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    best hunting packs

    Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a novice, a good hunting pack is paramount to a comfortable and successful hunting expedition.

    In days gone by the prehistoric hunter would just head on out with his weapon of choice in his hand; and often times no weapon other than his bare hands, his brawn and his bravado.

    Further on in history, after learning from his mistakes, which meant many a day without food or many a day dragging a big, kill back to his cave, the hunter progressed to a weapon that would prove accuracy most times and also a means to carry, both the weapon and the kill.

    Best Hunting Packs

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    Today, we have the luxury of many accurate weapons and the benefit of some of the best hunting packs. Dependent on the type of animal you’re going to be hunting, your terrain and the season, you may want to consider a different hunting pack for each situation.

    However, if you would prefer one pack that will cater for most anything, there are some super universal hunting packs on the market that will do the job just nicely.

    Top 5 Best Hunting Packs - Comparison Table

    ** Below, you will find buying guide as well as our review of each particular product, but you can also click links above to see the current price and customer reviews on Amazon

    1. What To Consider Whilst Hunting For The Best Hunting Pack?

    While you’re scouting for that perfect pack, here are some important factors to consider:


    The type of material your pack is made from is probably one of the most important aspects in a good hunting pack. Quality of fabric should be on the top of your list. You want a strong, durable material that will, not only, last a few seasons, but be able to weather the hard seasons and harshest terrains. Generally, polyester or polyurethane-covered nylon will work best.

    Hunting Backpack Material

    In addition, you want the fabric to be water resistant or even better, waterproof; or at the very least come with a rain cover. You can, of course, purchase rain covers separately too, but experience shows that these don’t fit 100% over the pack and when adding in a weapon, proves to not do its job very well.

    When out in the wild, scraping and slipping past bushes and trees, you want the material to be quiet or you will just scare your prey away. A pointless endeavor in the end then.

    Lastly, especially as you will, hopefully, be carrying back a good sized kill, you want your pack to be lightweight. An elk or even a small critter can weigh down a pack quite a bit with its dead weight. The lighter your pack, the better for your trip home.


    You can carry your weapon all day in your hand but eventually you will get achy fingers and possibly crampy shoulders. Having a nifty, quick release carrier for your choice of weapon will prove to be very useful, especially after a few days of hunting.

    Most good packs either have a specific catchment area for the weapon, like a bow or a rifle scabbard.


    We are all built differently, so checking what size backpack will fit your torso width and length is a good idea. While most hunting packs can be adjusted to fit most any body sizes, there are those that are sold in specific sizes, like Miniature, Small, Medium and Large.

    Hunting Backpack Small Size

    In addition to your own body size, you also want to choose the best hunting pack for your specific hunting trip. If you’re out for a smaller kill, like squirrels, rabbit then you don’t need a great deal of packing space, maybe just a tactical vest is a good choice. However, if you’re looking to hunt, say Elk, then you want to ensure that your pack can accommodate a decent size of meat kill. The same methodology applies to whether you’re going out for a few hours vs. a few days.

    2. Our Top Reviews on the 5 Best Hunting Packs

    When it comes to choices, there are plenty, but here we have brought you 5 top options. Out of these we are sure you will find that perfect hunting pack for your perfect hunting trip.


    Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

    Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack


    Eberlestock’s offerings are superior and their Halftrack model is a no exception..

    Built for a short, say 2-day hunting trip, the Eberlestock Halftrack can be your main backpack to cater for a small kill or your “INCHBag” or “GOOD bag”, aptly meaning “I’m Never Coming Home” Bag or “Get Out Of Dodge” Bag, respectively.

    Basically, this type of bag is used to stock “must-haves” such as the First Aid Kit, emergency food supplies, water, SOS supplies (like flares), fire-starters, multi-tools like a Leatherman, camping equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, maps and torches, to mention but a few items.

    But, no matter what you use it for, it has some awesome features.

    There are plenty of pockets, but none of that oh-what-can-I-put-in-there type of pocket. Each pocket has a purpose, like the catch-all side pockets, perfect for a Manfrotto or Magic Carpet Shooting Mat; side-mounted compartments for two hydration systems; a good-sized main cavity, which can be accessed from the front or top.

    The main cavity can be divided with a shelf, should you wish to separate your goods, such as meat from camping gear. In addition, there are two rows of PALS webbing and a pocket on each side, which would work well with slipping a long knife into or packets of ammunition supplies.

    We quite like the little pockets on the sides, perfect for a cell phone or stick of gum and more webbing for slipping in a rain cover or jacket.

    As for comfort, the Halftrack has a wonderful ventilation system, meaning less sweaty carrying. In addition, the support is hand-sewn and the padding is super comfortable.

    When you spot the perfect kill, you want to know you can whip out your weapon of choice, aim and hit target. With the Buttbucket and bow carrier system, you will be able to do just this. The Halftrack’s patent-pending Ripcord Bowtether system allows you to quick release your weapon laying on your back and get to work. Note that this is made possible by the ARCG Buttbucket kit, which is sold separately.

    Size-wise, this little pack measures in at 24”h x 11’w x 7”d and a lovely lightweight of just 6lbs, mostly because the frame is made from plastic. It is the perfect pack for that day trip.

    Lastly, as far as cost goes, the Halftrack is our middle of the road guy and we feel a good, worthwhile spend


    Eberlestock Transformer Backpack

    Eberlestock Transformer


    If you know Eberlestock products, you will know their main pack the F1 Mainframe. Now the Transformer can either stand alone as a day pack or attach to the F1 Mainframe for added carrying ability.

    In addition, if you don’t want a big ass pack like the F1, you can use the Transformer but still add on their AGIF “Endo” frame, attaching to the interior back wall to add to the packing space. Another add on is the additional hip-belt, as this does not come standard with the Transformer, however if you have the F1, you can use that hip-belt here too.

    Basically, this pack is buildable but it also does very nicely on its own too.

    Let us start off with the compression straps. There are 6 side compression straps and front compression straps. When used in conjunction with the main pack, they will compress and allow you hold other equipment such as tents, duffels, quarters of meat and pretty much anything.

    With a low weight of 4 lbs., you can be assured that even when packed to the hilt, you will be carrying comfortable. The molded foam suspension means it forms to your natural body contour and helps the weight sit well on your hips.

    Compartments run like this – a top loading cavity which is zipped or a duffle entrance, 2 long side pouches for 2-3 liter water bladders or spotting scopes, front webbing area to slip in any gear, jacket, heat socks or accessory.

    Many use this pack as a “bug-out’ pack and as mentioned is generally used for storing those additional, emergency type items, but for a quick day trip, the Transformer will work out really well too.

    Priced nice, you will fall in love with your little Transformer


    Badlands 2200 Backpack

    Badlands 2200


    Badlands should aptly rename their pack “Badass” as it has pretty much everything you could want from a hunting pack.

    Top quality material means you can take this pack anywhere and know that it will handle the terrain, weather and whatever you throw at it. The KXO-32 fabric is not only strong but super quiet, and we all know that having a pack that doesn’t scrape and squeak whilst on a hunt is a real plus.

    The one aspect of the 2200 is that it has been designed to fit your natural body shape, streamlining over your spine and positioning the weight of the pack low down on your hips. This is made possible by the moldable foam suspension system as well as that, the frame works with gravity to help you support its weight.

    With its built in Blaze Orange meat shelf you will be able to carry quite a load-full. It has been known to carry over 100 lbs. easy with no signs of tearing or uncomfortable wear.

    While there is no lack of pockets in the 2200, Badlands have not just placed pockets for the sake of placing pockets. Each pocket can be used for a specific purpose, from slotting in a long spotting scope, tripod, hydration pack, cell phone or GPS and all your nicks and nacks.

    When it comes to the weapon carrying facilities, you are looking at a built in rifle boot, which rolls and folds away when you don’t need it. For fitting either a bow or rifle, you simply place the butt of the rifle or end of the bow in the rifle boot area and strap across the length of the weapon with the clip straps. It is not a quick release, quick action fitment, I'm afraid, but the weapon does stay quite firmly in place, ready for when you need it.

    As a spend, you are looking at a reasonable priced pack, and with so much to offer you won’t flinch when swiping that card.


    Badlands Superday Pack

    Badlands Superday


    The Superday has been around for a while from Badlands and has stood the test of time, being one of the most popular buys.

    Let us start with the comfort factor. With a molded foam suspension, padded lumbar and shoulder straps, you will find this pack will sit against all the contours of your body. Even weighted down with a quarter elk and then some, neatly packed on the meat shelf, you will find you will be walking comfortable.

    A quick look at all those pockets and webbing and you will know there is a place for everything. From cinch and strap-on straps for your bow or rifle, a hip holster designed for your pistol, a pocket for your water cavity (note, that the pack doesn’t include a water bladder), a spotting scope pocket and multiple all-sized pockets for all your other gear. In fact, you are looking at 3 compartments for storage and 7 pockets in various sizes.

    While the zippers are not waterproof, they are most definitely water resistant and will protect what you have stored inside very well.

    A little closer look at the weapon carrying abilities shows us that there is a rifle boot, where your long barrel can sit quite comfortably and be easy to access as well. You just use the 3 straps on the back to secure the rifle in place. As an extra feature, the rifle boot is adjustable.

    In addition, while there isn’t a specific bow boot and attachment included, you can either purchase this as an accessory, at a reasonable spend or use the rifle boot and back straps to secure your bow on. Added to the weapon securement features, there is pistol-holding webbing on the right and left hand-side of waist belt too.

    As for the strength of the fabric, you have nothing to worry about as Badlands have used Hypalon, one of the strongest materials and added to this good news they have used this material in the high stress areas. To add to that much thought has gone into this pack in terms of durability. They have used Aramid Bartracking fiber, all the yellow you see, which is strong enough to withstand the lift of around 110 lbs., so that is super strong and long lasting.

    On the cost side, we are happy with the spend, well worth it!


    Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar Hunting Pack

    Tenzing TZ 1250 Compact Lumbar


    The Tenzing is a little rocket with a lot of power. While the capacity is only 1250 cubic inches, you can pack so much into this pack.

    The main cavity allows you to access from the front as well as from the top, meaning easy packing and unpacking. 16 compartments and pockets tells you there is a space for everything and everything has its space. In addition, there are 5 specialized zipper pockets.

    For those rainy days, there is a weather–guard lid and for sweatier days, the air is cooled and channeled through the back pad.

    For water, you have the facility to hold up to 2 liters, however the pack doesn’t come standard with a water bladder. You will need to purchase this separately or use your own.

    With the fold away rifle boot you can either fit your rifle in securely or your bow. A simple click of the 4 back compression straps will see your weapon sitting pretty, ready for action.

    On the higher end of the price bracket, but for all this, it’s not a stretch

    3. Conclusion

    In ending, whichever way you look at it, there is a perfect pack out there for you.

    By making a list of your requirements, like the type of hunt you mostly go on, i.e. a short day hunt or a longer 3-day trip; what you intend to hunt like predator hunting, big game hunting...etc or what extras you want to include, this will help you in your decision-making process.

    Then all you have to do is match them up with one of our super best hunting packs.

    Happy shopping Hunter!

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