying one.

They’re very cheap, reliable, and made to work with purpose made rubber bands. You want a model that is stiff, preferably with a wrist strap, and has replacement bands easily available. Yes, you could build one, but buying one gives you a decent hunting tool for very cheap and loads of fun on top it, without worrying if it’ll stay together at full draw.

Buying Bands​

When you purchase your sling shot, get your hands on some extra bands when while you still can. Not all brands use the same rubber bands so plan ahead to make sure you have compatible bands ready for when you want to go into the field.

Don’t be afraid to cancel a hunting trip because you don’t have bands in good condition. It’s easy for a band to snap and launch the ammunition into your hand, your neck or even your eye.

​Top 5 Best Hunting Slingshot Review

1. Pocket Hunting Slingshot 316 Stainless Steel​

Pocket Hunting Slingshot 316 Stainless Steel

This is one of the best hunting sling shots on the market. Reason being, it’s damn near bomb proof. It’s extremely durable thanks to its 316 stainless tell construction and wooden handle scales.

The sling shot its self is nicely finished will all rounded edges and high polished steel. The package includes the frame, wooden handle scales, leather thong, the elastic bands, and a rope handle to keep you from dropping it.

The band arrangement on this frame is unique and comes with holes drilled for other band arrangements than what is included in the package. The heavy thick leather thong that holds the payload is easy to use and large enough to shoot several rounds at a time.

The product carries a warranty but doesn’t cover intentional misuse or illegal activities that would result in breaking the unit. The warranty doesn’t cover the bands either, you may want to buy extra bands when you order the slingshot.

This is an excellent slingshot, made specifically for a serious slingshot hunter. It is by far one of the most durable on the market and a great option for anyone interested in sling shot hunting.​

  • Nice looking wood
  • CNC machined
  • All steel frame
  • Heavy
  • No arm strap

​2. Wisdoman Professional High Powerful Velocity Hunting Catapult

Wisdoman(TM)Adjustable Stainless Outdoor Athletics Slingshot

This is a sling shot that has numerous nice to have features that make hunting a little bit more enjoyable. Starting from the comfortable hand strap, solid handle, and frame arrangement that allows for a total of six rubber band to be attached to the thong.

The materials that make up the sling shot are sturdy including a stainless-steel frame that holds each of the rubber bands. The handle is aluminum and secures the frame by a heavy-duty screw.

That combination makes the sling shot very lightweight and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it breaking under pressure. The finish is nice and even across the handle, frame and arm strap.

Other small features like a magnet on the arm strap to hold ammunition, soft cloth arm strap, 50 steel ball bearings, and second set of free rubber bands for free.

The soft arm strap helps you really crank back the rubber bands and makes it easy to use the leverage of your arm to hold the sling shot on target.

This is a sling shot made specifically for outdoor recreation like hunting target shooting and is ergonomically designed. For a purely hunting sling shot, this model is hard to beat and deserves a strong consideration.

  • Multiple Bands
  • All metal construction
  • Included magnet
  • Arm Strap
  • Hard to find bands
  • Large

​3. Daisy PowerLine F16 Slingshot

Daisy 988116-442 PowerLine F16 Slingshot

This is the classic sling shot and the most common one you can find in stores and online. It’s made by Daisy that makes a huge assortment of air rifles and pellet guns for hunting and target practice.

You can’t count on this company to supply products, honor warranties and provide replacement parts so you don’t have to buy whole new sling shots when your band breaks.

The hallmark of this sling shot is how inexpensive it is. A great first sling shot for a youngster who wants to get out and hunt, this is awesome for people who want to die their toe in before buying a a more expensive unit.​

It is a very basic metal wire frame that is sturdy enough to get the job done but won’t win any competitions for durability or features. The only amenity is the forearm brace that makes it easy to bring the sling shot on target.

If cost effectiveness is the most important thing for you, as in buying a sling shot for survival or as a gag gift, this is the one to get. You can use it, but it won’t break the bank.​

  • Very common
  • Easy to find replacement band
  • Arm strap
  • Flimsy
  • Small thong

​4. BeemanLaserhawk Folding Slingshot and Ammo Kit

Beeman Laserhawk Folding Slingshot and Ammo Kit

This is a great option for people who want a one stop shop in sling shot options. The sling shot is fully tempered steel with a plastic handle and durable latex band, and includes your first batch of ammunition.

You could literally buy this and head out to hunt. The band is durable and is a simple single band design that has a durable leather thong that is big enough to hold several BB’s at a time. Good thing since the package includes 200 .30 caliber steel BB’s.

The included ammunition should get you thought your first hunt and a few practice sessions. The ammunition is good quality with two sizes. This is an excellent value, especially considering the price of the entire package.

In the solid tempered forearm strap, there’s a magnetic ammunition holder that works well while you’re hunting. The forearm strap is solid metal and very steady but can be uncomfortable if you shoot it for a long time.

  • Included ammo
  • Heavy duty wire construction
  • Metal arm strap
  • Plastic handle

​5. FRIENDLY Slingshot For Hunting Outdoor Sport/Games

FRIENDLY Slingshot

This is a pretty standard slingshot with a full metal body and handle. Stainless for the frame and aluminum with an added finish for the handle. The six-rubber band layout is interesting and reduces the chances of an unsafe failure with at least three on one needing to break.

This is a cool slingshot because it has the sculpture of an eagle built into the handle and the handle is shorter than other designs. Making it more compact and easier for a kid to use. This would be an awesome gift or a kid’s first sling shot because of that and the assurance it won’t break because of the bomber construction.

While this is sized and targeted for kids, this is by no means a toy. It is powerful enough to hunt with and could be very dangerous if it got into the wrong hands. Overall this is a good, durable sling shot for hunting or target practice.​

  • Stylized handle
  • All metal construction
  • Multiple bands
  • Compact
  • Short handle
  • No arm strap

​Hunting Sling Shots Tips & Tricks

Stiff Frame

You need to have a good stiff frame. Cheap plastic or thin wire frames is a death knell to the power of a sling shot. The frame must be rock solid. It’s worth getting a steel frame or an extra heavy duty polymer frame, otherwise the flex will make it impossible to judge aim or get consistent shot out of the slingshot.

Band Material

Most every band is going to be some form of rubber or latex. Thicker is not always better here, high performance bands will have plenty of power behind them and not be overly thick. Bands don’t even have to be expensive, as a kid I built sling shots out of bicycle innertubes cut into thin sections, whatever works, works!

Larger Thong

If you’re going to hunt birds or lots of very small game like squirrels or snipe, upgrade your thong. A larger thong will make it easier to grip and allow you to shoot a bigger payload of more projectiles.


Each and every projectile you plan to shoot you need to know the point of aim and point of impact. There’s so many variables that you could face while hunting and the last thing you need is worrying about where and how to aim. Each and every set up is going to be different so make sure you know your pattern and your set up before the hunt.

Ammunition Choices

Tailor the ammunition for the job at hand. Heavy weight steel or tungsten shot is appropriate for hunting but cheaper glass or rock ammunition is better for practice. Be mindful of ricochets and projectile failure and know your ranges with each and every style of ammunition you’ll be using.

Stretch Distance

Every size and style of band has a different amount of stretch. Make sure you know how far you should be stretching the band, putting too much stress on the band can cause a failure. Make an anchor point just as you would for shooting a bow and don’t over stretch your bands.​

Safety Check

When you get your sling shot out for use. Go over the bands and look for small cracks or damages that may lead to a failure when you go to shoot it. People have been injured when their slingshot band gave out on them at full draw.​

Shooting Glasses

You should wear safety glasses at all times when shooting a sling shot. Yes, most of the time while hunting you don’t need to wear glasses because the risk of flying brass is so slim,but will the chances of a ricochet into your eye so high with a close range sling shot, you need Protection.​


Having a small magnet to secure steel shot is extremely helpful. Not only for keeping it on the wrist strap like make models including, but even to toss into a pouch filled with steel shot to keep them from rattling around while walking through the woods.​


Slingshot hunting is legal in 32 states. Every state that allows it has different restrictions regarding shot size, game that can be hunted etc. Just like any other hunting regulation, make sure you know 100% that it is legal before you head into the field. Even more with sling shots because it’s such an uncommon method.​

​The Verdict

The sling shot is a tool that has existed since biblical times. So many people have the idea that the sling shot is a tool that Bart Simpson uses to play pranks on his teacher, and not the lethal tool it actually is.

The sling shot is a niche item, relegated to small game hunting but is extremely effective at what it does. The sling shot is a fun way to hunt when you’re getting bored of hunting with a rifle but want to get into the field. The low cost means you can afford one of the best hunting slingshot and enjoy using such a novel tool.

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