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In days gone by when hunters needed to hunt, they would carry their weapons, hunting equipment, storage bags and other accessories on their person, normally in their hands or tied to their bodies. This wasn’t the most comfortable nor practical method, but they made do with what they had. Nowadays we have the liberty of hunting packs and when you need to include your bow and arrows your choices are limitless.

In that, limitless choices are quite daunting, so when one has a few options broken down for you into an easy to scan format, the research process becomes quite exciting.

Let us excite you with our best and favorite bow hunting packs but before we do that, take a look at the factors to consider before buying your next best hunting pack.

5 Best Bow Hunting Backpack - Comparison Table

1. Factors to consider before buying the best bow hunting backpack


The size of your hunting pack does depend on what you’re hunting of course, how long you will be out there, as well as what weapon or weapons you intend to carry. Most packs range from a capacity of 1500 cubic inches to right up to 5000 cubic inches. Most times, to reach the higher capacities, you will need to add on an accessories style pack, like a pouch or dry pack.


When on long hunting trips or even shorter, harder excursions you want to ensure your pack sits comfortably on your back. The main key factor with comfort is that the pack sits on your hips and doesn’t ride higher than your shoulders. The straps should be adjustable for your height, weight and girth, so that you can obtain the best possible fit for your body.


Your hunting pack should have the ability to add on accessories and by accessories we mean additional packs, which can provide further packing and carrying space for you. Whether you want to have more packing space for your kill and camping equipment or need to attach your extra bow, there will be an accessory pack for you.


To ensure your pack lasts for the long haul, check out the quality of the material as well as the durability of the straps. Quality material will be waterproof as well as weather friendly as in UV-Ray resistant. As you will be pulling out and shoving in your weapon over and over, you want to make sure the fabric will endure.


A good pack will have an assortment of pockets and elasticized areas where you can store pretty much anything, from weapons to cell phones and then some.When out in the wild you want to know you will have a space for everything and everything has its space.


During the throws of a good hunt you want to be able to reach over and pull out your arrow with ease and more importantly with the utmost quietness. When a pack can provide this, you’ve found a winner. In addition, having access to all your goodies, without having to pull everything out in a mess,is first prize.

2. Our Top Reviews on the Best Bow Hunting Backpack

When it comes to choices, as mentioned, there are plenty, but here we have brought you 5 top options. Out of these we are sure you will find that perfect hunting pack for your perfect bow hunting trip.


Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack

Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack


With the Ample FlexChassisTM which duals as a seat or a cradle, for all your equipment loading, you have the best of both worlds right here.

Moreover, if you want to fit a full-scale hunting bow or shotgun to your pack, all you need to do is attach a A1SS or A2SS side scabbard for your rifle and a ARCG ButtBucketTM for your bow. This way you will be carrying your weapons with ease and we all need a little bit of help, don’t we?

In addition to this, with its lightweight aluminum frame and adjustable, oversized straps you will be walking with confident comfortableness your entire hunting trip.

We are seriously impressed with the pocket capabilities, from the zippered hydration pockets, which have hidden wings unveiling two tuck pockets inboard, nifty wing pockets inboard of this area and main side pockets perfect for storing your spotting scopes and tripods. You are bound to have a successful trip knowing you have all your goods and equipment at an easy arm length away.

Waterproof zippers and a very durable material make for an all weather pack. Except for the lack of a rain cover you’re pretty covered.

When it gets hot and sweaty the worst is having a backpack that melts to your back, causing you further sweaty wetness. With a full mesh back panel, which creates a cool-wearing air gap between your back and the pack, you can be assured of not only a tight riding pack but a sweat-free ride.

If you need to lash on gear or attach an accessory attachment the padlock webbing tie-points, positioned in key locations, will make this an easy transition.

Adjustable straps means you can body fit this awesome daypack so that you’re comfortable and ready for that perfect hunt.

In addition, it’s a good price for a good pack too.


Eberlestock X1A1 Pack


This pack comes equipped with many storage and carrying facilities. From a deep Quickdraw scabbard to accommodate your full-scale hunting rifle to the perfect front ‘x-pocket’ to saddle in your bow. In addition, positioning of the rifle sits neatly and firmly against your back for maximum comfort.

You will definitely be travelling with ease no matter your choice of weapon.

Extra webbed pockets all over the pack including the waist belt make for easy access to all your hunting equipment.

Good news for those lengthier torsos out there, as the extra length straps are adjustable as well as the mainline waist belt strap and new “shooter harnesses".

When it comes to price this pack isn’t the cheapest of the bunch but know that you are getting hell of a hunting pack for the spend.


ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Traverse X Hunting Pack


With the ALPS Outdoor Z Traverse you get one solid and strong pack, with molded foam suspension to curve with the natural plain of your back and their Lycra shoulder straps for super comfort

In addition, the Hypalon material used specifically at the stress and extra lashing points make for an overall beefy and tough pack. Available in either Coyote Brown or Brushed Realtree, you will be blending into your environment with no problems.

A multitude of pockets and cavities are available in this pack. From accommodation for your freshly hunted meat in the meat shelf, making hauling that meat easy and comfortable; perfect pockets for your spotting scopes and clip-ons for your pistol, you need not worry about a space for all your gear. Moreover, you can hook on your bow or rifle with the drop down pocket or have quick access to a cell phone stored in a little slot on the waist belt.

When it comes to your meat storage the stow-away shelf is the packs hidden treasure in that it distributes the weight evenly for comfortable travelling.

For those rainy weather days pop on the rain cover and you’re all set.

Priced on the top end the ALPS Outdoor Traverse Hunting Pack isn’t the cheapest on the block, but offers a package with punch.


ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Crossfire X Hunting Pack


If you’re looking for a compact, all-inclusive hunting pack, the ALPS Outdoor Z Crossfire is your man. When it comes to durable material this pack has the best, in its 1680D nylon ballistic fabric and heavy-duty frame.

Add to that snug Lycra shoulder straps, a ventilated mesh back for maximum airflow, a super comfortable waist belt and a drop down pocket to securely carry your bow or gun.

When the bad weather hits, this pack will see you pulling over the rain cover and sitting pretty while your contents stay dry.

Pockets galore right here with lower mesh cavities as well as a removable accessory pocket, which has three different uses by the way (on the rear, on the front shoulder straps and can be used on its own too for quick hour trips.)

Impressive durability and 'dual-ability', the ALPS Crossfire caters for pretty much all your hunting needs and at a reasonable price, you won’t be hesitating to purchase this hunting pack.


ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack


Here is the bargain of the lot. The ALPS Outdoor Z Pursuit Pack comes at under $100 but not without a list of features that impress.

Take a look at the pockets, all the pockets, from the two easy access pockets in the padded waist belt, lower side mesh pockets and large front pockets. Plenty to choose from – plenty storage space!

In addition there are many webbing loops for lashing, a hydration pocket and port as well as a center aluminum stay.

Rain permitted with the Blaze Orange rain cover and the camouflage fabric, you will be covered on all fronts.

No matter your type of bow the universal design will accommodate most brands and sizes. In addition, when you are swapping your bow for another weapon or just want to use your pack for a simple day hike, you can stow away the bow pocket.

3. In conclusion.

When choosing the right bow hunting pack for you, you will find that there will be days you will want to use your pack for a simple excursions and there will be days you will use it to its fullest potential.

Making sure your hunting pack can accommodate all that you will need it for is vital. Unless you intend to purchase more than one pack, meaning spending additional unnecessary cash, go through your list of top requirements and do the homework. There is a hunting pack out there just for you.

Hunting packs can be your best friend on a hunt or they can be your worst enemy. Make sure your pack fits the former.

While some small features may not be important to you, down the line you may find they will come in handy. So take head of them and keep them on the burner for later. However, it is the big features like ventilation, storage, ease of access and comfort that will sell it for you and keep you out there hunting day in and day out.

Happy Bow Hunting People!

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