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Best Bow Stabilizer

If you're ready to hit the woods with a compound bow, you need to have it decked out correctly, if you expect to be successful. One of the most overlooked but much needed accessory is the bow stabilizer. We choose five different stabilizers to review in effort to help you choose the right stabilizer for your set-up. As you will see the stabilizers mentioned in this review are very different but each has value for certain shooters.

Without a stabilizer on a bow, the shooter is subject to variations with their shot. Even the simplest variation in a shooter's shot could throw off the whole thing and leave them empty-handed.

When you want to increase your shooting accuracy, you need a bow stabilizer. A stabilizer lessens movement after a shot by balancing out bow weight. It helps to hold your bow steady, even at full draw, or when the bow is shot. When at full draw, energy will build up in a bows limbs and cables.

As soon as the arrow is released, energy changes and effects the flight of the hunting arrow and the bow itself. Basically, a stabilizers job is to hold everything steady. Some stabilizers also reduce noise, vibration, hand shock, and can even improve the placement of a shot.

To start off the bow stabilizer buying guide, we will talk about the importance of this shooting accessory. Specific topics that we’ll cover include size and shape of stabilizers that are best for certain shooting situations. It's important to read this information - even if you think you know everything about the accessory.

Many hunters get stuck in a rut and use the same accessories as their buddies or what the guy at the pro shop recommended. However, it doesn't mean that you're using the right stabilizer for your bow, the way you shoot, or even the type of animal you shoot. By reading the information below, you may find out that the tool you need to take your hunts to the next level is one of the stabilizers mentioned in the guide here.​

Top 5 Best Bow Stabilizer on the Market

#1 Bee Stinger Llc B Sport Hunter Xtreme 8.6 System

Bee Stinger Llc B Sport Hunter Xtreme 8.6 System, 8-Inch, Black


The Bee Stinger Llc B Sport Hunter Xtreme 8.6 System 8” in black is considered high-performance hunting gear. Bee Stinger creates this stabilizer with precision methods that make it trusted and true in the woods. To give shooters peace of mind, the stabilizer is built to the highest specs with durability in mind. A long front SHX (short hunter xtreme) stabilizer makes this a favorite and best seller. An additional shorter back SHX stabilizer measures 6-inches and is designed to be mounted to the elite side arm for maximum adjustability.


  • 8”
  • Black
  • Stabilizer is built to the highest specs in the industry
  • Durable
  • Long front SHX stabilizer
  • Short (6”) back SHX stabilizer
  • Elite side arm is adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Sets up fast
  • Definitely not the right stabilizer for target shooting

#2 LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer

LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer

The LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer is a 7” tube made of 6061 machined aircraft aluminum. The tube is filled with LimbSaver NOVCOM technology, which is designed to dampen noise and vibration. By dampening vibrations, shooters can improve their consistency and vibrations. Even better, the bow stabilizer is easy to install and can safely be used in any harsh weather conditions.


  • 7” long
  • Uses 6061 machined aircraft aluminum
  • Filled with LimbSaver NOVCOM technology
  • Dampens noises and vibrations
  • Increases consistency
  • Easy to install
  • Safe for use any time of year (even in inclement weather)
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Works exactly the way it is supposed too
  • Can be used in inclement weather without risking its integrity
  • Shooters may not be able to get the shot they want without adding a bit of weight to the stabilizer
  • A bit thinner than bow hunters may be use to
  • Not designed for target shooters

#3 Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

The Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is 6” long and comes in black, camo, or pink. The UltraLight Weight Design used by Trophy Ridge comes with two customizable weights to add or balance as needed. Trophy Ridge created this bow hunting accessory with a design that allows air to pass through it, which delivers a steadier shot, even in windy conditions. The Ballistic Co-Polymer System also makes the stabilizer easier to use. A braided wrist sling is included with purchase.


  • 6” long
  • Offered in black, Realtree camo, and pink colors
  • Sold with a braided wrist sling
  • Comes with weights that allow you to balance it
  • Air passes through the stabilizer
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Six-inch length might not work for everyone
  • Only works on 1/4” thread
  • Only available with a Realtree camo pattern (not offered in Mossy Oak camo pattern)

#4 Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer


The Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer is ultra-rigid and made with a 100% carbon rod with SIMS internal harmonic dampener. The powder coated end caps use stainless steel mounting bolts to make them easier to use. The Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer is only 10” and comes with three, adjustable weights (each measures 1 oz.). Bee Stinger also added an SIMS de-resonator.


  • Ultra-Rigid 100% Carbon Rod with SIMS Internal Harmonic Dampener
  • Powder-coated End Caps Stainless Steel mounting bolts
  • 10" Bar (3) adjustable 1-ounce end weights
  • SIMS De-resonator
  • Offered in many colors including a Realtree and Mossy Oak camo pattern option
  • Several color options
  • Durable
  • Sold with end weights
  • Perfect for use with bows while hunting whitetail
  • Camo pattern may not match others in the same category
  • Colors may fade over time because of sunlight

#5 New Archery Apache 5-Inch Stabilizer in Camo

New Archery Apache Stabilizer (5 Inch, Camo)

The New Archery Apache 5” stabilizer in camo pattern uses dampening materials to kill vibration and keep your bow silent while shooting. For even more versatility, the stabilizer comes with a 5” base. The 8” stabilizer allows for 3” to be removed. A 2oz. carbon fiber accessory bar is included to help balance the bow out. Choose from black or a Realtree APG camo pattern.


  • 5” stabilizer
  • Camo pattern
  • Dampener
  • Compact
  • Kills 80% of vibrations
  • 2 oz. carbon fiber accessory
  • Easily balances out the bow
  • Choose from black or Realtree APG pattern
  • Does its job
  • Very affordable
  • Sold with end weights
  • Extremely small
  • Works well on a variety of compound bows
  • Not designed for target shooting

So Which Bow Stabilizer Should You Buy?

Now that we’ve given you our top 5 choices for the best bow stabilizers on the market, you’re probably wondering which is our favorite. With so many great choices, it’s hard to just pick one, but we’re going to break it down even more to make it easier to choose the right stabilizer for your bow.

First, of all the stabilizers we’ve talked about above are all designed for use by bowhunters. A target archer needs something drastically larger to be effective.

A couple of the stabilizers on the list are from Bee Stinger . This isn’t a coincidence. Bee Stinger has a great reputation for making everything from a camera bipod to stabilizers for bowhunters. We haven’t used all of the stabilizers from Bee Stinger, but the first and the fourth we have been great!

If you live in an area that is often wet or covered in snow, you should consider the stabilizer we reviewed from WindJammer. It’s weather-resistance and can be used just about anywhere your hunt may take you.

New Archery Apache is also a great hunting shooting accessory company. The stabilizer featured in this review is one of its most affordable options out there. Some serious bow hunters worry about buying cheap shooting accessories, but the New Archery Apache option is legit.

To Add a Stabilizer or Not to a Bow

If you’re a target shooter, there’s no doubt you need a stabilizer. Some of the most complicated and elaborate stabilizers will be found on the bow of a target archer. The ones that really struggle with whether to add the accessory or not are bow hunters. While many may struggle with whether they should add a stabilizer or not everyone eventually does because it increases accuracy while reducing noise.

Stabilizer Construction

There are many stabilizers on the market. Different stabilizers are designed for various tasks. However, no matter which one you choose, the accessory is made of four parts. The four parts of any stabilizer include the screw mount, weight, body, and dampener.

What’s the Most Important Feature of a Stabilizer?


Now that we’ve gone over the four parts of stabilizer construction, it’s time to focus on which one is the most important. Archers everywhere, target and prey shooters, will tell you that the most important feature of any good stabilizer is the dampener. The dampener is located between the weight and the body of the stabilizer. It comes into play when there are vibrations. Vibrations that occur while shooting are absorbed by the dampener.

When a vibration is transferred to a bow’s stabilizer and absorbed by a rubber dampener, it allows the front end of the bow to oscillate at a different frequency. Next, vibration is converted into motion, which does not affect your bow.​

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Bow Stabilizer

Stabilizer Sizes

One of the most important aspects of using a bow is to make sure you are using the right size. So, how do you determine what size is right? That’s determined by what you will be using it for.

  • Target Archery Stabilizer: If you are going to use a stabilizer on your bow for mostly target shooting, then you are going to want a heavy, long stabilizer.
  • Bowhunting Stabilizer: Bowhunters and target shooters aren’t going to want to use the same size stabilizer. Instead, bowhunters will want a short, light stabilizer. The reason hunters opt to use a lighter, shorter stabilizer is because bigger accessories can be cumbersome when you need to get a shot off fast. It doesn’t mean you can’t use a bigger stabilizer if you really want to, but there’s no advantage to using the bigger size. In fact, it can be a bit of a disadvantage.

Stabilizer Materials

What a stabilizer is made with can also make a big difference. Most stabilizers are made with plastic, metal, rubber, or some combination of materials. Material usage is important because it can affect the accessories overall performance. The most popular materials used to create a bow stabilizer is ABS plastic or carbon. Both of these options allow the accessory to stay lightweight.

Most stabilizers are created with a damper. It’s the damper that actually reduces noise and vibration. In most situations, a dampener is made of rubber materials. The way a dampener works is by absorbing the vibration to allow you to get the best shot.

Stabilizer Location

All stabilizers are designed to be screwed into a bow. But, there are many different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from online.

Another aspect of using this accessory that is important is location. If attached in the wrong area, a shooter can decrease their accuracy tremendously. Most archers agree the most effective set-up includes a weight on the front of a stabilizer right after the dampener.

When attached to the farthest end of the bow, the weight of the stabilizer creates counterbalance and stability, which aids in making any shot. To help you visualize this better, think about a scope being attached to a rifle. When the scope is set-up well, you’re going to make a better shot. This is exactly what a stabilizer helps a bow hunter do.

This set-up is usually preferred because it helps to decrease vibration even more. When vibration is decreased, shooters have peace of mind that other accessories on the bow aren’t being shaken loose. Another hidden bonus with using a stabilizer is that it can help a shooter maintain a better shooting stance.

In Conclusion

There you have it, our choice for the best bow stabilizers on the market. Whether you are a fan of the brands listed or not, it is up to you to choose what is the best for your shooting situation. Make sure to choose a stabilizer that is comfortable and does what you want it too. Usually, the only way to know for sure what works best for you is to try at least a few products.

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