Top 5 Best Hunting Slingshot Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Hunting Slingshot Reviews

When people envision hunting, normally it means a firearm. Sometimes it means archery tackle, very rarely does it mean that you’re armed with a Y-shaped stick and a few rubber bands.

Slingshots have been around since biblical times, but the powerful slingshots used by David in the story of David and Goliath have been considered as legitimate weapons only within the last few centuries.

​Slingshot physics requires the use of stored elastic energy for a projectile to be shot at high speed. The goal of a slingshot is to fire the projectile at the greatest speed possible. A slingshot uses kinetic energy from rubber bands to throw a projectile fast. In modern times, slingshot power is now used as a  self-defense weapon and for target shooting usually in hunting.

Some high-performance slingshots can throw steel BB’s just as fast as pellet guns if you’re up for some small-game hunting. But, sometimes, it needs stronger slingshot ammo.

When using a slingshot for hunting, you use balls as your primary ammo. One benefit of slingshots is that if you run out of ammo you can use rocks as a secondary type of ammunition. You can also save up on ammo when you use the slingshot. But, if you want to continue using the steel balls, that is fine too. They’re no joke for small game hunting rabbits and birds.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Slingshot

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a powerful slingshot:

  1. Draw Weight – A high level of accuracy is the Holy Grail for every serious slingshot shooter, and the draw weight plays an important role in this.

    If it is too high, it causes your arms to shake and further affect your accuracy. You also get tired faster, so you will shoot less while practicing. Over time, this will hamper your shot improvement. A low draw weight does not work either. Finding the draw weight that works best for you is crucial.
  1. Wrist Support – You also need to find a slingshot that gives your wrists the right amount of support when you are pulling back and shooting. A slingshot with a wrist support or wrist rocket design gives you greater velocity and comfort. The slingshot you choose should have a flexible wrist support.

  2. Type of Rubber Band – There are two types of rubber bands used in slingshots – tubular and elastic. The flat elastic band is preferred by athletes as it provides more accuracy and efficiency. On the other hand, the tubular band is preferred for commercial production due to its durability.

    You can choose one based on your level of skill, preference, and comfort. In this case, it is wise to choose the best slingshot bands for hunting.
  1. Features – There are certain features that you need to keep in mind when choosing a slingshot. These features include:

  • Grip – There are three basic ways that slingshots can be held: pinch grip, fork supported, and hammer grip. The slingshot you choose should fit comfortably in your hand based on the grip style you prefer. Choose a slingshot that feels comfortable while you are aiming and shooting to get the most accurate results.

  • Sight – You will find slingshots with fiber optic sights. This helps in increasing accuracy. This is one of the features that you should look for in a slingshot.

  • Hollow Handle – Another feature that you should look for when choosing a slingshot is a hollow handle. This feature allows you to store other survival items to increase your capability in the wild.


Top 5 Best Slingshot for Hunting - Comparison Table

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Sling Shot Uses

Using a slingshot in the field is sometimes referred to as a “Last Ditch” survival effort that can only be invoked if the time is desperate. This isn’t true. The slingshot is a viable and very fun hunting method for small game like squirrels, raccoons, and birds.

Legal in many states they’re a blast to shoot, very cheap to acquire a very nice model and dependable as long as you do your part.

Buying vs. Building

Building a slingshot is an experience that every young boy should have. The fun of lobbying rocks at tin cans, running around playing “Army” was a blast to me as a kid. If you plan on hunting with your slingshot, consider buying one professional hunting slingshot.

They’re very cheap, reliable, and made to work with purpose made rubber bands. You want a model that is stiff, preferably with a wrist strap and has replacement bands easily available. Yes, you could build one, but buying one gives you a decent hunting tool for very cheap and loads of fun on top it, without worrying if it’ll stay together at full draw.

Buying Bands

When you purchase your slingshot, get your hands on some extra bands when while you still can. Not all brands use the same rubber bands so plan ahead to make sure you have compatible bands ready for when you want to go into the field.

Don’t be afraid to cancel a hunting trip because you don’t have bands in good condition. It’s easy for a band to snap and launch the ammunition into your hand, your neck or even your eye.

The Scout Hunting Slingshot - best hunting slingshot

If you're looking for one of the best slingshots on the market look no further in this model Scout slingshot manufactured to be one of the most versatile and durable hunting slingshots you'll ever own.

One of the real challenges of buying a slingshot is making sure that you can always find a band that corresponds to the design of your slingshot. This slingshot solves that by using virtually every slingshot band design in existence via a screw method that secures just about anything that will fit inside the hole the screw holds down.

The body of the scout hunting slingshot is made of a high-strength polymer that needs no maintenance and will never rust or break.

Is an incredibly versatile slingshot the strength of which is determined by what sort of band you use with it. There's no wrist strap and no mounts for a flashlight or laser but it's still comfortable to use for a long period of time. It is the best slingshot for hunting.

This is the classic in most basic slingshot design with nothing more than a means to hold on to the rubber band a lanyard to keep the slingshot on your wrist and a rugged body to hold it all together. It is 100% made in America and is well worth the cost if you're looking to get into hunting with a slingshot.

  • Made in USA
  • Polymer construction
  • Uses every type of rubber band
  • No wrist strap
  • Very basic design
Professional Slingshot Stainless Steel Outdoor Hunting Sling Shot High Velocity Catapult - best hunting slingshot

For slingshot Hunters that want a more updated design that includes more amenities, this professional quality slingshot is going to be what you're looking for. It includes features like a wrist strap a means to mount a flashlight or laser, a magnet to hold ammunition while you're hunting, and even uses multiple sets of rubber bands to propel the projectiles at maximum speed. One of the best slingshot for hunting small game.

The greatest feature of this slingshot by far is the six rubber bands that use simultaneously with an extra-large leather thong to propel a bigger payload than many other slingshots. Those six bands are one of the reasons why this a lethal slingshot.

This kit includes an extra set of rubber bands, extra thong, a means to mount a flashlight or laser to the body of the slingshot, and your first set of stainless steel ball-bearing ammunition. This best slingshot for hunting small game is literally a kid that you could buy and take into the field and start hunting or practicing with. If this is going to be your first slingshot and you wanted an all-in-one kit this is a great option.

  • All-in-one kit
  • High-quality polymer
  • Six-banded design
  • Extra-large thong
  • Large
  • Use specialty bands
Yusylvia(TM)Stainless Powerful High Velocity Outdoor Athletics Hunting Sling Shot Catapult Slingshot - best hunting slingshot

If you're looking for a heavyweight and durable slingshot for your hunting adventures this is about as good as it gets. This is a stainless steel bodied slingshot with polymer handles rubber bands and leather phone. It uses a six-count, rubber band design and oversized thong to launch heavyweight projectiles with a greater payload than similar designs.

Small amenities like a heavy-duty arm strap and magnetic block to hold your steel ball bearings while hunting, are included and work extremely well to make hunting easier and more fun.

This all-in-one kit comes with a second rubber band in case your first one wears out and 50 stainless steel ball bearings for hunting. You never need to worry about the body of this slingshot wearing out because it is made of a durable stainless steel bonded to a heavy-duty polymer that is going to last many, many seasons.

This is an excellent slingshot for hunting and should be at the top of the list for anyone who wants a quality designed bomb-proof constructed slingshot.

  • All-in-one kit
  • High-quality polymer
  • Six banded design
  • Extra-large thong
  • Large
  • Use specialty bands
Pocket Hunting Slingshot 316 Stainless Steel

This is one of the best hunting slingshots on the market. Reason being, it’s damn near bomb proof. It’s extremely durable thanks to its 316 stainless tell construction and wooden handle scales.

The slingshot itself is nicely finished will all rounded edges and high polished steel. The package includes the frame, wooden handle scales, leather thong, the elastic bands, and a rope handle to keep you from dropping it.

The band arrangement on this frame is unique and comes with holes drilled for other band arrangements than what is included in the package. The heavy thick leather thong that holds the payload is easy to use and large enough to shoot several rounds at a time.

The product carries a warranty but doesn’t cover intentional misuse or illegal activities that would result in breaking the unit. The warranty doesn’t cover the bands either, you may want to buy extra bands when you order the slingshot.

This is an excellent slingshot, made specifically for a serious slingshot hunter. It is by far one of the most durable on the market and a great option for anyone interested in slingshot hunting.

  • Nice looking wood
  • CNC machined
  • All steel frame
  • Heavy
  • No arm strap
Wisdoman(TM)Adjustable Stainless Outdoor Athletics Slingshot - best hunting slingshot

This is a slingshot that has numerous nice to have features that make hunting a little bit more enjoyable. Starting from the comfortable hand strap, solid handle, and frame arrangement that allows for a total of six rubber band to be attached to the thong.

The materials that make up the slingshot are sturdy including a stainless-steel frame that holds each of the rubber bands. The handle is aluminum and secures the frame by a heavy-duty screw.

That combination makes the slingshot very lightweight and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about it breaking under pressure. The finish is nice and even across the handle, frame and arm strap.

Other small features like a magnet on the arm strap to hold ammunition, soft cloth arm strap, 50 steel ball bearings, and the second set of free rubber bands for free.

The soft arm strap helps you really crank back the rubber bands and makes it easy to use the leverage of your arm to hold the slingshot on target.

This is a slingshot made specifically for outdoor recreation like hunting target shooting and is ergonomically designed. For a purely hunting slingshot, this model is hard to beat and deserves a strong consideration.

  • Multiple Bands
  • All metal construction
  • Included magnet
  • Arm Strap
  • Hard to find bands
  • Large

​Hunting Sling Shots Tips & Tricks

  • Stiff Fram - You need to have a good stiff frame. Cheap plastic or thin wireframes is a death knell to the power of a slingshot. The frame must be rock solid. It’s worth getting a steel frame or an extra heavy duty polymer frame, otherwise, the flex will make it impossible to judge the aim or get consistent shot out of the slingshot.
  • Band Material - Most every band is going to be some form of rubber or latex. Thicker is not always better here, high-performance bands will have plenty of power behind them and not be overly thick. Bands don’t even have to be expensive, as a kid I built slingshots out of bicycle inner tubes cut into thin sections, whatever works, works!
  • Larger Thong - If you’re going to hunt birds or lots of very small game like squirrels or snipe, upgrade your thong. A larger thong will make it easier to grip and allow you to shoot a bigger payload of more projectiles.
  • Aiming - Each and every projectile you plan to shoot you need to know the point of aim and point of impact. There are so many variables that you could face while hunting and the last thing you need is worrying about where and how to aim. Each and every set up is going to be different so make sure you know your pattern and your set up before the hunt.
  • Ammunition Choices - Tailor the ammunition for the job at hand. Heavyweight steel or tungsten shot is appropriate for hunting but cheaper glass or rock ammunition is better for practice. Be mindful of ricochets and projectile failure and know your ranges with each and every style of ammunition you’ll be using.
  • Stretch Distance - Every size and style of the band has a different amount of stretch. Make sure you know how far you should be stretching the band, putting too much stress on the band can cause a failure. Make an anchor point just as you would for shooting a bow and don’t overstretch your bands.
  • Safety Check - When you get your slingshot out for use. Go over the bands and look for small cracks or damages that may lead to a failure when you go to shoot it. People have been injured when their slingshot band gave out on them at full draw.
  • Shooting Glasses - You should wear safety glasses at all times when shooting a slingshot. Yes, most of the time while hunting you don’t need to wear glasses because the risk of flying brass is so slim, but will the chances of a ricochet into your eye so high with a close-range slingshot, you need Protection.
  • Magnets - Having a small magnet to secure steel shot is extremely helpful. Not only for keeping it on the wrist strap like make models including, but even to toss into a pouch filled with steel shot to keep them from rattling around while walking through the woods.
  • Legality - Slingshot hunting is legal in 32 states. Every state that allows it has different restrictions regarding shot size, a game that can be hunted etc. Just like any other hunting regulation, make sure you know 100% that it is legal before you head into the field. Even more with slingshots because it’s such an uncommon method.

Final Review of the Best Hunting Slingshot

A slingshot is a tool that has existed since biblical times. So many people have the idea that a slingshot is a tool that Bart Simpson uses to play pranks on his teacher, and not the lethal tool it actually is. The slingshot is a niche item, relegated to small game hunting but is extremely effective at what it does. The slingshot is a fun way to hunt when you’re getting bored of hunting with a rifle but want to get into the field.

There are many types of survival slingshots available on the market today. You can choose from a number of them based on your level of skill, needs, and budget. As you can see, there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind in order to find the best slingshot for hunting for the most reasonable price.

Slingshots, in general, require a relatively cheaper initial investment and are also low-maintenance tools. The low cost means you can easily afford one of the most accurate and the best hunting slingshot while enjoying the use of such a novel tool.

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