Best Bow Sights – Our Pick for the Best of Each Bow Sight Types

Here is the best bow sight for your hunting season

​The plan of archery hunting is getting an arrow through the vitals of the game you want to kill. Make no bones about it, there’s a fine line between hunting, and sitting in the woods looking foolish.

If you can put an arrow where it counts when it counts you aren’t much of a hunter. To make sure that you’re always putting your arrows really need to go, get your hands on the best bow sight you can find, and learn to use it properly.

​Having the right gear makes all the difference, if you’re looking for great quality archery equipment, look at these 5 best bow quivers to carry your ammunition. Then look at your release and get your hands on the best archery releases you can buy.

These are the best archery sights in each category, and how to choose the best one for your particular situation and hunting style.

Best Bow Sight Review - Comparison Table

Different Types of Archery Sights

There are a ton of different kinds of archery sights on the market. They all fall into general categories but many crossovers and combine the best of multiple different designs. To better understand each individual model, and get a handle on what features you might want on your bow, here are the main categories of sights that you should be looking for when you go shopping for an archery sight.

Bow Sight Hunting Tech Tip

Multi Pin Bow Sight

Multi pin sights of more than one fiber-optic pin or aiming reference. These sights came about as hunters wanted a way to compensate for the arc of their arrows in flight. If you are new to our street, think of these as BDC reticles on the rifle scopes. They predict the arc of the projectile in-flight and allow a consistent aiming reference to hitting the target.

The benefit of these sights is that it is easier to thread brush with a multi-pin sight and it is also easier to hit at a distance compared to a single pin sight. These are the most common archery sights on the market because they are so versatile and simple to set up and use.​

The downside to these sights is that with multiple pens you have a few distraction when you’re trying to make a shot. If you are beginning archer or you are prone to Buck fever this can present a problem when it comes time to shoot.

Make sure you have enough practice under your belt before you head out into the woods with one of the sights, and make sure you memorize which pin corresponds to which distance. Otherwise, you may shoot completely over the deer’s back by using the incorrect pen even if you know the correct distance!

Fixed Pin Bow Sight

Fixed pin sights, will not a true category of archery sights refer to pains that aren’t able to be moved to compensate for distance. This makes it the vast majority of sights on the market but as more and more archery sights move to having a means to adjust for windage and elevation, these sights will become less and less relevant.

In previous years, this was the only type of sights you can have. Advances in technology and manufacturing have made it so that compact and rugged mechanisms can be designed and mass-produced to replace these older fixed models. They will still have a niche in ultralight and simple designs, but they don’t offer any benefit in performance over a comparable sized movable pin sight.​

Pendulum Sight

Pendulum sights or archery sights with a swinging hinge that allows a shooter to compensate for the angle between them and their target. The sight came about as a solution for tree stand hunters who are constantly shooting over the backs of deer because they misjudged the angle between the ground the deer and themselves. The further evidence for you go, the more extreme the angle, and the last likely your laser rangefinder is going to be.

Pendulum sights fix this by swinging further out the higher the angle of your bow is. The downside is that many pendulum sights cannot be locked down and will swing back and forth while carrying through the woods and they don’t perform as well when hunting from the ground.

If you do a lot of hunting from a ground line or from a spot in stocks hunting style, consider getting a different style of archery sight. However, if you do the majority of your hunting from treestands, this style of archery sight offers a definite advantage over the other designs.

Many of the current designs of pendulum sights offer a means of locking down the site, as well as a more robust and reinforce design, that addresses many of the shortcomings of the previous generation of sights. They often function as either a fixed single pin sight or a movable pendulum sight. It depends on the configuration you have the sight in.

Single Fixed Pin Bow Sight

Single pin fixed sights are becoming more and more popular as hunters switch to faster and faster bows. The faster bow shoots the flat of the trajectory of the arrow and the further you can shoot with a single pen. The best thing about the single pen fix sight is the fact that there is nothing to memorize, and there is nothing to confuse. Just put the pin on the target and let the arrow fly. Know what your maximum distances know how to hold over for a little bit of wiggle room and let the air do its job!

The downside to these sights is the fact that you have a single pen. You don’t get a consistent aiming reference for shooting at the very edge of your bow’s ballistic potential. You don’t get aiming references to help thread the arrow through brush. And many times, these sights are made much more compact, to save on weight, then the larger multi-pin sights. This can be a problem if you have aging eyes and want a larger diameter fiber-optic.

​Best Bow Sight

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg 1 Pin 0.019​

Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg 1 Pin 0.019 - Right Hand


If you have to have the absolute best sight on the market for your bow, this is it fromSpot Hogg bow sights. This is a fully adjustable, almost too adjustable, single pin sight ready for hunting anything that moves.

It has an extremely precise .019-inch fiber-optic that is exceptionally bright even the low light, coupled with an exceptionally adjustable housing and mount that allows you to dial in the exact range and wind corrections for the target you are shooting at.​

Small refinements like ultra-small tolerances between each part, extremely bright fiber optics, and easy to use adjustment screws all over the sight make this an excellent option for people who were really into archery and will shoot competitively or hunt in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.​

There’s a downside to this sight is how heavy and bulky it is, all of that adjustability in Burlington is that makes this an excellent sight makes it heavy compared to other sights. Especially the long practice sessions will start to notice the weight of the sight on your bow. Not to mention the cost, but if you absolutely have to have the best sight on the market, it’s very difficult to surpass this piece of equipment and quality or design.​

  • Robust construction
  • Precision fiber optic
  • Fully adjustable
  • Heavy, bulky
  • Expensive

​Best Multi Pin Bow Sight

IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight with Retina Lock Technology​

IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight


Multipin sights are notoriously difficult to use. The more pins that you put on a sight the more likely you are to end up with an overburdened and distracting set up that is hard to nail targets a range with. The solution to that is coming up with better and smarter designed sights they use brighter more compelling fiber optics. This sight from IQ does exactly that and is designed around making your eye focus on the pin that you need at precisely the right time.​

You can have the sight and 3, 5, or 7 pins, all of them excellent. The fiber optics are exceptionally bright and the housing of the sight trained your eye to look at each one individually and block out the others. This eliminates target fatigue and allows you to get the most accuracy out of your bow as possible. Everything about this scope is rock solid and won’t lose zero or failing you in the field. There’s not much to say about the sight other than the fact that it smartly designed and just plain works.​

The dual position mount allows you to mount the sight exactly how you want it, both left or right handed and has adjustable on each axis. This is one of the best multi-pin sights you can have because it eliminates the problems in traditional sights, and improves upon their designed with smart technology. You can’t go wrong with one of the sights just for the number of pins that you need for the ranges will be shooting at, mounted up and cited in. You will enjoy hunting for this piece of equipment.​

  • Excellent fiber optics
  • Innovative technology
  • Excellent built quality
  • Bulky
  • Not as rugged as other models

​Best Movable Pin Bow Sight

​Trophy Ridge React Trio Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge React Trio Bow Sight


If you have to have a movable pin sight weather for competing in competitions as well as hunting, or your Western hunters shooting across great distances at the game, you’re going to need the best in the business. This model from Trophy Ridge is the best you can get your hands on right now. It is a three pin movable sight that provides gaming references from 40 all the way to 120 yards. Further and more precise than any other archery sight on the market.​

The .019 inch fiber-optics built on this sight is an engineering marvel. They have an extended wrap around design that gathers light exceptionally well and forces it to the tip. This fiber-optic almost looks like candlelight no matter what the ambient light situation is. All the way to the very edge of legal shooting light you can see your sight and make an accurate head further than you are likely to be able to see the game!​

​While it’s relatively simple out of the box to mount this sight, it is definitely something you have to master over time. There is a learning curve to manipulating the sight in the most precise fashion and figuring out the best way to quickly and accurately dial in on targets is going to take time. But once you do, you will notice your group shrink as compared to multi-pin sights with seven or eight pins. Being able to move the pins up and down to the range at hand is a huge advantage and no other company does a better job than Trophy Ridge did with this bow sight.

  • Excellent mechanism
  • Supremely accurate
  • Bomber construction
  • Specialized, requires a learning curve
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

​Best Single Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight​

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight


Single pin sight some growing popularity over the years for good reason. They're a simple, reliable and rugged piece of equipment that is easy to use under pressure despite weather conditions or shot complications. The limiting factor, however, has always been the single pin. Which is also its greatest asset. With moderate goes a single pen can likely get you out 45 yards or so with relative accuracy plenty for hunting, but not enough if you are trying to thread through brush or are hunting at extended ranges.

Trophy Ridge is addressed this problem by combining a vertical single pin bow sight with movable technology that allows you to dial in the exact range for the shot at hand. Paired with the newer relays rangefinders on the market this is a potent combination for a deer hunter. With this combination, you get the simplicity of a single pen, no extra distractions in your sight picture, no extra fiber optics to worry about breaking, and a lightweight and ready design that also combines the ability to shoot out past 100 yards.​

You get all the quality and attention to detail Trophy Ridge is known for, top of the line hardware workmanship and small pieces like fiber optics and glow-in-the-dark rings around the sight picture, but you also get an awesome value for your money. Single pin sights have largely been niche items that many companies charge an arm and a leg for not so with Trophy Ridge.​

Few other companies are putting out feature-rich single pin archery sights quite like this and if you’re in the market for a single pin bow sight make sure you look at this model from Trophy Ridge. Not only is it an excellent design with excellent features, it is a phenomenal value for your money that is sure to last a lifetime.​

  • Excellent features
  • Simple
  • Easy to use once learned
  • Fragile
  • Has a learning curve

​Best Trophy Ridge Bow Sight

​Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight


Trophy Ridge is a massive company. They make all sorts of archery and hunting equipment to go with your bow’s and to be carried with you in the field. The best thing about them is that they don’t put out junk. While many other companies put out many products, some of which are very sub par, Trophy Ridge has always put out exceptional products that you can bet your hunt on.

This is an excellent example, a value driven archery sight that is one of the best deals trophy Ridge on the market today. If you need a high-quality fiber-optic bow sight is hard to find a better one for sale, especially for the money. This is a simple five pin Bow sight that is ready to be mounted up to your bow and cited in. While five pins may be a time for a new shooter, the extra small and great fiber optics on this bow sight do an excellent job of catching your eye and make you focus on each individual pin.​

The overall construction in the build quality of the sight surpasses many of the others in his price range. Trophy Ridge knows what they’re doing when they bill archery equipment and the sight is no exception. A glow-in-the-dark rings around the fiber optics to bring your eye directly to the sight in low light while making the bubble level shine even at the very edge of legal shooting light. It is very easy to make effective and lethal shots with this bow sight no matter what.​

  • Excellent fiber optics
  • Excellent build quality
  • Complicated to use
  • Cluttered sight picture

Best Pendulum Bow Sight

​Truglo Pendulum 1-Pin Sight .029" Black

Truglo Pendulum 1-Pin Sight .029


This is one of the most inexpensive but high-quality archery sights on the market from the true glow. It is a pendulum style sight is one of the best on the market because it comes at a cheaper price but still allows all the features of the more expensive models. It includes a provision to lock the pendulum down that you can use as the single fixed pin sight and overcomes many of the challenges that pendulum sights face.

The mechanism of the sight is CNC machined to be lightweight and durable and can be locked when you don’t want it to move. This is great for transporting it through the woods to keep it from freezing up or collecting debris in the mechanism but is also great if you don’t plan to be hunting in a tree stand full-time.

If you sometimes hunting the ground, whether spot in stocks or from a ground line, having a sight like this that can be locked in a place means that you don’t have to contend with the sight swinging while you are trying to shoot. Lighting up the shots easy with the dual bubble levels, extremely bright fiber-optic an extra-large aperture.​

Overall it has a dainty look to it but is still rugged enough to house an extra-long fiber-optic cable that glows exceptionally bright even in low light at the end of legal shooting hours. If you are a newer hunter looking for a simple and rugged sight that offers a lot of capability, and especially if you are going to be hunting mainly from tree stands and give this sight from true glow a serious look. You won’t be disappointed.​

  • Extra-long fiber optic
  • Can be locked into place
  • Uses dual bubble levels
  • Small overall
  • Dainty construction

The Verdict

​There’s a ton of different archery sights on the market. Crossover sights, specialized sights, sights that can only be used for certain types of bows. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Truth be told, there is no best sight, only the best one for you and how you will be hunting. Choose the best archery sight you can get your hands on and learn to use it. You can’t go wrong with one of the models listed here, and shooting as many errors through your sight you wear it out!

The best bow sight in the world won’t do you any good if you never use it, get out and practice with your bow before the season starts, or else you’ll pay for it on opening day.​

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