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Many hunters and shooters know the problems of having too much magnification. Too little magnification is rarely a problem nowadays with the super high Zoom ratios that you can find on Optics of all types. Those high zoom ratios have given way to a specific genre of scopes that are especially excellent for hunters. In the old days, a 3:1 zoom ratio was seen as a technological advancement to be heralded.

Nowadays we have a 6:1 zoom ratio that can make scopes that perform equally well under 25 yards as they do out to 300 yards. You can get Scopes that cover every base of what you would want to do with an optic and still have a compact slim and lightweight package on top of your rifle. We're really living and the golden age of shooting technology. If you’re looking for a little more magnification, look at these best scopes for remington 700 they’ll work on just about any bolt action rifle.

Best 1-6x Scope Comparison Table

Why 1-6x Scope is Ideal for Hunting?

The one to 6x power scope is the best for hunting because it combines cutting-edge technology for a 6:1 zoom ratio and allows you to have a scope that performs equally from point-blank range all the way out to the very edge of your cartridges capability.

Most hunters nowadays hunt with intermediate cartridges add ranges much less than 300 yards. The classic 3-9x Power Scope is it still a great option but at the 3x power setting, you're liable to miss at ranges closer than 50 yards. The new one with a vast majority of game shot at ranges less than 100 yards you may only need one or two power magnification to accurately place around and take down your target. However, at long ranges up to 250 yards you don't always need 9x power. 6x power is plenty for the vast majority of hunters who will only ever shoot a game up to 150 yards maximum.

The 1-6x works great for lightweight and fast shooting rifle, if you want a little more flexibility look at these best scout scopes. By shaving off a little bit of magnification on the high end and gaining some on the low end, you get a scope that is ideally suited for just about every hunting situation you can think of. Stocking, tree stand hunting, or driving game is easy with lower magnification, but if needed you still have up to 6x power.

Best 1-6x Scope Reviews​

Leupold VX-6 1-6x24mm Rifle Scope

The Leupold vx-6 lineup of rifle scopes is about as good as it gets for Sportsman grade objects on the planet. Everything about this scope is high quality, you can pretty much count on it to have the highest quality materials and craftsmanship of any scope that you can get on the market.

Resume ratio of 1 to 6 on this scope is remarkable because you get the wide variety of magnification and its single scope but you also get an extremely clear and crisp fully multi-coated lens that is optimized for hunting and target acquisition by filtering out certain colors and allowing others to get to your eye.

Small features like argon waterproofing and extremely tough exterior coating or just the fact that the scope feels the exceptionally high quality in hand make the scope a real joy to use, especially in the field. This particular scope is outfitted with a specifically designed reticle made for fast shooting that is common in the hunting situations this scope will see.

The only downside it is scope is that all of the features and technology packed into it make the scope heavy. On a hard recoiling rifle, like an African dangerous game rifle that these kinds of scopes are popular for, that isn't a problem and in fact is an asset to help soak up some of the recoils.

If you want an extremely versatile and exceptionally high-quality scope you should strongly consider the vx-6 lineup from Leupold because this is the best quality scope you can have on the planet.

  • Extremely high quality all around as good as scopes can get
  • Heavy
  • Very expensive
Primary Arms 1-6X24mm SFP Riflescope

Primary arms may be a newcomer the optic seen but as a manufacturer, they're starting to get excellent reviews from people who are using them hard in the field.This is one of their purpose made tactical style scopes that is a 1-6x power by 24 mm objective bell that packs a ton of different features into a small scope and priced much lower than you would expect a scope to cost with this level of features.

The great thing about this scope is that you can have a value pack scope for a little money that can compete with the traditional optics manufacturers without having to constantly worry if it's going to break or not. The people who design these scopes seem to really know what a shooter needs and how to put an object together because it's rare to find a scope from them that isn't squared away or has any major problems.

Simple additions like including mounts, scope rings, and scope caps are included for primary arms and they do a great job of making sure you get your money's worth no matter which model you buy from them. Especially for the price that most 1-6x power scope cost this is a steal and a perfect match for an AR-15 Style or lightweight carbine for hunting or competing.

  • Amazing value
  • Decent quality
  • Good features
  • Lower quality craftsmanship
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24 AR-BDC Reticle

Vortex Optics is beginning to be a more respected contender and the Optics Marketplace. They have made tons of truly Innovative scope designs and ushered in new pricing structures that are encouraging Optics manufacturers to lower their prices, make more durable products, and extend their warranties.

This is their Strike Eagle 1-6x power by 24 mm objective bell scope that was designed around a lightweight carbine like an AR-15, and it’ll perform well on a lightweight bolt gun for close in shooting.

The nice thing about this scope that you never have to worry about it holding up in the field especially on shooting courses or hunting where your scope will see a lot of abuse.

The 24mm objective bell doesn't allow for a ton of light gathering ability and the performance of the scope is also hindered due to the fact that the scope just doesn't seem as bright as its competitors. If you're shooting closer than 300 yards with your scope this is an excellent option. However, if you plan on shooting at long range, you are going to run out of light and be hindered by the dim glass.

As far as they Rugged closing scope goes this is about as good as it gets and you won't ever regret buying a product from Vortex.

  • Excellent warranty
  • Not as bright as others
  • Odd tube size
Millett Tactical BK81624 Designated Marksman DMS-2 1-6 x 24mm Illuminated BCR-1 Reticle Riflescope

This scope is made by Millett tactical to be an extremely specialized piece of equipment and is named the Designated Marksman Rifle optic for a reason. Any feature that you would need for shooting out to extremely long ranges is present on this coke and it's somewhat easy to use once you get used to it.

You're still restricted to 1-6x power and magnification but you get features like zero stop turrets, and advanced BDC reticle and extremely adjustable parallax compensation all with very tactile and easy to use turrets.

This comes at a price though both in cost weight and complexity and you should really spend some time getting to know this scope and getting the feel for it atop your rifle before you head out for a competition with this optic.

As a hunting scope, this isn't a good idea due mostly to the complexity and the cost not to mention the fact that the large turrets and all the adjustments are going to cause havoc in the field trying to Wade through brush or quietly climb into a tree stand.

For a competition gun shooting at long-range you may need more magnification but if you could get away with the 6x power you're going to do fine and really enjoy the quality and features of this scope.

  • Very specialized scope
  • High quality
  • Very heavy
  • Can be complicated to use until you learn it very well
CCOP Outdoor Products Tactical Rifle Scope

This scope was designed in the crossover tactical and sportsman scope and intended to be used for quick shooting and easy carrying with closing shots being the norm.

It has a one-piece, fully waterproof and shock resistant, design with a 30mm tube, making it heavier but also brighter with clear glass than most Scopes and the 1-6x power range.

The scope is fully adjustable for windage and elevation and includes zero stop turrets that are an extremely low profile and excellent for the type of firearm that this scope was designed for. Everything about this scope is low profile including the magnification adjustment which can be hard to grab with gloves on or in a hurry.

Topping out at the 6x power you'll have trouble shooting long distance with this scope but you'll still have plenty of brightness and clarity how to the edge of whatever cartridge you're using. 500 yd shots with this scope are not impossible depending on the rifle used because of the huge 30mm tube the scope was designed around.

If you need a lightweight hard and scope for any job don't overlook this option because this is one of the best and simplest 1-6x power scopes on the market that is fully ruggedized and leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to infield performance.

  • Zero stop turrets
  • Low profile turrets
  • Large field of view
  • Heavy

​Buying Tips

  • Size & Weight - The smaller and lighter your rifle is, the more comfortable it is to carry all day. One of the excellent things about the 1-6x power scopes is their compact size. Get as lightweight and compact a scope as you can afford, your shoulder will thank you at the end of a long stalk.
  • BDC Reticles - BDC reticles have come a long way in the past few years. They’re one of the best ways to get a fast holdover without spinning dials or plugging in data. You can use any BDC you like, but on a 1-6x power scope, you’ll want a simple and efficient
  • Mounting - Make sure when you mount your scope you get a quality mount that doesn’t interfere with the operation of your rifle. For semi-auto rifles, this means not blocking a safety or forward assist, for a bolt action gun look out for the bolt throw.
  • Warranty - Don’t buy a scope without a warranty. Your scope is one of the most likely pieces of a firearm to break, don’t take chances with those odds. Every reputable brand that you should consider buying from makes an effort to support their customers with a warranty and there’s no reason not to take an advantage of this benefit.

Final Verdict

If you're planning on taking advantage of a 1-6x power scope for your hunting or shooting situations make sure you get a quality model. The 6:1 zoom ratio is hard to do right and you should really invest in a quality model if you intend to take advantage of this technology. Look out for cheap import companies and don't settle for poor quality glass or inferior lens coatings.

At the end of the day, it's all about getting the best scope for your money and putting the bullets where they need to be. No matter which scope you buy, get out and shoot with it. That's the whole point anyway.

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