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Best Carbon Arrows

Archery gear is confusing. There’s tons and tons and tons of options and it’s not like you go out every day to buy a new release aid. Arrows are one of those purchases that simply must be right because otherwise you’re going to be going home disappointed.

The arrow is the only part of all your hunting equipment that actually kills the animal.

There’s a lot of different material options of arrows. From old school aluminum to Kevlar and fiberglass, all of them are surpassed by carbon fiber arrows. The best arrows are all carbon fiber, and the best carbon fiber arrows are engineering marvels that give hunters a distinct advantage in the field.

Why Carbon Arrows Are The Best?​

Carbon fiber is the best material for arrows because it can be manufactured to extremely tight tolerances, is extremely strong for its weight and absorbs shock extremely well. The forces imparted to an arrow in flight and upon impact are severe and cheap arrows will quickly become damaged and unusable.

Carbon fiber is exceptionally strong for its weight and will shrug off almost all impacts and is made well is extremely durable.

You can just count on carbon fiber arrows no matter what the conditions and you can use them for practice, for hunting, for competition or all three and not worry if it has been bent or damaged because if carbon fiber breaks it’s almost always catastrophic and immediately apparent.

Our Pick for Top 5 Best Carbon Arrows

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Blood Sport FPS Hunter





Carbon Express Maxima RED




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Carbon Express PileDriver





Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows





Beman ICS Bowhunter Arrows





​1. Carbon Express Maxima RED

Carbon Express Maxima RED

Carbon express is the granddaddy of the carbon arrow phenomenon. They make the most carbon arrow products, including many that get rebranded, and put out by far the highest quality arrows you can buy.

This is their highest quality to date, The Maxima Red, is their straightest, most consistent, and technology packed arrow. This is what the Carbon fiber arrow was meant to be when people started experimenting with them.

​For starters, they’re laser checked for straightness to an astounding 1/10,000 of an inch. That straightness isn’t waster either, the arrows are created from the ground up for precision including new manufacturing and assembly methods that allow the arrow to vibrate and oscillate in flight consistently from shot to shot and have a straighter flight. The result being more accurate and precise shot strings.

The other icing on the cake like proprietary “Buff Tough” coating protects the carbon fibers that make up the arrow, bulldog precision collars, and precision Launchpad knocks.

​Even little details like the diamond woven structure of the carbon fiber makes the arrow more durable, more consistent and pushes the edge of performance.

  • Very Precise
  • Excellent Construction
  • Bright Red Color

2. Blood Sport FPS Hunter

BloodSport FPS Hunter

Sometimes the small details make the biggest differences in the field. That is especially true when it comes to taking a shot on game with archery tackle. If that shot goes wrong what do you do? How do you even know if the shot went wrong?

Blood Sport has made an arrow with a small detail that’ll help you figure that out.​

The best things about these arrows is the proprietary “Blood Ring” a novel piece of technology built into the arrow shaft.

Made of a special coating applied to the shaft of the arrow, it collects a sample of the bodily fluid the arrow encounters as it passes through the animal.

This means you’ll be instantly able to tell a lung shot from a gut shot from a liver shot by the color and consistency of the blood or stomach contents on the shaft of the arrow.

Yes, you can do this on a normal arrow but the purpose driven technology of the blood sport arrow makes this easy because the material applied absorbs the fluid and makes it stand out against the white back drop.

Just because the arrows have this advanced technology doesn’t they don’t do anything besides hunting well. They’re perfect for 3D archery or general shooting because they’re high precision but very affordable.

Costing about half of what other premium arrows cost, they deliver awesome performance for cheap.​

  • Blood Ring Technology
  • Could be More Precise
  • Old Vane Design

3. Carbon Express PileDriver

Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter

The giants at Carbon Express make dozens of awesome models made for everything from competition archery to general hunting. This is one of their high-end hunting arrows that bring features to the table specifically for hunting but doesn’t try to do things that’ll drive the price up too high.

The mossy oak camo finish on the arrows is cool and contests with the neon vanes that come installed. These ready made arrows are sold in 6 pack boxes sorted for weight and consistency.​

Performance wise they’re excellent, straightness tested to an awesome 1/10,000th of an inch and no more than +/- .0005” maximum, as a measurement per arrow, not an average prepack.

That level of precision is complemented well with the Launch Pad nocks and Bulldog collars used on these arrows. The 2” assault vanes work very well and are tougher than most other vanes that tend to die early and fall off during long practice sessions.

Available in two types of spine these are excellent arrows for a first set because they’re cheaper than most other high performance arrows but do most things well.

They can be pressed into just about any job you’d need an arrow for and do it well, and for cheap.​

  • Very Straight
  • Very Durable
  • Expensive

4. Beman ICS Bowhunter Arrows

Beman ICS Bowhunter Arrows with XPV Vanes

Beman makes awesome arrows, very high quality arrows of several different materials. Their carbon fiber ICS line up is an awesome balance between price and performance and they leave nothing to be desired. They are hardy and can be had in a number of different finishes and camo colored coatings.

The standard S knocks and inserts work together with the 2” VPX vanes and all carbon shaft. The shaft measures .30” in diameter and is extremely strong. The best thing about these arrows is how heavy they get.

Available up to 500gr they work great for big game due to their high strength and heavy weight. They come with a straightness tolerance +/- .006” over the entire length. Overall awesome quality and no frills deign, they just plain work.

  • Legendary Arrow for Durability and Dependability
  • Expensive
  • Could be Straighter & More Precise

​5. Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

The more you shoot your bow the more prepared you’re going to be in the field. However, the more you shoot your arrows, the more you’re going to put wear and tear on your equipment. The solution is to buy more arrows than you’re going to need, and save the best for your trips to the field.

Gold tip sells these arrows for a decent price so that you can buy 12 for the price most companies sell 6. Having the 6 or 8 arrows extra arrows to use specifically for practice can come in handy.

These arrows are a good quality arrow that comes factory equipped with 2” raptor vanes and S-nocks, and standard inserts.

They all work well with the carbon fiber shaft that is straightness measure to +/- .003 and +/- 2 grains. Close enough to provide very good precision but also cheap enough hat a dozen is still cheap.

These are great arrows for new shooters, hunters on a budget or anyone who needs a bunch of arrows cheaply. If you lose one of these arrows it won’t hurt nearly as much as if you lose an arrow twice as much.​

  • Sorted for Consistency
  • Cheap
  • Durability May be a Problem
  • Might Have Large Weight Variances

Best Carbon Arrow for Hunting - Buying Tips

Flex Your Arrow

When you go to hunt or shoot or whenever you’re going to shoot an arrow, you need to flex it on either end. If you hear a snap, crackle, or pop, throw away the arrow! This is a safety concern! A damaged carbon fiber arrow is a time bomb that is ready to explode with the very next shot! An arrow should be silent and flex easily when grasped from either end.

Weigh, Match, Sort​

When you get you 6 or 12 arrows there’s work to do. They need to be weighed, matched and sorted. Weigh each of them on the best scale you can get your hands-on, match each one and save the most consistent 3 or 4 for the hunt and use the rest for practice.

Check the Inserts​

The inserts of the arrows are the only part of the arrow that holds in the broadhead when it slams into the target at several hundred feet per second. Not to mention the fact that they’re non-standard and your favorite broadhead may not fit, but they might also be screwed in crooked, not seated all the way or falling out easily. Check and remedy all of this before you have to bet your hunt on them.

Make Sure They Fit​

When you get your shiny new arrows out of the box, go to screw on your broadheads and try to put them into your quiver you might have a problem. Wither the clamps that hold it in might be too tight and not securely hold them because the diameter is too big, or they’re too long to securely carry them in the field. Make sure they’ll fit in the quiver you plan on using before you drop a bunch of money on the arrows.

Carry Spares​

Carry a few extra arrows. You never know when you might drop one off your treestand or when you might find a flaw on one in the field. You also may get the opportunity to take more than one animal home with you, you don’t want to have to pass because you’re out of ammunition for your bow.

Soap Up Inserts​

When you go to put your broadheads or field point on, rub the tips of the screw end with a little soap. This way you can be sure you can get the broad head off to replace them or sharpen them when the hunt comes.​

Arrow Spine Means Everything​

The spine of the arrow is what makes it stiff enough to keep the bow string form ploughing through the arrow shaft. For carbon arrows, this is a safety concern, this has to be right. Otherwise you’ve got a carbon fiber bomb in your hand. At best case scenario, the arrows will be inaccurate and be damaged, worst case it’ll explode.

Weight vs. Velocity​

The curve of your arrow is a factor of weight vs speed. If the weight of the arrow is light and fast enough, it’ll be pretty flat. If the arrow is too light and fast, it’ll lack penetration. Get a good compromise you’re comfortable with and match up the arrow spine.​

The Verdict​

Hunting with Archery tackle means getting very specific, and often very expensive, equipment. That equipment you’ll likely only buy a few times and when you start out buying things like bows, broadheads and especially arrows, the options seem overwhelming and all too similar. It’s easy to buy the wrong thing and waste money.

The key to getting the best carbon fiber arrows for hunting is getting an arrow that you can afford to lose, that will perform to your standards and you can count on to be tough enough to kill game. When in doubt, look for the best carbon fiber arrows on this list that you like, and make sure they’re compatible with your bow.

No matter what you get for your setup, practice until you can’t miss and get into the field to kill game with your bow, otherwise it doesn’t matter what kind of arrow you bought!​

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