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best binocular harness

​When you go afield you’ll always want to bring a good set of binoculars. That means having a good set, to begin with, and keep them in good shape as you bushwhack through the woods looking for game.

The last thing you want to do is to be fumbling around looking for your extra pair of eyes and find them scratched, misaligned or out of commission because you decided to string them around your neck with an old boot string and hope for the best!

Good gear makes a huge difference from having the best scope mount or looking for a decent Get the best binocular harness you can get your hands on, here’s some of the best we’ve found.​

Best Binocular Harness - Comparison Table

​How Heavy Are Your Binoculars?

​Different sized binoculars will call for different sized harness. Mainly because of weight, but some of the lighter binoculars out there are lighter but call for larger cases. Most cases will say what size of binocular they call for roughly, but you should be a bit of a snob when it comes to the fitment of your binoculars into the case.

If they bounce around incessantly all day, they’ll rub and chafe your sides. If they’re too small you’ll either not be able to use the harness or you’ll be frustrated with having to peel it off the binoculars all day. It need to be right.

How Long Will You Be Wearing Them?​

Carrying a full-size pair of binoculars for hunting in the mountains for a bull elk is no joke. You’ll need them a ton, and you’ll never want to put them down, despite being in absolutely rugged terrain. You’ll most likely be wearing a pack so making sure all your gear works together is paramount.

You’ll need padding and a way to keep them bouncing around excessively and chafing. Too thick though and they’ll be uncomfortable with a pack. This is no easy task, you’ll need to plan ahead and make sure it’ll be comfortable enough to carry your gear all day.

Water Proofing, Extra Pockets, Extra Features​

Waterproof sounds good, but isn’t all that necessary. Your binoculars are most likely already waterproof, and you won’t be storing a ton of gear in the extra pockets. Beware models that try to cram too much into the harness.

You’ll become fatigued if you attempt to carry a ton of different things on your harness because it’ll drag your shoulders forward. A few small items like a call, cell phone, or GPS is fine, trying to cram an entire day’s worth of gear is going to be rough.​

​Our Pick for the Best Binocular Harness for Hunting

​1. Tenzing TC BH 15 "The Choice" Bino Holster

Tenzing TC BH 15

Tenzing is a brand you can expect to constantly be bringing innovations to the market. Not only do they make excellent products but they’re constantly changing their line up with new materials and design. Carbon fiber pack frames, new age ripstop nylon that is lighter and stronger are some of the innovative designs to stay on the cutting edge.

These innovations are a welcome relief because not only does this harness more comfortable than its competitors it is lighter without sacrificing quality or features. It’s made around a comfortable mesh that keeps ventilation and sweat off the body.

The sides of the case are secured with 1-inch elastic webbing. On each side is a small pocket perfect for a wind indicator, small GPS, phone or call to keep it in easy reach. The padding on the shoulder is thin enough to not be uncomfortable with a backpack on and is low profile on the chest.

The quick detach buckles included on the mains trap help for taking off the harness without having to take off a pack. Tenzing also makes this harness in three different patterns including Kryptek Highlander.

If you want a new age style bino harness this is it, it’s got everything you need plus a little more for people who want the best.​

  • Lightweight
  • Nice materials
  • New patterns
  • Quick release connections
  • No side straps
  • Minimal padding
  • Zippered closure

​2. Badlands Bino Z Backpack - Friendly Binocular Harness

Badlands Optics - Bino Z Backpack-Friendly Binocular Harness

​Badlands is a boutique company that is becoming more and more mainstream as backcountry hunting grows in popularity. They made their name making simply bombproof packs for carrying out big game meat from the high country and they’ve since extended their line to all kinds of high-quality gear made for outdoorsmen.

​They triple stitch everything and use the latest technology to assemble their equipment and you can really feel the difference in your hand. When you strap on a product from badlands you won’t have to worry about the durability or question if it’s going to work or not.

This binocular harness builds on that bomber construction and you can count on it to protect your binoculars for as long as you’ll be heading into the field. They’re just bombproof and had little details like a built-in lens cloth you appreciate on a multi-day hunt.

The extra-wide neoprene harness is comfortable and doesn’t hold scent like a cloth padded strap would, and the padded case is big enough for any binocular you’d be likely to be carrying in the field.

This harness also features the unique ability to hold a hydration bladder in case you’re heading out into the woods with just your optics and your clothes. This is a great do it all harness for binoculars and light gear, you wouldn’t be disappointed if you relied on this model from Badlands.​

  • Bomb proof construction
  • Hydration compatible
  • Comfortable padding
  • Heavy
  • Zippered closure

​3. Vortex Optics GlassPak Harness for Binocular

Vortex Optics GlassPak Harness for Binocular

Vortex makes optic, they make excellent optics that lead the industry with innovation and customer support. Their binocular matches that niche and can work for multiple different activities and excels at it all.

Mostly a simple padded bag with a harness for carrying heavy and bulky binoculars this is a simple and effective way to wear a binocular harness for a cheap price and with little fuss.

This harness takes the win for most comfortable with a backpack simply because the straps are pieces of unpadded webbing. It’s uncomfortable if you’re going to lug around a gigantic pair of binoculars and rest your arms on the harness.

This lack of padding on the shoulder straps is a godsend for people who’ll be wearing a pack over your harness. The neoprene that pads the compartment is minimal to make sure it does it’s job but the main compartment can be opened quickly and silently.

Unlike other models that require zippers or snaps, the main compartment and small mesh pockets on the side of the case are silent to get into and out of. Well thought out for a hunting specific case where you need to be quiet.

The great thing about this case is that it’s tan and black, it doesn’t stick out at a sporting event, Nasar race, or birdwatching where Mossy Oak would stand out. This is a simple, case that includes nothing more than the case, the harness, and a lanyard for the binoculars.​

  • Non-descript coloring
  • Simple design
  • Quiet design
  • Non-padded shoulder straps

​4. ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Bino Harness X

ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Bino Harness X

If all you need to do is keep the debris and the element off your optics and you want a simply designed harness that’ll last a lifetime, this is your case.

It’s on the cheaper end of pricing but this is a decent case for someone who needs a good case but doesn’t care much for a ton of features just wants purpose driven gear that’ll last.

The webbing that makes up the shoulder straps is unpadded expect for a small piece that meets between your shoulder blades to keep it from bouncing around your back. Very good for carrying a pack along with your harness.

A small cleaning cloth is built into a flap just in front of the main compartment that holds your binoculars. Quick release straps are on the bottom of the case make the harness easy to put on and take off with bulky clothing or with a pack on and does the small overall size, to begin with.

The main compartment can be opened and closed with silently and has a large U-not opening on the front that makes it easy to get the binoculars in and out silently and quickly. If you enjoy simple gear that lasts, this your harness.​

  • Rugged simple design
  • smartly padded shoulder straps
  • Lack of pockets
  • Plastic buckles

​5. Nikon Prostaff Camo Binocular Harness

Nikon 6122 Prostaff Camo Binocular Harness

Sometimes the best option is the easiest and the cheapest. If don’t want, or need full protection for your binoculars or you hunt from a tree stand or a blind where you don’t wear your binoculars all day, all you really need is a makeshift harness to hold up your binoculars.

Here’s a great example of what to look for from Nikon. It’s simple sewn webbing with leather attachments in a camouflage print that will blend in with your other equipment.

The self-centering backpiece works with the elastic webbing to stabilize heavy binoculars. It works with the direction the binocular want to work and end with quick connection points to attach the binoculars.

​Simple, well made and there’s no gimmicky pockets or fabric to wear out. You have unrestricted access to your optics in a lightweight and inexpensive design that distributes weight well and is easy to put on and take off.

It’s comfortable underneath a backpack, easy to take on and off, and works best for short stalks and with lightweight binoculars. You can’t go wrong with this product if you want a simple and cheap, but well thought out and executed way of carrying binoculars.

  • Simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile
  • Not suited to heavy binoculars
  • no protection

Choosing the Best Binocular Harness - Buying Tips

  • Materials - The materials the harness is made of is a big deal. Make sure you get one that isn’t cotton based, that had adequate padding that won’t absorb and hold water, and is durable enough to not have to worry about durability.
  • Weight - Every ounce counts! When you get into the back-country and you have a ton of weight dangling from your neck, you’ll have wished you went with a lighter model, try and save weight on your harness so you can carry heavier binoculars.
  • Quick Detach - Putting on and taking off a harness is difficult with a heavy pack on or with bulky winter clothing, if you get the option try to get a model that offers quick detach buckles. You won’t appreciate it from your living room but you will in the field.
  • Warranty - It’s boring to think about but anything can go wrong and if you shell out cash you’ll want to know that the company has your back. Even if you get a deal, try not to buy from a company that doesn’t offer a warranty, if the company won’t stand by their product, why should you use it?

​Final Verdict

Make sure you know what you’re getting when it comes to protecting your expensive optics. The best thing you can do is buy a decent harness to keep them close at hand and covers the glass to protect it from errant debris and contact with nature's elements.

You can’t go wrong with one of the best binocular harness for hunting pictured here, they’ll get the job done unlike some of the low-quality harnesses that are available. Otherwise, you’ll be checking your warranty information because it’s nearly impossible to not put a strain with the amount of use a quality pair of binoculars is going to get.

Still, get into every wild space you can and wear those binoculars out!​

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