Top 5 Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves – Reviews & Guide

Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

When you have been out in the freezing cold for hours, waiting for that perfect shot and blowing on your iced up hands isnt working anymore, you will want to get up and get home.

But if you were wearing the best cold weather hunting gloves ever, you wouldn’t have this issue to worry about, now would you?

From winter warmers to 100% waterproof, and to boot, comfort, look no further than our comprehensive list of cold weather hunting gloves.​

Top 5 Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves - Comparison Table

What Features To Look Out For In Your Hunting Gloves?

As with most things in life, cold weather hunting gloves are a personal choice. There are different aspects that you personally want to cover, so check out our check list on what to look out for in the best cold weather hunting gloves, and make your choice.

Size and Length

The size of your glove is an important factor to consider before purchasing your gloves. A too tight glove will make your hands feel cold and uncomfortable, and a too large glove will make it impossible to do anything. (Sausage fingers!)

Measure your hand in inches around your knuckle area and compare it to the size chart below. This will give you an idea of the size glove you need to be buying.

The length, on the other hand (excuse the pun!), is all about personal preference. Extra length is in the wrist area of the glove and means you can tuck the glove into your jacket sleeve, thereby sealing in the warmth and not allowing a cold breeze to sneak up your arm.

Glove Size Chart



As with all your gear when out hunting, you should be camouflaged from head to toe, and this includes your gloves. They are generally, besides your head and shoulders, visible above your hideout when hunting.

To qualify as part of the best cold weather hunting gloves they must have a camo pattern to them. Camo patterns, nowadays, come in all varieties, from your typical shades of brown, green and khaki, to lifelike renditions of leaves, twigs and surrounding wildlife.

​If you want to know more about camo and why its important, take a look at this interesting article on an informal camo study.


Often you are out in the rain and there is nothing worse than having sopping, soaking gloves plastered around your hands. Your fingers will freeze up in no time and you inevitably will need to take them off to be able to work with your rifle. Which will mean painfully cold fingers down the line.

So, make sure your gloves have a good over lay made from a strong waterproof material like micro suede.


That leads us to the breathability of your gloves. It is all fine and well having a glove that is waterproof but you can land up with sweaty wet hands in the inside. The glove needs to breath as well as insulate and keep you warm and dry. A tough task? Not if you buy the right gloves. A very specific material will be able to provide you with all this. Check this out carefully when scouting out the right glove.

Comfort and Manoeuvrability

Comfort is important. Sometimes you are out for many hours at at time and if you have on gloves that are uncomfortable you will be itching to either leave or pull them off, leaving your hands exposed to the elements.

Being able to maneuver your hands is just as crucial. You need to handle that rifle, set up your decoys and pull that trigger. Having gloves that cramp your fingers and don’t allow you to use your fine motor actions, will become a frustrating and wasteful addition to your arsenal.

Comfort covers the warmth aspect as well, so ensure your gloves have a fleece or similar lining which will insulate and keep your fingers warm, without sweating them up.

Our Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

1. First Lite Softshell Shooting Glove 2.0



  • This goatskin covered glove is perfect for chilly weather
  • The shooting specific grip surface will have you handling your rifle with ease
  • Should you need to use your fingers more, you can slip the gloves off with a quick release portal but still keep them linked to your arm – so no losing of gloves!
  • For maneuverability, the supple goatskin allows you to move your way around with no restrictions, which is important when out hunting
  • For comfort when shooting, you get pivots pads on the palm and thumb areas, as well as a trigger release portal on the wrist
  • The length is just right too with an easy Velcro closure flap to tie it tightly up
  • The First Lite Softshell Gloves come in medium, large and extra-large. The only downfall being that it doesn’t come in a small or extra-small size, but having said that a little bit of space can sometimes be a good thing
  • Color-wise you can choose between 2 brown hues, a green and 3 camo ranges
  • This is the second release of the Softshell and they have made some impressive improvements, which we just love

2. Stormr Stealth Realtree Camouflage Hunting Gloves



  • Stormr brings us a stunning pair of gloves with glue blind stitched and liquid taped seams, which means a proper sealed in glove
  • You will definitely be sealed in from the elements, including water and wind
  • The micro-fleeced lining means you are protected from the cold as well – the 5mm thickness helps with this protection
  • But even though its super thick, there is room for moving and added to that the hi-grip palm area assists with your handling of your rifle, ensuring a firm hold and comfortable sit in your hand
  • Stormr offers us three choices of camo pattern options, so you can be well hidden during your hunt
  • Size-wise you can choose right from extra-small up to extra-extra-large – one for each family member!
  • This Stormr glove was created with the waterfowl territory in mind. The camo patterns mimic reeds, grasslands, canes, wheat, oats and twigs, to mention a few – you will be properly camouflaged with these guys

3. Glacier Alaska Waterproof Insulated Glove



  • As the name says, you could literally take these gloves to a glacier and be nicely protected – they have 60 grams of thinsulate so they are super warm
  • Waterproof and breathable too, you will find that your hands will stay completely dry as well as warm, proven in snow and rain
  • The palm areas are made from genuine leather which will assist with grip on that rifle and a sure fire shot when pulling the trigger
  • Available in sizes from small to extra-extra-large, you will be assured of finding a perfect fit
  • The length is great too as you can tuck into your jumper sleeve or jacket cuff
  • The wrist part is cloth though and will get wet, unless you tuck away under a jacket or sleeve
  • The Glacier Alaska glove comes in two different camo pattern styles, both of which will hide you nicely out in the wild

4. Drake Double Gore Tex Gloves



  • For those that like the longer length gloves these Drake’s come in very handy
  • You can delve into deeper water and know that your forearms will stay dry too
  • On that note, they are super waterproof and lined with DWR (Durable Water Repellant) and their original Gore-Tex membrane which is perfect for waterfowl hunting expeditions
  • In addition, they have Refuge HS Shell fabric which seals in the warmth as well
  • No worries here about fitting them over a thick jacket sleeve – they have a wider wrist and arm area and a pull-tight strap to seal in the warmth and dryness
  • For a great grip, the goat skin leather palm and finger areas will help with handling the rifle and shooting mechanisms
  • Flexibility has been thought of as well, allowing you the benefit of freedom of movement with the pre-curved fingers
  • For a choice of camo patterns, Drake doesn’t disappoint – take your pick of three options
  • Further, the lightweight lining will assist with breathability as well allowing you to use these gloves in warmer weather conditions
  • Note that as this is a men’s glove, the sizes only range from medium to extra large.

5. Scent-A-Way TechTip Glove



  • The moisture wicking system of the Scent-A-Way gloves is super efficient – you will keep your hands dry from the outside elements and keep them dry from sweating inside too – they are super breathable
  • For the hide-away aspect, the camo pattern offers a lifelike scenery of leaves, sand and typical hunting surroundings – you will be well hidden wearing these gloves
  • The unique silver particles embedded into the fabric will stop bacteria growing in the linings of the material – good news for those frequent wearers
  • The extra long cuffs make for an added benefit when it comes to keeping that cold wind out
  • Bite Grip palms mean you can work with your rifle or weapon of choice with ease
  • As for size, unfortunately they only comes in one-size-fits-all, which can be a problem for people with super small or super large hands
  • Check out the dimensions before purchasing to make sure they will be a sure fit for you
  • An added benefit is that you can actually use your smart phone touch screen with these glove fingers – good if you are doing some techno tracking or need to have a call

Our Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves (tried and tested)

Yip, it was a tough decision, but we mustered on through the benefits and salient features of the cold weather hunting gloves on the market, and came up with the one that stands out from the rest.

Are you ready?

Stormr Stealth Realtree Camouflage Hunting Gloves has impressed us! When taking our must-haves into account, in a cold weather-hunting glove, the Stormr Stealth Camouflage Hunting gloves ticked all the boxes.

Let Us Recap:

When it comes to the size and length, you have the freedom of really small to really large. The length is perfect too. Not too long and not too short.

The camo aspect of the gloves are great. A good choice and a good blend in to any environment, specifically with waterfowl in mind.

Waterproof to the point of dipping your glove into the water and coming out dry, and in addition nicely breathable and super flexible too.

While we love the other selections of gloves, the Stormr just covers more bases and wears wonderfully.

When it comes to the cold weather, there is cold and there is cold. When your fingers do a “bye-bye” and freeze up to the point that you are worried they will fall off, you will start to lament over not buying those best cold weather hunting gloves form word go.

So, make a list of what is important to you in a hunting glove, and choose the best fit for your lifestyle and hands.

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