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The hallmark of a good archery hunter is accuracy. Putting the arrow in the right place at the right time is the most important part of archery hunting. Without proper shot placement and accuracy on target, there’s no reason for you to be in the woods. You won’t kill any game, regardless of the poundage your bow pulls at or the sharpness of your pothead.

Putting accurate arrows into the target has gotten easier in recent years with the best bow sights on the market, but it’s still up to you to get the job done. Both stabilizers were invented to solve this problem. They don’t help you shoot better, meaning they don’t affect the fundamentals of archery shooting.

But, they allow you more control over your bow by making it harder to steer the bow left or right while shooting. That way, when you release the arrow, it flies straighter to the target. If you’re a beginner, look at the best bow release you can get, that way you’re squared away with the right gear!

One of the most common shooting errors, especially among new archers, is canting the bow to the left or the right while shooting. This can be due to gripping the bow incorrectly or getting nervous and misreading the site plan. Either way, this is made more difficult by the addition of a bow stabilizer. There are a ton on the market but here are the five best both stabilizers you can get your hands on, right now.

Best Bow Stabilizers - Comparison Table

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New Archery Apache Stabilizer




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Bee Stinger Sports Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer





NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer 8"





LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer





Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer





​Size, Weight & Effectiveness

The whole point of the bow stabilizer is to move mass away from the centerline of the bow and make it harder to tilt left or right while shooting. This is a huge deal for a target shooter that knows exactly how long will be holding their bow in front of them and doesn’t have to worry about carrying their bow for several days on backcountry hunt or slog through heavy brush on the way to their stand.

For a hunter, this can be a problem because the more effective a bow stabilizer is, the more mass has to be added to the bow and the further out the stabilizer has to be from the centerline of the weapon. It can be difficult to strike a balance of what sizes stabilizer you need and what size is less effective.

The new generation of both stabilizers has taken advantage of heavy rubbers and metals to add compact mass that doesn’t have to be moved further away like the older generation of stabilizers. However, you’re still making the bow heavier the solution is to shoot your bow often and to choose a stabilizer that you can live with. The more you shoot your bow the more practice will be holding it, making a stabilizer less necessary in the first place while also getting your muscles used holding your bow out in front of you for a long period of time

Remember, you can always choose a bow stabilizer that is easy to install and remove, and carry it in your pack on the way to your stand. When you get to your stand screw in your stabilizer and you’re good to go. On the backcountry hunt, or spot and talk this is a great idea because the shot opportunity will always creep up when you’re not ready!

​Best Bow Stabilizer Reviews

​1. New Archery Apache Stabilizer

New Archery Apache Stabilizer


Some of the best equipment that you will have in the hunting world is equipment that serves multiple purposes. The purpose of the stabilizer is to keep the bow from canting left or right while shooting. That doesn’t mean it can’t help quiet noise and this archery stabilizer from new archery products helps contribute to making the bow quieter, and deadlier in the field by incorporating rubber into the overall design.

The rubberized angular design of this archery stabilizer helps distribute the vibrations and attenuate the noise created by launching an arrow. The extra mass of the rubber contributes to the stabilization of the bow and the length is just right to maintain maneuverability but get the maximum effect out of the stabilizer.

However, the addition of all that angular rubber makes this stabilizer snag on brush and archery cases. Consider disassembling it for transport to and from the tree stand and certainly while it is in your archery case. The fine well-cut threads on the screw end of the stabilizer make this easy and smearing a little bit of soap on it will keep it from binding or rusting.

If you’re looking for a rugged and reliable piece of equipment that will serve you well for years take a look at this Apache stabilizer from New Archery Products.

  • Innovative design
  • Rugged
  • Works well
  • Angular design holds debris in bad weather

​2. Bee Stinger Sports Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer


This stabilizer is best for people who will be driving their boat through heavy brush. The best thing about this stabilizer is the slim low profile design that incorporates enough mass into the stabilizer to keep her from straying and outflanked to make it effective, but overall the outside of the stabilizer is smooth and snag free.

The rubber tent at the end of the stabilizer is easy to feed through the brush, and the smooth exterior of the body is virtually snack free. Everything about this stabilizer is high quality from the rugged construction to the threads on the screw. This makes it easy to put on and take off for travel or maintenance.

The rubber mass on the end of the stabilizer helps stop vibrations from occurring along the length of the body, and also helps in putting enough mass into the stabilizer to make it easy to hold on target. The addition of the rubber on the end of the stabilizer, makes it perform like it was several inches longer than it actually is.

It is a simple and effective in value driven design that works well in the field, if that sounds appealing to you look no further this bee stinger sport hunter xtreme stabilizer is a great bow stabilizer.

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Value driven
  • Heavier than other options

​3. NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer 8"

NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer 8


Much like its smaller brother, this is a great example of a well-designed and rugged bow stabilizer that just gets the job done. It is made from the same rugged rubberized material that absorbs vibrations and dampens sound but you shorter and lighter.

This nap apache stabilizer works better than the smaller shorter stabilizers on the market by virtue of the fact it’s longer and puts more mass further away from the bow stabilizing it from canting left or right. This is an enormous benefit for Western hunters will be shooting at extended ranges, and you will also not be going through as thick brush as other hunters.

This stabilizer has a full 8 inches of rubberized material that work to both stabilize the bow by putting mass forward of the center line but also absorbs vibration and dampens sound. All of these features work together to make you a more accurate and lethal hunter and no other stabilizer does it with quite as much length and performance as this stabilizer from New Archery Products. Even the smaller version of this stabilizer on the market doesn’t come close to the level of performance you can expect out of this product.

  • Extra-long
  • Works well
  • Holds debris is severe weather
  • Bulky

​4. LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer

LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer


Limb Saver makes a ton of different archery products that range from boat quieting accessories to quivers, and some excellent stabilizers like their, Wind Jammer stabilizer. This is an excellent option for people who want a multi-purpose stabilizer that does more than just control the can’t of the bow.

They had a proprietary material called novacom that isolates and dampens vibrations, and therefore noise, on everything from rifles to construction equipment and especially archery equipment.

This best bow stabilizer for accuracy is filled with a nova-com material that deadens vibrations and keeps sound to a minimum. It is the right length where it is effective, but not intrusive and heavy enough to balance the bow but not weigh you down to and from your stand.

This is an excellently balanced stabilizer that goes a long way to keep your shots on target. If you want a high-quality stabilizer that also deadens sound and make sure more lethal hunter in the process check out this stabilizer from Limb Saver.

  • Uses novacom
  • Stabilizes vibration in addition to controlling the bow
  • Heavy
  • Bulky

​5. Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer


Trophy Ridge is one of the largest companies manufactured archery equipment on the market today. They make everything from sites to stabilizers and this is one of their most popular models. For good reason, it packs a ton of features and reusable package that is easy on the wallet and is very well-received by the hunters you use it.

The open design allows for rubberized pieces to be inserted and adjusted in order to obtain vibrations and keep the bow on a target. The stabilizer is on the lighter side, almost to the detriment of performance, but is excellent for people who will carry their bow long distances and want the aid of the stabilizer without the added burden of extra weight come shooting time.

Which you should really look for in a stabilizer is present in this one. Decent length with decent mass and the ability to control vibrations with ease. This trophy ridge static stabilizer is a quality stabilizer that will serve any Bell Hunter well, particularly if they are on a budget or have become accustomed and are a fan of Trophy Ridge products.

  • Very popular
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight
  • Intricate design
  • Not as rugged as other models


The enemy of every archer is vibration. When you release the bowstring and the air is propelled forward vibrations occur all over the bow. From the shaft of the arrow, up and down the axles, and even across the bowstring vibrations caused all sorts of problems. Not the least of which is noise. Your job as an archer is to be as deadly and ethical as possible, this means you needed to mitigate vibrations wherever possible because they sap accuracy and can lead to missed shots due to game jumping the string.

The best both stabilizes on the market survey dual purpose of making sure there is enough absorbent material inside the best stabilizer to help mitigate vibrations, dampen noise, and not cause undue vibrations themselves. Make absolutely sure when you go hunting that your stabilizer is screwed in all the way and will not cause vibrations.

If you don’t plan to remove your stabilizer often, put a few drops of semi-permanent superglue into the threads before you screw the men. Avoid heavy duty thread locker, but a little bit of superglue can go a long way! Cheaper models on the market have wonky threads that make it impossible to screw in fully and vibrate when shooting. Avoid these models at all cost!


Bow stabilizer served to make you a more deadly and accurate hunter. They attenuate for the mechanical accuracy of the bow by controlling vibrations and allow you to wring the most out of your skills by adding a sort of “training wheels” to the bow. If a stabilizer fits within your size and weight parameters, use one!

Best Bow Stabilizer make every shooter more accurate and every hunter more ethical. Make sure, however, you get in the field to practice shooting before you head out on a hunt. Every responsible archer needs to be well practiced with their equipment before they headed in the field. Otherwise, you’ll regret it on opening day!

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