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    Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson is from Casper, Wyoming. He’s a professional hunter who loves everything about hunting. He has written several hunting articles for several outdoor blogs wherever he shared his experiences and new gadgets that making hunting fun.


      Top 5 Best Scope for Ruger 10/22 Reviews & Buying Guide

      By Michael Johnson

      Hunting with a .22lr is great fun and training for larger game in the future. .22lr is cheap and effective for ranges within 100 yards. This means the vast majority of scopes used for the Ruger 10/22 firing the .22lr cartridge are going to be specifically made for ranges you’re most likely going to use.With […]


        When The Shot Can’t Miss: The Best Scope for AR 10 Reviews

        By Michael Johnson

        Ar-10 rifles are like the ugly big brother of the Ar15. They shoot a full-sized cartridge on a design that really works better for intermediate rounds.Never the less, there’s plenty of horsepower in these guns and they can be harnessed and used better with the addition of a magnified optic.The classic Ar10 is a .308 […]