Top 5 Best Coyote Call Choices for a Successful Hunt

Best Coyote Call

Like Wile E Coyote from the cartoons, Coyote’s are wily and sneaky predators, so hunting them requires a shift in mindset. While Wile E hasn’t yet to be successful in his endeavors to catch Road Runner, we know with our best Coyote call options, you will be more prosperous.

best coyote call

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Before you set out on deciding what coyote caller is best for you, consider the following aspects that could influence your future Coyote hunt for your benefit.

Top 5 Best Coyote Call - Comparison Table

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1. Elements to consider on your next coyote hunt?

  • The type of caller

The type of caller you choose can have a real impact on the success of your coyote hunt. Out of all the predators to be hunted by humans, the Coyote is the most common, and they know it too. They can get used to a certain call and will turn and hightail out of there before you have even set up your weapon.

Therefore, using the right predator caller is paramount, clearly. Electronic callers are best as they give you a variety of calls to choose from. When you can see one is not working, you can swap over to a number of others. With some callers, you can also play 2 or more sound simultaneously.

Mark Zepp, a hunting expert, believes in electronic callers above all others and Fred Eichler promotes the use of unusual sounds like anxious turkeys or woodpeckers as well as even puppies screaming to produce a good hunting experience.Coyote’s are inquisitive creatures and a new distress call will have them moving closer in no time.

In addition, you can get the hand-held type of caller or the models that allow you to position and walk away. Some hand-helds can dual for both uses. As an added note, when it comes to hand-held devices, you want to remember that you need to keep real still when using them, as you will be calling the Coyote right to your exact position. If you are a fiddler, talker or just simply cannot keep still, then opt for the type that can be set up away from your hunting zone.

  • Tracking

Knowing where the best spot is to hunt Coyote is key to a successful and not wasteful hunt. Coyotes, while greedy animals, don’t necessarily frequent all areas. Using some tracking skills will come in handy to know if Coyote have been there in the recent few days. Get to know a Coyote’s tracks and what their scat looks like. For novices, scat is poop.

  • Setup

As with all predator-hunting trips, your setup is important to a fortunate ending. Make sure you are well hidden, have good camouflage and backdrop, and that your caller is well hidden too. Most good callers come with a camo outer that will disguise there whereabouts until its too late.

Simple things to remember like, parking your vehicle a good distance away, waiting for the dust to settle of the truck, as well as your own footsteps, are good tips.

  • Overused areas

Remember, as mentioned, Coyotes are clever and if they know that a certain area is rife with hunters, they will avoid that area completely. Moving around, trying new ground is vital or you will just be a sitting duck.

  • Nuisance

Coyotes are a nuisance, killing off much needed and prized prey, so if you find your have worn out your usual hunting ground, try approaching farms, where the Coyote has been a menace.

The farmer or owner will welcome you with open arms and you will get to hunt to your hearts content.

2. Our Best Coyote Call Options.

Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro Caller Combo with Decoy

Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro Caller Combo with Decoy

With the Game Stalker, you are receiving an already pre-programmed unit with over 300 extensive game calls. You can also load more sounds with the 1GB memory card.

The large keypad remote, perfect for gloved hands, allows you to position yourself 250 yards away and activate the sounds you want. This means you can be out of the sniffing and sight distance of the Coyote, generally ending in a successful hunt.

Western Rivers allows for an accessory to their caller range, the Deceptor Rabbit Decoy, where you can position the very life-like rabbit decoy above long grass, with the stake. By using the base container and filling it with either water or sand, you can secure the base to the ground as well. A really helpful addition to your Coyote caller, which mimic a rabbit for around 8 to 10 hours.

The Game Stalker MP3 facility allows you to use the insta-scan feature, which recalls up to 10 sounds in one go and lets you view 5 sounds on the very clear, green back LCD screen.

Do you want more volume? You got it, with the dual hi-output horn speakers. In addition, you can select a particular speaker output, left or right, as your hunt dictates.

The Stalker is one of our higher priced callers, but we feel you are receiving a real hummer of a caller with good references to boot

Cass Creek - Mega Amp Predator Call - Electronic Handheld Predator Call

With this comfortable one handhold caller, you can be ready for action when the Coyote come a calling, excuse the pun. A quick link onto your belt, will have your hands free and ready to take aim and shoot.

This Cass Creek caller comes ready with 10 pre-programmed sounds, ranging from their unique Coyote Food Fight sound to the Territorial Beta Male sound.

The easy to read LED indicator lights allow you to see what call you are choosing at a quick glance and with the one-thumb control, you an easily switch from one to the other.

Note that the calls only last 30 seconds, which some hunters feel are too short, but because you can switch from one to the other, you can mix it up, ensuring your Coyote don’t get too used to a particular sound.

Weighing in at only 2,7 pounds and a mere 9 inches long, you will find you can easily carry this caller around without pulling a muscle. Moreover, the caller is good for either right or left-handers.

If you have tried the Amplifier series of callers from Cass Creek, you will find that this hand-held baby is at least 50% louder. The success of luring the predator in for a closer kill is magnified because of the higher volume and reach. Its not called the Mega Amp caller for nothing. However, for even more volume, when windy days arrive, there is a jack point in the handle where you can hook up an extra speaker.

As for price, you may just want to purchase two, they are that cheap.

Cass Creek Predator Dispenser Electronic Caller

Now Cass Creek really went all out with this next caller. Not only does it come ready to use with up to 10 very unique calls, but this caller has a waggler. A waggler is a decoy tail, built to look like an animals tail, and sure to lure your inquisitive Coyote in.

In addition, there is a scent dispenser, where you can dispense any type of scent you want, again, to entice your predator in to your hideout.

The small, palm-sized remote allows you to position yourself some 100 yards away and control the features at the touch of a button.

As with Cass Creek’s handheld caller, the speaker here is built to bust through most winds and maximize sound reach and volume.

When it comes to camouflage, the base looks just like a rock, meaning you can hide this honey into any terrain. If you need to raise the caller, due to high grass areas, you can attach the four adjustable height rods.

For easy carrying, simply store the components into the rock base and grab the comfortable carry handle.

The base uses 3x D batteries and the remote two x AAA batteries, which are not included, mind you, but have a good lasting time span.

Cass Creek sells various hunting scents as well, so dependent on what predator you are hunting, from Coyote to Lion, you can change the scent output for each hunt.

A really good price, the Cass Creek Dispenser Caller is a great buy.


ICOtec brings us a really nifty handheld predator caller. With up to 300 yards of distance between you and the caller, you can not only activate the unit without being in direct line-of-sight of it, but also play 2 game calls at the same time.

The powerful speaker will have you calling in those Coyote in no time. Choices of sounds range from Fawn, Cottontail, Woodpecker, Gray Fox and Jack Rabbit Distress calls to also Coyote pup distress sounds, as well as the call of a Coyote female and male.

If you find the wind has whipped up to a noisy height, attach an extra speaker to the external jack and get blasting away. There is no stopping the ICOtec Wild Caller.

The sequence of the calls is up to you and the caller will play the sound for a while, pause for 30 seconds and repeat. Should you wish to add in the 2nd call, simply press the second call button. To immediately end the calling, press the stop button.

Backed by one of the leading bioacoustics company’s in the country, Wildlife Technologies, you can be assured of not only clarity of sound but also an authentic sound.

The ICOtec caller is made from a strong, durable plastic and is very easy to hold and carry on any hunting trip. We are happy with the price and quality of the product and we know you will be too.


Primos has always brought us quality products and the Catcher Caller is no exception. Having said that you are getting what you pay for, and while this is not a top of the range caller, it does its job pretty decently.

With a 150-yard range, you can position, set up and find your perfect vantage point for a keen kill.

There are up to 12 different sounds, all backed by Randy Anderson himself. These range from Interrogation Howls, various animals, like the Cottontail, Baby Jackrabbit and Rodent in distress, as well as a unique Coyote serenade sound.

In addition, you can play 2 sounds simultaneously, fooling your Coyote into thinking there are potentially two prey available for him.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a novice, the Dogg Catcher, as its known, will be a great addition to your arsenal of tricks.

Compact, easy to carry and a really nice price, we know you will be happy to include this predator caller into your hunt next time.

3. In Conclusion.

In ending, the Coyote, being one of the slyest but wisest predators out there, can be a real bugger to catch, but once you take the time to learn a little about their habits you will be luring them in by great numbers.

Investing in the best coyote call apparatus can make that hunt that much easier.

Happy Hunting!

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