Top 5 Best Arrows for Recurve Reviews – Which Ones are Worth It?

Best Arrows for Recurve

How to Choose Recurve Arrows?

Recurve arrows typically have a rating of 28” draw which should apply to yours. However, this isn’t the case all the time so you might want to check the numbers shown in your bow. This will determine your draw weight to be discussed later.

When buying recurve arrows, it’s important to consider several personal factors – starting with your arm length or arm span. Measure your arm span by spreading both arms straight and open without bending the elbows. Measure this from tip to top and divide by 2.5. This is your draw length. Just add 1 or 2 inches to that amount and you should get the length of the arrow that’s best for you. This is also known as the "draw length" and it’s one of the most important factors to consider.

The next factor to use when choosing the best arrows for recurve is the draw weight. Let’s say your bow is rated at 28” and your draw length is at 30 inches. For every inch of difference between your bow rating and bow length, you should add or subtract around 2.5 pounds to get your draw weight. Once you’ve gotten the sum or difference, you can use the chart that’s typically provided by manufacturers to find out the best shaft length you should have.

It can be a little confusing at first – but beginning archers tend to start at the same level and simply make changes as they go along. If you’re just starting or just want something new – here are some of the best recurve arrows in the market today!​

Top 5 Best Arrows for Recurve - Comparison Table

Our Best Arrows for Recurve in the Market

1. Huntingdoor Black Feather Wooden Shaft Hunting Arrows

Huntingdoor Black Feather Wooden Shaft Hunting Arrows


With a draw weight of 45 to 65 pounds bows, these hunting arrows have a length of 30 to 33 inches and a shaft diameter of 8.0mm. The material is wooden with a metal arrowhead and three black feathers at the other end. Manufactured using only top quality materials, this Huntingdoor model can be used for both target practice and bow hunting. It’s nocked, fletched, and just ready to be loaded, aimed, and fired onto your target.

The black turkey feathers are fairly long at 5 inches each, but these actually contribute to the overall accuracy of the arrows. With barely a wobble upon release, each arrow has a net weight of approximately 42 grams.

The arrowhead is made from strong and sturdy metal with a very sharp end. Feel free to use this on any target as the metal and shaft are both made to take a heavy beating. Showing very little wear and tear even after multiple uses, the arrow would last you a very long time – provided you don’t lose it, of course.

Each order comes with three arrows for a reasonable price – making it ideal for both beginners and expert archers.​


  • Very little wobble upon release, therefore increasing accuracy
  • Strong and sturdy wood
  • Thick and sharp arrowhead capable of piercing even through brick without substantial damage
  • 5-inch turkey feathers help with accuracy


  • The feathers can take a beating and won’t last as long

Conclusion: It’s a fairly good choice if you’re looking for arrows to use in special instances or competitions. They can also be used as practice bows – but it would be better to show off these beauties where everyone can see them fly their best.

2. Junze 500 Spine Arrows Carbon Shaft Feather Fletched for Recurve Bow

Junze 500 Spine Arrows Carbon Shaft Feather Fletched


Containing 12 pieces in the package, this is definitely the more economical approach to buying recurve bow arrows. The quality isn’t so bad too with the arrows having a total length of 32 inches and the shaft material made of hydro carbon. It has a target point of 100 grain with turkey feather fletches measuring 3 by 5 inches. The shaft weight is approximately 416 grain and the suggested draw weight is between 25 to 40 pounds. The fletching is narrower than the typical arrows you’ll find in the market today, which produces a significant difference in how they shoot through the air.


  • Beautifully made arrows make them very distinctive when used in games
  • Strong and sturdy shaft ensures non-breakage even after multiple uses
  • Excellent arrowhead made strong and sharp, capable of going through 100 grains of target
  • No wobbling upon release which should increase the accuracy of the arrow


  • The slim fletch lings might take a little getting used to
  • You might want to reinforce the fletching to ensure that it doesn’t become worn down too soon

Conclusion: All in all, it’s a pretty good choice and for the price – you’ll be saving on expense with 12 arrows included in the package. The blue coloring also makes it very distinctive – making it perfect for on-site practice.

3 . Feather Fletched Easton XX75 Jazz Aluminum Arrows

Feather Fletched Easton XX75 Jazz Aluminum Arrows


Containing a total of 6 arrows, these were made for archers 3 years old and up. That’s why the color is in a beautiful violet hue; making it very easy for kids to become engaged in the sport. Using real feathers with a right-wing helical offset, the arrows fly straight and true with very little wobbling. They have screw-in steel tips with plastic nocks that can be easily replaced. They’re built for bow weights between 15 pounds to 50 pounds which is smaller than most.


  • The shaft is made of aluminum, making them incredibly durable
  • With the strength of the shaft, these arrows can be used over and over again without any issue, making them ideal for beginners
  • Beautiful violet design allows these arrows to stand out – making them very easy to spot if they fly off target
  • The helical spin gives an accurate flight to the arrow with very little wobbling for maximum accuracy
  • The feathers are glued in tightly and do not easily get worn out even after a hundred uses


  • The arrowheads are a little too sharp considering how they’re meant for children use
  • Note that there’s a suggested sizing for the product depending on the user so it’s best to check them before ordering

Conclusion: All in all, it’s a fairly good choice for rank beginners or even for those who are looking for something of good quality that doesn’t cost too much.

4. Shiny Black Handsome, Premium Wood Arrows



With a length of 32 inches, this traditional arrow is fletched with a 4-inch real turkey feather and an indexed classic nock. The spine weight is around 50 to 60 pounds and pre-cut for a ready-to-shoot feature. The beauty of this arrow is that you can find other lengths online to match your arm span. Taken together, all the arrow features creates a decent beginner’s arrow which should aim straight with very little wobbling upon release. They’re of a classic design, sleek, handsome, and attractive with fletching that is narrower than most.


  • Classic design, these arrows are pre-cut and can be used right off the packaging
  • Slim and svelte using real feathers, the construction of the arrows add accuracy to their flight
  • Sharp arrowheads are beautifully durable and can be used over and over again with very little damage to the tip


  • Unfortunately, the product doesn’t have replaceable points which means that once the arrowheads are gone – you have to replace everything else
  • The classic colors make them tough to find in an outdoor setting. It’s best to use them in controlled environments for practice.

Conclusion: All in all, this is the kind of practice arrow every new archer should get for their recurve bow.

5. Carbon Express Nano SST, Ultra-Slim Recurve Carbon Target Arrow Shaft



Containing 12 arrows, this beautiful package is designed to meet the standards of FITA, NAA, and NFAA. They’re the kind of arrows used at an expert level and meant to be kept for a long time – for as long as you don’t lose them of course. With impeccable straightness and built with the best technology has to offer, it’s not surprising that these arrows can offer extreme accuracy.


  • Made with aluminum carbon shaft, this arrow is built for long-lasting use. They’re wonderfully durable – so much more so than an all carbon shaft which tends to shatter upon excessive impact
  • With incomparable straightness, the accuracy of the arrows is unbeatable upon release
  • The slimness of the design allows it to just pierce through the air with very little wobbling to boost accuracy
  • Fletching lines can be found on the rear end which allows you to install Spin Wings if you want


  • Built completely in black, it can be tough to find these arrows if you happen to lose them on-site. Try to use them only in controlled areas
  • Price is a little more than expected

My Personal Choice

Junze 500 Spine Arrows Carbon Shaft Feather Fletched for Recurve Bow

Why? For one thing – they’re well within the acceptable price for arrows without letting go of the functionality. These recurve bow arrows are sturdily made so that they fly straight and true with very little adjustment necessary. The hydro-carbon shaft practically guarantees durability and with the points easily replaced - you can easily keep on reusing the arrows over and over again!

All these recurve arrows are the best in the market with excellent feedback by users! Just choose the one that best works for your budget and personal preferences and you definitely won’t go wrong in getting any of these 5!

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